iOS 17.1 jailbreak

(Last Updated On: 20th August 2023)

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iOS 17.1 testing ramps up; iOS 16.7 coming next month

iOS 17.1 jailbreak

Apple on Tuesday released watchOS 9.6.1 for Apple Watch users, but without the iOS 16.6.1 update. A new rumor today suggests that Apple is not planning iOS 16.6.1 and instead plans to jump to iOS 16.7. Simultaneously, Apple has also started accelerating iOS 17.1 testing.

One of the notable fixes in watchOS 9.6.1 is the resolution of a bug affecting Apple’s Movement Disorder API. The flaw has previously prevented researchers and third-party applications from accessing critical data. Generally, Apple tends to release updates across its various platforms; However, the current situation deviates from this trend. Reliable sources on Twitter have indicated that Apple is skipping iOS 16.6.1 altogether and leaning towards an iOS 16.7 update.

The exact launch date for iOS 16.7 has not been revealed and the update is not yet undergoing beta testing with developers. Looking back at last year’s pattern, the iOS 15.7 beta was introduced alongside the final iOS 16 beta. This led to the stable release of iOS 15.7 for all users on September 12th to coincide with iOS 16. Notably, this update included bug fixes and security improvements.

In recent times, Apple has adopted a more flexible stance, allowing users to continue using the previous year’s iOS version instead of immediately migrating to the latest iteration. For example, Apple encouraged users to prefer iOS 15.7 over iOS 16 during its initial release last year.

Switching gears, as of now, there is no evidence of iOS 16.7 in 9to5Mac’s Google Analytics data. This situation is likely to change as the planned release date approaches for next month. Expectations surround iOS 17.1, which may include features initially excluded from the initial iOS 17 launch. Such features could include the innovative Journal app, improved AirDrop functionality and collaborative playlist capabilities within Apple Music.

In retrospect, it seems that iOS 16.1 was introduced on October 24 last year. The update brought a host of new features, including iCloud Shared Photo Library, Live Activity integration for third-party apps, and key sharing within the Wallet app. and some. The tech community is eagerly awaiting Apple’s next steps to navigate its iOS ecosystem.