iOS 16.7 Jailbreak: no computer guide 2024

This blog post will provide a complete guide 2024 on how to jailbreak iOS 16.7 using both methods and all the available iOS 16.7 jailbreak solutions, iOS 16 jailbreak tools, Unc0ver, Chimaera, Odyssey, Taurine, and Pangu8 compatibility.

The iOS 16.7 jailbreak was released on September 25, 2023, and is now available for all iOS 16.7-compatible devices. There are two main methods for jailbreaking iOS 16.7: the Palera1n jailbreak and the semi-tethered jailbreak.

How to get Misaka, Cydia, Selio, zebra package managers, Cripzi, and Pikzo compatibility It will also cover the latest news, including new iPhone 15 Pro jailbreak guides and information about the iOS 16.7 jailbreak, as well as any potential risks or drawbacks.

How to jailbreak iOS 16.7?

The Palera1n jailbreak for iOS 16.7 is now available to the public. So now you can jailbreak iOS 16.7-running devices on your PC or online. Also, you can jailbreak iOS 16.7 online with the Palera1n limited tool. But Unco0ver, Chimera, Taurine, Odyssey, dopamine jailbreak, and Blizzard tools are not yet compatible with iOS 16.7.

Furthermore, you can use iOS 16.7 jailbreak software, particularly jailbreak tools, Repo signers, jailbreak solutions, and jailbreak package managers (including Cydia, Selio, Saily, Zebra, and Misaka)

iOS 16.7 jailbreak and online

How to customize an iOS 16.7 device without jailbreaking it?

Jailbreaking allows you to customize your device as you like, but most users avoid it due to fear. Actually, jailbreaking is legal and offers many benefits. However, if you don’t like it, you have nothing to worry about. Now, you can experience jailbreaking without actually jailbreaking your device using the solutions below.

Misaka patch

Misaka is a recently released package manager designed for iOS devices. What sets it apart is that you don’t need to jailbreak your device to access this package manager. It bears a resemblance to other package managers such as Cydia, Selio, and Zibra. The Misaka patch enables you to download the Misaka Tweak Manager directly to your device. Obtain the Misaka app through the Misaka patch before revoking the free certificate.

iOS 16.7 jailbreak solutions and top jailbreak tools

All the well-known jailbreak solutions for iOS 16.7 have been tried and tested by us. The jailbreak tools listed below are compatible with iOS 16 – iOS 16.7 to get the Cydia, Zebra, or Sileo package managers, download the appropriate jailbreak solution from the list below.

The most recent jailbreak methods for iOS 16–16.7 are regularly added to this page. Additionally, all jailbreak methods work for iOS 16.5, iOS 16.6, and iOS 16.7.1

Pikzo jailbreak

Pikzo is a jailbreak repo extractor for iOS 11–iOS 16.7. It is the finest repo extractor in the world. You can obtain a lot of applications, games, apps, and much more. Also, you can get other solution apps from Pikzo. PiKZo is supported by all device models.

Pikzo compatibility:

iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Pro, iPhone 15 ProMax, iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 ProMax, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 ProMax, iPhone 12, iPhone-12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone11 Pro Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE (1st gen), iPhone SE (2nd gen), iPod touch (7th gen), iPad Pro (4th gen), iPad Pro 11-inch (2nd gen), iPad Pro (3rd gen), iPad Pro (1st gen), iPad Pro (2nd gen), iPad Pro (1st gen), iPad (7th gen), iPad (6th gen), iPad (5th gen), iPad mini (5th gen), iPad mini 4, iPad Air (3rd gen), iPad Air 2

The latest update of Pikzo jailbreak

  • Adding support for new iOS 16.7 and new iOS 16.7.1
  • Adding new social tweaks
  • importing new themes with the new versions
  • optimising the Search options

Cripzi jailbreak for iOS 16.7

For jailbreaking on iOS 16 to iOS 16.7 Cripzi is the best repo signer. Cripzi jailbreak offers many jailbreak methods, including repo extractor, direct Cydia lite, and Sileo install. This is the only jailbreak that can be done online and works on all iOS 17 to iOS 16 iPhones and iPads.

