Best Youtube jailbreak tweaks in 2024

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The best YouTube jailbreak tweaks for specific facets of iOS 14/ iPadOS 14.

  • YTSystemAppearance – FREE
  • TYOLED – $1.49
  • Raspberry – FREE
  • Enhancer for YouTube Premium – FREE
  • YTClassicVideoQuality – FREE
  • NoYTPremium – FREE
  • CarPlayEnable – FREE
  • YTSpeed – FREE
  • YouAreThere – FREE
  • YTNoHoverCards – FREE
  • YTReExplore – FREE

How do you get these tweaks (all YouTube tweaks) freely?

The best way to get youtube tweaks is jailbreaking your iDevice using an Online or PC tool. At this time, most users cannot jailbreak their devices Because there is no jailbreak tool released for iOS 14.4 to higher versions(including iOS 15 of all versions). So we can all assume that users of those versions will not be able to use these great YouTube Jailbreak tweaks. But luckily, there is one way to use all hacked youtube tweaks without jailbreak your device. That is the newly released Youtube patch app.

This app is compatible with all iOS versions and all iOS device models. Also, you can get any tweaks and use premium offers freely by using this youtube patch app without jailbreaking your device. So don’t miss out on getting this awesome app.

Get it now(free).

How to use youtube patch?.>>>

YTSystemAppearance – FREE

While we’re talking about supporting unsatisfactory dark mode on YouTube, we should also recommend a free jailbreak modification called the Whitesystem look.


As the modification name implies, YTSystemAppearance compels the YouTube app to obey iOS’ system Dark Mode setting rather than requiring the user to opt into Dark Mode manually via the YouTube app’s settings. It’s really a no-brainer if you value any sort of consistency with your apps.

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TYOLED – $1.49

It’s no secret that the YouTube app supports Dark Mode, but it’s far less than Dark Mode for most users.

Of course, the dark gray aesthetic that YouTube provides when Dark Mode is enabled is not as black as the interface of other Dark Wall-supporting apps, and YTOLED is an aesthetically pleasing change to YouTube that brings an OLED- friendly black color.

raspberry – FREE

Everyone likes the idea of ​​playing back video videos on the YouTube app, but not everyone likes the idea of ​​spending $15.99 a month on the YouTube premium to enjoy it.

The raspberry tweak enables this feature for the official YouTube app on jailbroken iPhones without the need to subscribe to YouTube Premium. With it, you can lock your device while watching a YouTube video and the playback resumes in the background.

Enhancer for YouTube Premium – FREE

People like the idea of ​​getting more for less, why not more in vain? An upgrade to YouTube Premium is a free jailbreak modification that increases the capacity of what you can do when you are a YouTube Premium subscriber.

Enhancer for YouTube Premium
Enhancer for YouTube Premium

Many of the useful things you can do with this modification include streaming HD through cellular data, disabling annoying pop-ups at the end of videos, showing a status bar cover while watching portrait-oriented videos, and covering related videos. Among other things. Of course, there is such a long list of options provided by Enhancer for the YouTube premium that not all of them can be listed here.

YTClassicVideoQuality – FREE

YouTube has changed the way we interact with the quality of video playback in the mobile app. Instead of allowing us to specifically choose between 4K, 1440p, 1080p, 720p, 480p, etc., the app allows us to choose an option such as high picture quality or data saving, which allows the app to still choose our video quality. There are advanced options, but they are deliberately buried.

This modification returns the classic choice of classic video playback, allowing you to enjoy the retrospective quality you need to watch your video.

NoYTPremium – FREE

YouTube is a bit annoying when it comes to trying to persuade free users to pay the YouTube premium. It is hoped that YouTube will try to sell its premium feature at least once, but in conjunction with the current high number of ads, the user experience will drop significantly.

NoYTPremium is a simple and free jailbreak modification that blocks the ever-increasing pop-ups in the YouTube app, which means you no longer have to worry about buying a YouTube premium subscription.

