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Here is everything about the YouTube patch app, how to download a YouTube hacked app freely, YouTube unloked app features, and educational updates.

The best way to get YouTube changes is to jailbreak your iDevices online or using a PC tool. At this point, most users cannot jailbreak their devices, as there is no jailbreak tool for higher versions of iOS 15 (including iOS 17.2 versions). So we can all assume that users of those editions will not be able to use these great YouTube jailbreak tweaks.

But luckily, there is one way to use all the hacked YouTube modifications without jailbreaking your device. It is the newly released YouTube Patch app (YouTube ++).

This app is compatible with all iOS versions and all iOS device models. Also, by using this YouTube Patch app you can get any hacked tweaks and use the premium offers for free without jailbreaking your device. So don’t miss out on getting this awesome app. Get it now.

You can get the YouTube pro application from the YouTube Premium Patch.

The youtube patch is compatible with iOS 11 to iOS 17.2

YouTube patch updates (YT patch)

– Added Sections to Downloads (All – Audios – Videos – Shorts).
– Select YT Video Quality for Cellular/WiFi.

– Gestures Controls on Video (Swipe Left/Right to increase Volume).

– Playback Speed Controls.

– Tabs Configurations.

How to get Youtube free patch online

YouTube patch is the most awesome app ever. You can download any YouTube video without any issue. Let’s see how to get a youtube patch online.

Step#1- Download youtube patch from the following button.

Step#2- Go to device setting and trust the profile. [Setting>general>profile management> youtube patch> install> Trust]

Step#3- open youtube patch application.

Step#4- Tap patch 1.

Step#5- if the free certificate is revoked, patch 1 is not working. Please get the premium patch.

Step#6- then press the installation button.

Step#7- Allow few mins to patched the process.

Step#8- now your youtube is patched. You can use the youtube premium application without being revoked.

Benefits Of youtube patch app (YT patch)

  • Can download any video.
  • Skip sponsor ads inside videos.
  • Enable/disable End screens (thumbnails) that show up at the end of videos.
  • Has iPad layout style
  • Can remove YouTube Ads & Background playback for YT videos.
  • Use other favorite apps without closing youtube.

Features of youtube ++

  • uYou:

– Remove YouTube Ads & Background playback for YT videos.

– Download Videos/Audio for offline playback (supports up to 4K) & Download Shorts (as a Video or Audio).

– Download Playlist.

– iPad layout style.

– PiP support.

– More and more options are in the settings.

  • iSponsorBlock: skip sponsor ads inside videos.
youtube patch
  • YTUHD: unlock VP9 codec, which also enables 1440 & 2140p quality.
  • YTClassicVideoQuality: brings back the original video quality selector.
  • YTNoHoverCards: this allows you to enable/disable End screens (thumbnails) that show up at the end of videos.
  • YTSystemAppearance: Enable setting appearance (Light/Dark) based on system in YouTube app (a hidden feature of YouTube app).
  • YouRememberCaption: Make YouTube remember your video caption setting, if not already.
  • YouPiP (requires iOS 14.0 and up, requires iOS 14.5+ to work correctly without LegacyPiP): Enable native PiP in YouTube app. Active PiP by dismissing the app or Use PiP button.

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What’s New

Changelog (Sep 11): 

– YouTube v16.35.4
– uYou v1.7:

• Added Donation button.

• Added Custom Double Tap To Seek Time.

• Added Long press on post image/gif to save it.

– YouPiP v1.5.9: Fixed PiP controller not working on iOS 13 and below in recent YouTube versions.

Known issues: 

– “Custom double tab to seek time” is pretty buggy (Not recommend). If you still want to use it: ensure you set the skip time in YouTube Settings to 10 seconds. Use this at your own risk!

– “Remove Shorts Section” may crash the app (rarely).

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What are youtube tweaks

  • YTSystemAppearance – FREE
  • TYOLED – $1.49
  • Raspberry – FREE
  • Enhancer for YouTube Premium – FREE
  • YTClassicVideoQuality – FREE
  • NoYTPremium – FREE
  • CarPlayEnable – FREE
  • YTSpeed – FREE
  • YouAreThere – FREE
  • YTNoHoverCards – FREE
  • YTReExplore – FREE

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credit- YT patch developer and MiRO92 uYou developer.

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