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Jailbreak Solutions

Online Jailbreak solutions for iOS 11 – iOS 15.2.

We have chcked 1000+ websites, git repos, Dev accounts and listed Trusted & Easiest Jailbreak Solutions, Device customizations, Themes and much more freely

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U04S Store

Developer: U04S Team

Platform: iPhone/iPad/Mac/Windows

Description: U04s pro application allows you to get iOS jailbreak tools to your device online. Especially you can install the Unc0ver jailbreak tool without revoked (without bugs and without errors). u04S pro has a massive diversity of trending and popular jailbreak Tweaks, Repos, Games, and applications available for the users.


Developer: PikZO Team

Platform: iPhone/iPad/Mac/Windows

Description: Pikzo Jailbreak has relieved for ios 12 – iOS 14.5 jailbreak solution for the first time in the world. Jailbreak has found a method to install Cydia online without jailbreak. This is the best solution for iOS 14.4 - iOS 15.1 Jailbreak alternative and instead of the others.

E-Sign Patch

Developer: Esign - Team

Platform: iPhone/iPad

Description: EasySign is a free ipa signature tool that can be completely separated from the mobile phone signature app that runs on the computer. It can run offline without stealing the certificate. · Support the signature tool for adding and removing libraries!


Developer: AppDB Team

Platform: iPhone/iPad/Apple TV/ Windows/Mac/Linux

Description: appdb is the successor of our old website named appaddict. appdb was formed when ex staff were concerned for the security of the users of our old website. appdb was setup using a new perspective of simplicity yet effectiveness.

9 installer -Misaka tweak manager online

Developer: 9 installer team

Platform: iPhone/iPad/Mac/Windows/online app

Description: 9 Installеr (nine Installеr) is a newly released modern app installer and customizer designed for iOS 14 through iOS 17. It offers a wide array of applications available within the jailbreak community.

DLEasy iOS

Developer: DLEasy iOS team

Platform: iPhone/iPad/Mac/Windows/online app

Description: DLEasy is the best download manager you can get for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. iOS users can download hacaked version and double plus apps of social applications with the DLEasy patch.( Facebook++, Instagram++, Messenger+,Reddit, TikTok, Tumblr etc
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iPA Library
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Version: Lasts 3utools

Developer: 3utools PC Team

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