Updating to iOS 14.3 without PC / SHSH

This is the all-new latest guide for update iOS 14.3.update iOS 11 – iOS 13 versions (including iOS 11,12, 13, and its all beta versions) to iOS 14.3, without PC and having Blobs (SHSH / Blobless).

Follow this step by step guide carefully.

iOS 14.3 Update without Blobs

iOS 14.3 update without blobs, without pc and jailbreak

Step 1:

Step 2:

  • Open Cydia App(Or preferred package manager) and add following repo.
  • Search and install the MyBloXX package (There have multiple versions. choose one corresponding to your iPhone/iPad)
  • Tap on Restart Springboard
  • Now the device will automatically be in supervision mode
    • Some times it is not, so, please go to MyBloXX Settings and enable it manually by tapping “Enable Supervision Spoofing”
  • Open this link to install the updated profile
    • For unc0ver users, you need to go to unc0ver jailbreak settings and disable auto-update and re-jailbreak.
  • After installing the profile, go to settings and update – 14.3 should show in the update section.
  • Restart your device
  • Open jailbreak app and enable restoring rootFS and do jailbreak

Step 3

Before you start the system update process, make sure to take a backup of your idevice.

  • Plug your device into power and enable the wifi
  • Open iPhone/iPad Settings -> General -> Software update
    • Ensure that the version you are updating to is 14.3
  • Download and install the update
  • Once updated, remove the 14.3 update certificate through Settings

Step 4

Press on the download button – it will starts to download iOS 14.3 update version to your device.

Step 5

Install iOS 14.3 to your device.

Credits to dhinakg for discovering this method.

Video tutorial Soon…