Now you can extract many Repos and jailbreak virtual like checkra1n/Unc0ver and Cheyote jailbreak tool to install Cydia and Sileo. Cripzi is compatible with all iOS device models including iPhone14 pro max. Also, this supports all iOS versions from iOS 11 to iOS 16.7.

Guide and online installation.

How do I get the Cripzi jailbreak for iOS 16.3?

Step 1: Tap on the above button and go to the Cripzi jailbreak guide page. link>>>
Step 2: Go to the user device (phone/iPad) settings>general>profile management and trust the profile.
Step 3: Open the Cripzi repo signer and tap the Ikeplor repo list.
Step 4: Select the repo you want and tap the add button.
Step 5: Allow a few minutes to extract the repo.
Step 6: After finishing the process, go to your device settings and trust the repo.
Step 7: Enjoy the jailbreak

Esign patch app

One of the most popular iOS 16.7 jailbreak app signers is the Esign patch app. Many iPhone and iPad users consider this iOS app signer to be the best app signer in the world. There has never been a better app signer than this iOS signer. The new version of the Esign app is 4.8.2. This allows you to install the latest jailbreak tools online on your device.

Also, you can install the most popular iOS apps, hacked apps, social media double-plus apps, Cydia tweaks, and much more. Now you can download the Esign app by clicking the below button. The new Esig app is compatible with iOS 16.7 and higher versions including iOS 17.

New Mikasa patch for iOS 16.7

Misaka IPA-basеd packagе managеr is dеvеlopеd using thе KFD & MacDirtyCow еxploits, dеsignеd to function on iOS 16. 2 – 16. 5 & 16. 6b1, as wеll as iOS 16. 0 – 16. 1. 2. This versatile tool supports all devices ranging from A12 to A16, offering a comprehensive solution for iOS users seeking customization and enhancement.

The Misaka Package Manager app for iOS and iPadOS 15.0-16.1.2 and 16.0-16.6 beta 1 for devices running firmware vulnerable to MacDirtyCow or Kfd exploits has received another update this week that is worth noting. Misaka package is similar to the Cydia, Selio, and Zibra package manager. Now you can get the Misaka package manager to your device without jailbreaking your device.

Palera1n jailbreak online for iOS 16.7

Palera1n is a jailbreak for checkm8 exploit-supported devices (A11 or below). Currently, support ranges from 15.0 to 16.7.this is a work-in-progress jailbreak script that patches the kernel so you can use Sileo and install tweaks.palera1n patch app allows you to get the palera1n jailbreak online to your device.

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Zeon jailbreak

Zeon is an iOS 16.7 jailbreak solution. It is compatible with iOS 16.1 and all higher versions. You can get jailbreak apps, tweaks, and theme collections by extracting repos from them. You can install Zeon from the Zeejb Appstore.

This is the first ever convenient Repo extractor for iOS 16 – iOS 16.7. Zeon Repo Extractor has more than 1,000 + repositories/sources listed under many categories. Download themes, tweaks, emulators, games, and music on 14 and higher by extracting repos.

U04S Store

The Uo4s Store offers the ability to install Uncover Jailbreak online on your devices. Now you can get the Unc0ver jailbreak tool for iOS 11 to iOS 14.8 online using this store. Also, you can use the U04S store and application database to install apps. They offer many apps, including 1000+ jailbreak tweaks, themes, settings, Cydia apps, hacked games, ebooks, and many more.

U04S Store is compatible with all iOS versions( iOS 16.7, iOS 17) and device models including new iPhone15 pro max.

ODYY Store

Oddy jailbreak store provides the ability to install Taurine and Odyssey jailbreak online. Now you can install the Taurine jailbreak using the Oddy tool. Moreover, it can be used to install Selio, apps, tweaks, and more.

Compatibility: iOS 13 to iOS 16.7 running devices.

Appdb pro application database

In 2023, Appdb Pro will be the most used iOS application database in the world. It is now iOS 16.7-compatible. It is the finest all-in-one platform for downloading iOS jailbreak applications, tools, hacked games, Cydia apps, tweaks, unc0ver jailbreak tools, taurine, Xina tools, macOS apps, Ebooks, Apple TV jailbreak tools, and much more.

appdb pro cydis apps iOS 16.3 jailbreak tools
Appdb pro Cydia apps iOS 16.3 jailbreak tools

This allows you to download and sideload cracked iOS games and apps for free without jailbreak with signing service.

