Uncover Jailbreak

How to download Uncover jailbreak & Step by Step Guide for 100% Complete uncover jailbreak installation using Cydia Impactor. iOS 13, 12, 12.2 & 12.4 , 11

Fantastic news today for those who are wary of installing a jailbreak on their devices.

Now there is a new jailbreak that can be installed in a safer and easier way.

The jailbreak is called Unc0ver and you can download it for free using zee jailbreak app installer.

iOS 12.4 Jailbreak has been released.Install unc0ver jailbreak without using computer.

Download Uncover Jailbreak Latest Update

unc0ver jailbreak v3.8.0-b1 is now available!! 

Changelog : – 

  • Add iOS 12.4.1 support for A12 iPhones.
  • (iPads not supported at this time)

You can download/install unc0ver without pc using the below button

Unc0ver Jailbreak for iOS 13.2.3, iOS 13.3 Soon

If you are on A12- A13: –

  • Stay if you are already jailbroken
  • Stay if you are on 13.2.3 or lower
  • Downgrade to 13.2.3 if you are on 13.3

unc0ver will get on it as soon as a new kernel exploit is available. Be patient, do not update – Stay on the lowest version possible.

About Uncover jailbreak

Unc0ver jailbreak is compatible with all iOS devices on iOS 11, iOS 12 & higher. and was developed by Sam Binger and pwn20wnd to replace Electra jailbreak. It was the most successful Jailbreak for iOS 12 It is far more stable and reliable and has more device compatibility.

Unc0ver Compatibility and Support:

Unc0ver jailbreak supports iOS jailbreak on these devices:

  • iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 5s.
  • iPad 12.9, iPad Pro, 2nd gen.12.9 iPad Pro, 1st gen.10.5 iPad Pro, 9.7 iPad Pro.
  • iPad-Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad,5th gen.
  • iPad Mini, iPad mini 4, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2.
  • iPad Pro, 3rd gen 2018 iPad Pro models.
  • iPod Touch.

unc0ver unsupported devices:

  • iPads ( 12.4.1 )

Be aware that it is a semi-untethered jailbreak tool and requires you to use your Apple ID.

Update: Now you can download Uncover Jailbreak using Zeejb.com or Zee jailbreak app store

unc0ver Jailbreak lets your jailbreak iOS 12.0 - 12.1.2 on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, including A8X-A11 models.

unc0ver Jailbreak lets your jailbreak iOS 12.0 – 12.4 on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, including A8X-A12 models.

Download Uncover Jailbreak :

Traditionally, jailbreaks were installed directly to the device but using Zee jailbreak app store is a much safer alternative. It’s very simple to do and, with Zee jailbreak app store, you are also getting access to a ton of other useful content, including loads of modified apps and games, for free:

  1. Zee jailbreak app store, following the steps in the linked guide
  2. Open Zee jailbreak app store
  3. Tap the relevant result and tap on the installer

Unc0ver Jailbreak Features :

Now there is a new jailbreak that can be installed in a safer and easier way. The jailbreak is called Unc0ver and you can download it for free using zee jailbreak app installer.
Uncover jailbreak
  • Stable and reliable
  • Faster patches
  • No battery drain
  • No random freezes
  • Built-in option for blocking app certificate revokes
  • User-friendly
  • Option to disable auto-updates
  • Free from malware
  • Full support for the latest iPhones
  • Remount RootFS
VersionRelease DateOnline InstallIPA File
v3.8.0-b1Dec 09, 2019 ZeeApp Download
v3.7.0 b1Sep 22, 2019 ZeeApp Download
v3.5.6 Aug 23, 2019 ZeeApp Download
v3.5.5 Aug 23, 2019 ZeeApp Download
v3.5.4 Aug 23, 2019 ZeeApp Download
v3.5.3 Aug 19, 2019 ZeeApp Download
v3.5.2Aug 19, 2019 ZeeApp Download
v3.5.1Aug 19, 2019 ZeeApp Download
v3.5.0 Aug 18, 2019 ZeeApp Download
v3.4.2 Jul 25, 2019 ZeeApp Download
v3.4.0 Jul 24, 2019 ZeeApp Download
v3.3.8 Jul 20, 2019 ZeeApp Download
v3.3.6 Jul 20, 2019ZeeApp Download
v3.3.6 Jul 20, 2019ZeeApp Download
v3.3.5 Jul 20, 2019ZeeApp Download
v3.3.4 Jul 19, 2019 ZeeApp Download
v3.3.3 Jul 18, 2019 Download
v3.3.2 Jul 17, 2019 Download
v3.3.0 Jul 14, 2019 Download
v3.3.0 b6 Jul 13, 2019 Download
v3.3.0 b5 Jul 12, 2019 Download
v3.1.2 Jun 03, 2019 Download

