SiriPlus tweak: adds ChatGPT and Gemini AI

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SiriPlus is a jailbreak tweak that integrates ChatGPT or Gemini AI into Siri for iPhones. The tweak is compatible with iOS versions 14 through 16. Add the SiriPlus Repo.

Siri debuted as an iOS app in February 2010. Just two months later, Apple noticed its potential and acquired it, effortlessly integrating it into the iPhone 4S when it was released on October 4, 2011, and removed the separate app from the iOS App Store. Siri has proven to be a fantastic tool, but its skills are undeniably restricted. This is where SiriPlus comes in, introducing functionality made feasible by AI technology, such as integrating ChatGPT or Gemini straight into Siri.

SiriPlus tweak adds ChatGPT to Siri
SiriPlus tweak adds ChatGPT to Siri

As many of us are already aware, Apple is working hard to incorporate AI-based integration into Siri in iOS & iPadOS 18, the major future firmware update set to debut later this year. What if you didn’t need to wait?

SiriPlus is an ambitious project that replaces the standard Siri user experience with either OpenAI’s ChatGPT or Google’s Gemini (whichever you like).

like depicted in the packaging, SiriPlus provides consumers with a powerful user experience because AI-based engines, like the world’s most sophisticated Large Language Models, contribute extensive knowledge and individualized support.

SiriPlus includes a quick start mode that defaults to Google Gemini, but if you’re a more skilled user, you can enter your own API Key to enable faster response times and the opportunity to select your AI engine.

So, what can you do with SiriPlus? As it turns out, the upgraded Siri with AI experience allows you to actually communicate with your Siri iOS assistant. However, it can also perform the following things:

  • Launch your favorite apps
  • Draft emails from scratch
  • List essential device information
  • Add Calendar entries
  • Search your Contacts list
  • Initiate hands-free phone calls
  • Open Maps and route to a destination

After installing SiriPlus, you’ll see a dedicated preference pane in the Settings app where you can customize a number of options:

Here, you can accomplish the following:

  • Turning SiriPlus on or off on demand
  • Choosing your preferred AI:
  • Managed (Google Gemini default)
  • ChatGPT
  • Google Gemini
  • Entering an API key and following precise steps.
  • Adjusting the context length with a slider (1024 characters by default)
  • Toggle functionalities on/off:
  • Send an email.
  • System Information
  • Add a Calendar entry.
  • Access contacts.
  • Place a phone call
  • Open Maps
  • Reset the chat context.
  • And more.

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SiriPlus Tweak Repo

The SiriPlus tweak was offered as a DEB package, which costs $4.99 in the Havoc Store. You may simply obtain a ChatGPT substitute for Siri by adding the official SiriPlus Repo to your choice package manager and installing the jailbreak modification for iOS 14 – 16.

How to add SiriPlus Repo to Sileo?

The SiriPlus tweak came out as a bought package that you can get from the Havoc Store for $4.99. If you add the official SiriPlus Repo to your package manager, you can use ChatGPT or Gemini to give Siri real AI. iOS 14.0 to iOS 16.7.5 can be jailbroken with SiriPlus.

Here’s what you need to do to get the SiriPlus tweak on your hacked iOS device:

  1. Launch the Cydia app from the home screen.
  2. Tap the Sources tab, then select Edit.
  3. Enter the following repository URL:
  4. Install SiriPlus from the newly updated repository.
  5. To implement all modifications, breathe into your iPhone.
  6. Configure SiriPlus using the option pane added to the Settings app.

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Elevate your iPhone experience with Siri plus

SiriPlus, created by Uckermark, is a jailbreak hack that promises to revolutionize your iPhone experience. This revolutionary hack substitutes Siri with the powerful AI capabilities of ChatGPT or Gemini, providing users with a fully immersive artificial intelligence experience. With SiriPlus, jailbroken users can anticipate exceptional capability, extensive knowledge, and tailored support, all powered by the most advanced Large Language Models available.

After installation, SiriPlus smoothly integrates into your smartphone, providing a controlled mode for immediate use. Additionally, it includes a dedicated preference pane within the settings app, giving you complete control over customization options. This pane allows you to enable the tweak, select ChatGPT or Gemini for your AI experience, specify the appropriate context length, and access other functionalities based on your preferences.

Furthermore, SiriPlus gives customers the opportunity to utilize their own API key, which leads to a slew of other perks that improve functioning. These advantages include faster reaction times because your smartphone connects directly to the ChatGPT/Gemini API, as well as the ability to choose your preferred AI. Detailed instructions for obtaining an API key tailored to either Large Language Model are readily available within the modification.