iOS 12 jailbreak tools have arrived

There has been a release of iOS 12 jailbreak tools. These tools are yet for developers only but soon it is expected to have public versions of these. The tools are, 
1. RootlessJB by Jake James
2. OsirisJailbreak12 by Geosn0w

iOS 12 Jailbreak is released with Cydia support by pwn20wnd as unc0ver jailbreak. Also, S0rryMyBad, hacker @Geosn0w, Tihmstar’s V3ntex Jailbreak Exploit, RootlessJB are also still in the game of jailbreak iOS 12 now. What’s more, Siri can Jailbreak iOS 12. Read below for iOS 12 jailbreak and iOS 12.0.1 Jailbreak. 

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