Developer: Pwn20wnd

Cydia Impactor Guide (install unc0ver with Computer)

How to install unc0ver Jailbreak for iOS 12.0 – 12.1.2 with Cydia Impactor:

Step 1: Download the unc0ver Jailbreak for iOS 12.0 – 12.1.2 IPA file onto your computer.

Step 2: Download Cydia Impactor from here.

Step 3: Connect your device to your computer using a USB cable.

Step 4: Open Cydia Impactor.

Step-5 : Drag and drop the IPA file downloaded in Step 1 onto Cydia Impactor

Step-6 : Cydia Impactor will ask for your Apple ID and password, which is verified with Apple only and is used to sign the IPA file. If you’re not comfortable providing it, then create an alternative Apple ID and use that instead.

Step 7: After the app is installed, go to Settings -> General -> Profiles (or “Device Management” / “Profiles & Device Management”). Find the profile with your Apple ID and open it.

Step 8: Tap on the Trust button.

Step 9: Now open the app and enjoy it.

After you’ve trusted everything, you can proceed with the unc0ver jailbreak as you usually would by launching the app and following the on-screen instructions:

Uncover Jailbreak Alternative:

There is new native iOS 12 jailbreak for iPhone and iPad.

It is called Chimera, and it is developed by none other than CoolStar who also created the much famous Electra jailbreak. Chimera directly installs Zee jailbreak Online installer while you jailbreak your device.

Want to know more?

Uncover is a semi-untethered utility and this means that, which is similar to an untethered jailbreak, it gives the ability to reboot your iOS device on its own. On each boot, the iOS device startup sequence is unmodified and it boots into its original, non-jailbroken state.

Unc0ver Jailbreak Update Adds RootFS Remount and Restore Support for iOS 12.4 on iPhone XS and iPhone XR

@pwn20wnd team is out with a new update to Unc0ver that adds support for remounting and restoring RootFS on A12-A12X devices running iOS 12.1.3 – iOS 12.4.

This does not mean that you can go ahead and successfully jailbreak your iPhone XS or iPhone XR and install tweaks from Cydia on it.
But Unc0ver, one step closer to a full-fledged iOS 12.4 jailbreak for iPhone XS/XR devices.


unc0ver V3.5.5 Jailbreak

Unc0ver v3.5.5 is the latest version of unc0ver jailbreak. Now iOS 12.4 can be jailbroken using unc0ver v3.5.5.

Unc0ver v3.5.5 support for A12-A12x devices. Latest devices including iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR now can be jailbroken using unc0ver 3.5.5.Unc0ver v3.5.5 compatible with the following devices running on iOS 12 – iOS 12.2 or iOS 12.4.

iPhone 5s,iPhone 6,iPhone 6 Plus,iPhone 6s,iPhone 6s Plus,iPhone 7,iPhone 7 Plus,iPhone SE,iPhone 8,iPhone 8 Plus,iPhone X,iPad Air,6th gen iPad,iPhone XS,iPhone XS Max,iPhone XR

Tips for a successful unc0ver jailbreak

  • When switching from the other jailbreaks the RootFS will automatically be restored
  • Use the built-in diagnostics tool
  • Perform a full restore with Rollectra before switching from the other jailbreaks
  • Turn on the AirPlane Mode before starting the jailbreak
  • Turn off Siri before starting the jailbreak

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