Azula iOS App- Injecting dylibs into IPA 

Azula is an iOS App that helps tweak developers to distribute patches to updated code. Azula App allows you to inject dylibs into IPA files. So you can use this app to patch the iPA files.

Azula supports macOS & iOS, which allows you to inject dylibs files into iPA files. The Esign, TrollStore, and Sideloadly, like iPA installer apps, also will enable you to inject dylibs.

The latest version of the Azula app is compatible with the TrollStore and XinaA15 Jailbreak tools(iOS 15 – iOS 16)

How to install Dylibs For iOS

To install the Azula iPA file on your iDevice, you can use the following iPA sideloading applications: Esign iOS, Sideloadly, or TrollStore.

Install Dylibs Via Esign Patcher:

Step 01: Download Azula iPA file

Step 02: Install Esign Patcher Latest Version

Step 03: Open the Esign Patcher App via the iPhone’s Home Screen and tap Patch 01(Free Patcher). If you still need to install the Esign patcher, subscribe to a plan.

Step 04: Open the installed Esign VIP version, Navigate to the Settings Tab, tap Import Resource, and then Open the previously downloaded Azula iPA file.


Navigate to the Esign app Download tab and tap on the three dots on the top bar. Then, Select the URL option, enter the following URL, and tap the download button.

After downloading, Import the downloaded IPA file to the Esign App Library by tapping the Downloaded IPA file.

Step 05: Import and Configure Esign App Certificates files – Esign Install and Configuration Complete guide.

Download the Free Esign Certificate.

Download VIP Esign Certificate Files.

Step 06: Navigate into the Esign Apps Tab, tap on the Azula app, and Tap Signature. (Sign with the Certificate)

Step 07: After you have completed the signing process, tap on the install button. You will now see the Azula app icon appear on your iPhone/iPad’s Home Screen.

Install Dylibs Via Sideloadly:

Download the Azula iPA file using the above download button.

Step 01: Install and Open the Sideloadly app, then connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer via USB.

Step 02:  Open the Azula IPA file into the app to begin the installation process, then Enter your Apple ID to sign the Azula IPA file then Click the “Start” button

Step 03: When prompted, enter the password of your Apple ID

Step 04: After completing the sideloading process, Open the Settings app from the Home Screen. Navigate to “General” → “VPN & Device Management”.

Step 05: Click on the developer app associated with your email, then

Tap “Trust” and Open Azula app.

Once you have made the app changes, click on the “Patch” Button. The new iPA file will be created, and you can now install it via sideloading the app.

This app will make it easier for developers and users to inject Dylibs and customize and optimize various App Store apps. Also, once you download modified or cracked apps, those apps already include a Dylib file. These files are available through popular third-party App Stores like Zee IPA Library, Panda Helper, and iOSGods.

What is Dylibs?

Dylibs “Dynamic Libraries” are library files used in the macOS and iOS operating systems. These libraries can be loaded into a program while it’s running instead of during compilation, allowing developers to modify iOS apps.