Sileem for iOS 16.7

Sileem is a well-known and popular initial Jailbreak solution for iOS 16 and later versions. So Sileem is the ideal way to jailbreak iOS 16.3 / iOS 16.7 applications and customizations, as well as third-party package managers like Cydia and Sileo, on your iPhones and iPads.

Sileem’s most important points

  • There are Japanese and English versions available.
  • iPhones running iOS 16.3 and iPads running iPadOS 16.7 are both compatible.
  • All iPhones and iPads running iOS / iPadOS 16.7 are compatible.
  • Method for successfully installing iOS 16 to iOS 16.0.3 Jailbreak applications, iOS 16.1 – iOS 16.1.2 Jailbreak apps, iOS 16.4 / iOS 16.4.1 Jailbreak apps, and even the latest iOS 16.5 Jailbreak (beta) apps
  • There is no danger to the device’s warranty.
  • Under Sileem, several jailbreak iOS 16.7 applications and modifications are accessible.

DLEASY App for iOS 16.7

Dleasy allows you to Download/Share images & videos from social apps easily! – Allow you to Download/share images & videos from social apps easily! Now it is compatible with iOS 16.7 and all iOS device models, including the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

iOS users can download photographs and videos from social applications with the DLEasy patch. ( social applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Roket, Messenger, Reddit, TikTok plus, Tumblr, Tweetbot, Twitter, VK, WhatsApp, and YouTube, Long-press a picture or video to save it to your iPhone.)

Xina jailbreak

The Xina jailbreak is a rootless jailbreak designed for A12 – A15 devices running iOS 15 to iOS 15.1.1. Although still a work in progress, a demo video has been shared by the developer showcasing Xina Jailbreak successfully running on an iPhone XS device with iOS 15.1. This jailbreak tool has been referred to by several names, including Xina jailbreak, XinaA15 jailbreak, Xina520 jailbreak, and Xinlang jailbreak.

Now you can download Xina jailbreak online from the below button.


Blizzardboard is a new app for jailbroken and Non-jailbroken iPhones that can be used online for iOS 16 devices. This app can replace your iPhone/iPad Homescreen icons with SnowBoard-compatible iOS themes. That means you can install Cydia/Sileo/Zebra themes without jailbreaking your iPhone/iPad.

The most famous jailbreak tools(top jailbreak tools) and solutions are,

 jailbreak tools

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iOS 16.7 jailbreaks with computers

The most popular among computer jailbreak tools are Palera1n jailbreak, Checkra1n jailbreak and Fugu jailbreak tools. Fortunately, now you have the ability to jailbreak the device running iOS 16.7 using the Palera1n jailbreak tool. Currently, Checkra1n and Fugu jailbreak tools have not added support for iOS 16.7. So you cannot use those tools. Let’s see how to jailbreak iOS 16.7 using computer tools.

Palera1n Jailbreak 

Palera1n Jailbreak is the first public Semi-Tethered, checkm8-based jailbreak app for iOS 15.0–15.7 on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices. Palera1n was developed based on a bootrom exploit. The Palera1n tool was developed by @itsnebulalol Nebula. it is now possible to jailbreak an iPhone or iPad that runs the iOS 16 series. Now you can jailbreak IOS 16.7 with Palra1n jailbreak

Download Palera1n Jailbreak Tool via Direct Link

  • Download Palera1n iOS 16.7.1 Jailbreak Installer for Mac and Linux

Guide to Jailbreak iOS 16.7.1 on iPhone and iPad with Palera1n Jailbreak

Step 1: Run “Terminal App” on Mac or Laptop.

Step 2: Clone the repo using “git clone -recursive && cd palera1n”.

Step 3: Now use a CD command to flash to your recently downloaded Palera1n iOS 16 Jailbreak location.

Step 4: Put an iPhone or iPad device into DFU mode and connect it to macOS.

Step 5: Run “./ -tweaks -semi-tethered”.

Step 6: Run the iOS 16.7.1 Jailbreak process and after reboot put it into DFU mode once again. Now the second reboot will happen, then you can open the Palera1n loader app and tap on “Install”. You’re done!