CarPlayEnable – FREE

YouTube is one of the apps that Apple does not want to access through CarPlay, but it can be changed to a jailbreak change called CarPlayNable.

iOS 14 youtube jailbreak tweaks CarPlayEnable – FREE
CarPlayEnable – FREE

Once installed, you can control YouTube from the main unit of your car, assuming it supports CarPlay. This means you can listen to YouTube or audio or watch a video while stopping.

YTSpeed – FREE

The YouTube app allows viewers to change the speed of videos using pre-defined parameters, typically from .25 amplifiers. For example, you can play at double speed or half speed or somewhere in between, but the options are quite limited.

YTSpeed is a free jailbreak tweak that gives jailbreakers even more backward speed options. Whether you want to watch videos in high-speed or extremely slow motion, this change may be for you.

YouAreThere – FREE

After watching it for a long time, the YouTube app tries to make sure you’re still there and now wastes bandwidth during AFK.

YouAreThere comes with a free jailbreak tweak (even after a long background time) that allows you to enjoy the aftermath without any unwanted pop-ups.

YTNoHoverCards – FREE

At the end of each YouTube video, the platform tries to capture you for another video to watch. Although they may try to draw your attention to something that may interest you based on your current video, these should not be nonsense, but they block most of the ending frames of the video with nonsense.

To stop this you can use the free jailbreak tweak YTNoHoverCards. It ensures that you enjoy an unwanted video consumption experience without having to stop playing anything on your video playback.

YTReExplore – FREE

YTReExplore is a free jailbreak tweak that replaces the shorts tab in the YouTube app with the old search tab, allowing you to see more potential tastes than shorts when browsing the YouTube platform.

YouTube Premium Plus Jailbreak Tweak

Best jailbreak tweaks for YouTube
Best jailbreak tweaks for YouTube

Here is YouTube Premium Plus Jailbreak Tweak that’s lets You Customize the YouTube App.

If you watch a large number of YouTube videos on your iPhone, it is imperative that you change the YouTube Premium Plus. It lets you play HD videos on YouTube’s cellular data, automatically deactivate videos, enable video playback in UHD, remove the Cast / Search / Notification button, and more. Contrary to its name, you do not need an advanced YouTube subscription to use this jailbreak tweaks.

  • Semi-Native Picture-In-Picture
  • Disable Video Info Cards
  • Allow HD On Cellular Data
  • Disable Video Endscreen Popups
  • Always Show Player Bar
  • Disable Video AutoPlay
  • Show Status Bar In Overlay (Portrait Only)
  • Disable Double Tap To Skip
  • Hide Channel Watermark
  • No Comments Section
  • Hide Previous & Next Button In Overlay
  • Disable Related Videos In Overlay
  • Hide AutoPlay Switch In Overlay
  • Hide Captions/Subtitles Button In Overlay
  • Unlock UHD Quality
  • Hide Overlay Dark Background
  • Enable iPad Style On iPhone
  • Disable YouTube Kids
  • No Cast Button
  • Hide Create/Upload (+) Tab
  • No Notification Button
  • No Search Button
  • Hide Subscriptions Tab
  • No Topics Section
  • Hide Shorts (Explore) Tab
  • Disable Voice Search
  • Hide Tab Bar Labels
  • Hide Library Tab

There are YouTube Music Premium Plus Jailbreak tweaks for YouTube music users. It adds a number of useful customization features to the app, including the option to disable voice search, hide tab bar labels, and much more.

  • Allow HD On Cellular Data
  • Enable Double Tap To Skip
  • Disable Overlay AutoHide
  • Disable Voice Search
  • Disable Hints
  • Hide Tab Bar Labels
  • Hide Explore Tab
  • Hide Library Tab


YouTube is one of the most popular apps available for iOS and iPad platforms, and these are just some of the best ways to improve the app for optimal utility. Obviously, we do not include any jailbreak names that support downloading videos, as this would be contrary to the terms of service on YouTube.

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