Sideloadly: Install Any IPA file without Revoke.

In this tutorial, we are covering all details about the Sideloadly app, Sideloadly IPA sideload guide. By referring to this you are able to install any IPA file to your iPhone/iPad without revoking or crashing issues. furthermore, you can learn how to How to Download Sideloadly, features, Sideloadly Supported Versions and all the updates.

Download Sideloadly:

The tool was tested with windows 10 latest version 32x-bit and 64x-bit.

Initially, Sideloadly support windows OS and the developers said they will update Mac support soon.

By this complete tutorial you will learn about:

  • What is Sideloadly?
  • Download Sideloadly
  • How to Install, Basic requirements?
    • Compatible iOS versions.
  • How to Install IPA file using the tool
    • Install unc0ver, Odyssey, Chimera Jailbreak and ++apps
  • Features
  • Advantages
    • Sideloadly Vs Cydia Impactor
  • Sideloadly alternatives
    • Pc Based / Online
  • Errors & FAQ
  • Old Versions
    • Changelog 


Errors & FAQ

Old Versions

What is Sideloadly

Sideloadly is an IPA Sideload tool that allows users to install IPA files directedly on iPhones/iPads with their own free developer account. Also, we can call this tool as a Cydia impacter best alternative tool.

Because nowadays Cydia impacter tool was not functioning well. because of that, the developer iOSGods was developed this sideload utility for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

With this tool you will have a free apple developer account, by using it you can sideload 10 apps but you can activate only 3 apps.

You can find updated IPA files from our IPA library, it contains jailbreak tools, ++apps, hacked games, tweaks, ++game hacks, and much more freely. Zeejb IPA Library

How to Download?

Please Note * this tool still only supports with windows operating system Mac support is coming soon. Before you install this tool make sure to remove Microsoft store version of iTunes.

Currently this tool work fine with both windows 64bit and 32bit operating systems.

You can download Sideloadly by below button.

How to Install? Basic requirements?

The following requirements must be met before you install the tool.

Basic requirements:

  • iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
  • A computer running Windows operating system(windows 7,8,10)
  • iTunes(Click Here to install iTunes)
  • Proper Internet connection

After fulfilling the basic requirements, let’s continue the step by step process.

How to Install:

Step #1: Download latest version of sidelodly

Step#2: Double Click on setup file

Step#3: Follow on screen instructions.

Step#4: Open Sideloadly from your desktop.

How to Install IPA file using sideloady tool

  • Step#1 Open Sideloadly app
  • Step#2 Connect your iPhone/iPad/iPod device to your computer
  • Step#3 Enter your Apple account email
  • Step#4 Press on the IPA button to select an IPA file or Drag & Drop it
  • Step #5 Then Click on the Start button & Enter your Apple ID Password then press OK.
  • Step#6 Tap OK, Now you can see a verification code popup on your Device
  • Step#7 Enter verification code and Tap on the Ok button.
  • Step#8 Wait for Done Message
  • Step#9 Once show the done message, Go to the home screen on your device for App.
  • Step#10 Trust the App from Settings > General > Profile and Device management and Trust the App.


  • IPA Drag & Drop support
  • Fixed Application revoke issue
  • Can sing with premium certificates(UDIDMaster)
  • Apps Installation without jailbreak
  • After the restart, the device application never crashed
  • Windows OS compatibility
  • Easy troubleshooting

Sideload Supported Versions –

iOS 13 , iOS 13.1.1 , iOS 13.1.2 ,  iOS 13.1.3 ,  iOS 13.2 , iOS 13.2.2 , iOS 13.2.3 ,  iOS 13.3 ,  iOS 13.3.1 ,  iOS 13.4 , 13.4.1 ,  iOS 13.5 ,  iOS 13.5.1 , iOS 13.5.5 Beta 1 ,  iOS 13.6 ,  iOS 13.6.1 ,  iOS 13.7, iOS 14.3, iOS 14.2, iOS 14.1, iOS 14.0.1, iOS 14


  • IPA Drag & Drop support
  • Windows 32-bit and 64-bit compatibility
  • No Need Jailbreak
  • Cydia impactor alternative


In this section we have listed the best alternatives to sideloady IPA Installer, basically, there have two Alternative categories Online(Without PC) and With PC.

Online Alternatives:

Normally Sideloadly needs a computer to sideload iPA application without revoke or app crashing issue. because of that iOS security developers design an alternative way to do this application sideloading thing online.

#1 U04S Application Store

U04S Team(unc0ver Jailbreak Online Install tool providers) released their updated application store with supporting all iPhones and iPads, to all iOS versions including iOS 14, iOS 14.1, iOS 14.2, iOS 14.3, and iOS 14.4. (Team hopes to develop the tool to apples next updates like iOS 14.5, 14.6,… etc.)

With the Pro application you can install 1000+ IPA files, games, tweaks, Jailbreak apps and much more things.

Also you can get install following favorite apps from U04S:

  • unc0ver jailbreak
  • unc0ver TV
  • Kodi
  • Apps
    • iPOGO
    • Mediabox
    • Cheto PUBGM
    • Pokémon GO
    • Discord – Talk, Chat, Hang Out
    • Clash of Clans
    • Video Star
    • Lensa Editor: Blur Background
    • Netflix, And much More…

Download U04S Store

#2 Cripzi Jailbreak Repo Signer

The Cripzi Repo signer was released by famous jailbreak developer @Dani Markowa, This tool based on partially jailbreak exploit. It used security bug (iOS 14 and iOS 14.4) for access the root functions on the device.

Cripzi Team officially tweeted that their tool was now supported with Apple’s newly released iOS 14.4 public version.

Also, you can install Cydia Lite, Favorite application stores, Hacked Games, Shortcut tweaks, and much more from Cripzi Pro.

Sideloadly Developers

AltStore – iOS 13 workaround & AltPlugin
@KevinIssaDev – UI idea

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