Blobsaver – Complete SHSH Blob Saver

Download BlobSaver updated v3.0.4 A cross-platform GUI application for saving blobs that can also save automatically save blobs in the background. The iOS BlobSaver is founded by the @airsquared(twitter) team in 2018.

Initially, they released BlobSaver v1.0, adding support for both Windows and Mac. Now it also supports the Linux operating system.

Content Summary:

  • Features
  • Old updates
  • Alternatives
  • iOS 14.5.1 Working Jailbreak Solutions

What is BlobSaver

BlobSaver is a graphical user interface application for saving blob files on iPhone / iPad / iPod touch devices. When Apple releases a bug-fix software update, it will limit downgrade/update to a lower version of iOS. So users cannot update their devices to unsigned iOS versions and they cannot jailbreak the iPhone.

The only way to do that update and downgrade thing on iPhone is with Blobsaver and other Blob Save methods.

Download Blob Saver

New BlobSaver is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux OS. Developed by – airsquared

v3.0.4 is now available to the public

Change Log:

  • Add new iPhone and iPad models
  • If device not recognized, automatically select and fill manual identifier field
  • Update bundled tsschecker

Also, the beta version of BlobSaver v3.0 Beta is available to the developers. Check out more about v3.0 changes and Download them.

How to install

You can easily install BlobSaver to your PC, which runs Windows, MAC, or Linux. Simply download the compatible setup file from the above Download section.

Windows installation guide:

Step 01: Download the latest Blobsaver exe file

Step 02: Extract it and double click on the blobsaver.exe file.

Step 03: Follow on-screen instructions.

Step 04: Open Blobsaver and connect your iPhone iPad to the PC.

Step 05: Click on the “Read from device” Button – Now It will automatically detect your iDevice and get ECID.

Step 06: Then navigate to Specify Apnonce section then click on the “Read from device” button.

Step 07: Now your device will automatically be booted to DFU mode then BlobSaver will take AppNonce from the device and restart the device into the normal mode.

BlobSaver iOS

Step 08: Then Press the Go button to save SHSH Blobs files.

Also here is “How to save your SHSH video guide

How to save Blobs file using blobsaver

Old versions:



  • Add iPhone 12 device models
  • Fix device iPad7,11