Checkra1n-jailbreak for new iOS 16.

Checkra1n is a permanent jailbreak. But you need a computer to perform this jailbreak process. Now, checkra1n jailbreak is compatible with iOS 15. The Checkra1n team has officially confirmed that their tool supports iOS 14 devices, but it is not yet supported for the new iOS 16.7.

How to jailbreak with checkra1n

Here are step-by-step instructions for MAC users. If you are a Windows or Linux user, please use the button below to get the guide. currently does not work for iOS 16 versions.

Step 01- go to zeejb checkra1n page and get the checkra1n new version(checkra1ncheckra1n new version.)

Step 02- Open the checkra1n tool & connect your device to the PC.

#Step 03- Extract the DMG that you installed and install it directly into the Application folder on your PC.

Step 04- If your Pc gets an error to open the files and trusted issues, please follow these steps. if not please skip these steps. (skip step 4)

  • Go into the System Preferences app. Next, select the Security & Privacy option.
  • Select “Open Anyway” followed by “Open”
  • After that, enter your administrator password when prompted.
  • Open the Checkra1n app and run it again and you shouldn’t have any issues.

Step 05- Run Checkra1n and then move into the Checkra1n Options and check the “Allow untested iOS/iPadOS/tvOS versions” option. Select Back.

Step 6-connect your device with a lightning cable, and then click the Start button, and select OK.

#Step 07-Select “Next” then follow the instructions that display in the checkra1n app.

Step08- when DFU Mode is activated start the jailbreak process.
note- your iPhone or iPad rebooting a few times so keep in mind that this is a normal process.

Step 09-when the process is finished, you can unplug the cable from the PC and unplug the device into the PC.

Step 10: Find the checkra1n app on your device and press the Cydia installation Cydia button (make sure to turn on Wi-Fi).

now your device is jailbroken.

Happy jailbreak.

FUGU jailbreak for iOS 16.1

Fugu is a PC jailbreak tool. It is an untethered jailbreak tool. Currently, it is compatible with iOS 14.1 up to and including iOS 14.5.1. You can download fugu14 from the below button.

What is jailbreaking?

Jailbreak is legal, and it is the process of removing the software restrictions imposed by Apple on iOS devices. This allows users to install custom apps and themes, modify system settings, and access features that are not normally available.

iOS 16 – 16.7 jailbreak without a computer- online

Dopamine jailbreak ,Uncover Jailbreakchimera jailbreak, taurine, and Odyssey Jailbreak are world-famous online jailbreak tools. Dopamine jailbreak, Unc0verodyssey, and Blizzard jailbreak tool developers do not confirm yet their tools’ compatibility with iOS 16.1 beta jailbreak. But 9 installer app, Misaka patch, Esign patch, Cripzi, Pikzo Repo ExtractorCydia Demo, Cripzi & Online Jailbreak alternatives Apps stores are available for iOS 15.

Dopamine jailbreak

Dopamine is a semi-untethered permasigned jailbreak for iOS & iPad OS 15.0 – 15.4.1 and it’s an extended version of Fugu15. Dopamine developers are constantly updating their rootless jailbreak tool to provide a great user experience. The latest release, version 1.0.4, includes a range of new features and bug fixes, such as the resolution of a forkfix issue that caused file descriptions to leak under certain conditions.

By using TrollStore, Dopamine can be permanently signed into your device, meaning you don’t need to log in every 7 days. If you use the AltStore or Sideloady methods, these methods need to be re-signed by the IPA.

Unc0ver jailbreak

Unc0ver is an online semi-untethered jailbreak.Pwn20wnd is the developer of Uncover Jailbreak and added support to support iOS 14, and iOS 14.8. but it is not yet compatible with iOS 16.1 or higher versions. If you are on a lower iOS version, you can install the unc0ver jailbreak online from the U04S Store.

Why jailbreak iOS 16.7?

There are many reasons why people might choose to jailbreak their iOS devices. Some of the most popular reasons include:

  • To install custom apps and themes that are not available in the App Store.
  • To modify system settings, such as the ability to change the default apps or hide certain icons.
  • To access features that are not normally available on iOS, such as the ability to use a file manager or record the screen.