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What is Springtomize?

Springtomize is one of the popular trading all-in-ones tweaks ever conceived in the history of the community, but it’s still being maintained to this very day. Those unfamiliar with Springtomize should think of it as a super Cydia tweak. 

Also, this is the only tweak you’ll ever need to customize your device, as you like. Furthermore, it receives updates every year in support of Apple’s latest versions and largest operating system.

Springtomize online cydia tweak free

Springtomize uses 

  • You may disable features that you do not use, or it may slow down your device performance.
  • You can customize the look of your icons, folders, dock, and your Lock Screen.
  • Springtomize lets you save your Springboard layout and then restore it without wasting time moving icons in or within folders!
  • Theme section, you can choose to apply a custom dock or battery; You can make your icons transparent and adjust the brightness of your wallpaper!
  • You can also customize the various animations on your Springboard or add color mods.

How to get Springtomize?

Springtomize is one of the best Cydia tweaks created by developer petcix. You cannot get it free. This tweak requires $4.99. You will not lose money. Because it’s so good, this tweak is worth more than the money you invested. After the purchase done you can get this tweak successfully to your device.

There is one way to get this tweak to your device online for free. You can use Cydown tweak to get Springtomize5 and old versions freely. How to get Springtomize freely?

springtomize 5 cydia installation

Follow the below steps to get the Springtomize Cydia tweak online.

Step 1- Jailbreak your device using Unc0ver or another jailbreak tool. You can get Unc0ver from U04S Store. (please use U04S premium application to get revoked free experience.). After jailbroken your device Cydia will be automatically installed on your device.

#Step2- Open Cydia and go to “sources” option.


#Step 3- Tap the “Edit”button.

ios cydia springtomizing

#Step 4- Tap “add” button.

spingtomize4 cydia

#Step5- Type the URL – https://repo.packix.com/

sprintomize iOS 14.4

#Step6- press “add source”.

download spring cydia online

#Step 7 – Go to “search” option and type ” Springtomize 5 “.

Springtomize cydia

#Step8 – Tap the “modify” button. If you are new to Springtomize, you will get the “install” button. tap the installation button.

sprintomize online cydia

#Step 9 – Tap the reinstallation button.

Springtomize cydia

#Step 10 – Go to your device settings and scroll down. Then find Springtomize.

#Step 11 – Enable the Springtomize and customize your iPhone as you want.

How to get Springtomize5 freely?

Step 1 – Go to cydia and add the repo Cydown. ( enter the URL https://julio.hackyouriphone.org/ on Cydia sources.

Step 2-Go to Cydia search bar and type the name “cydown”. Then press the installation

Step 3 – Go to the home screen of your device and check if there is a cydown on your home screen.

Step 4 – open Cydia again and go to the search bar. Then search Springtomize5

Step 5 – If your cydwon is installed successfully you can get this package freely.


Step 6 – Go to device setting and enable the Springtomize tweak.

The latest version

Springtomize 5

iOS developer Janosch Hübner released the fifth iteration of Springtomize with formal support for iOS 13 and iOS 14. The fifth functionality brings a number of options for different aspects of the Apple mobile operating system,

  • Animations
  • App Switcher
  • Pages
  • Control Center
  • Dock
  • Folders
  • Lock screen
  • Icons
  • Miscellaneous
  • Notification Center

After installation, you can find all those options in the Settings application.

Springtomize 4 

Springtomize4 brings to the table helps users to reduce the number of jailbreak tweaks installed without compromising the customization level or additional features. 


  • You can create all kinds of custom profiles for your device, one when you feel minimal and the other when you feel overwhelmed.
  • For the very few options that do require a respring, it will show you a beautiful Status Bar notification.

Old versions 


Features :

Fixes a bug with disabling uninstallation of Apps
– Finally fixes the status bar issues

-Fixes the Dock Bug on iPad
– Fixes Bluetooth and other Statusbar Icons (when trying to hide them)

Hiding Statusbar Icons fixed
Fixes Bug when it goes into “wiggle” mode when using an animation

Dock Landscape Issue fixed

Support for iOS 9.2 – 9.3.3

Springtomize alternatives 

The best alternative is Cylinder, which is both free and Open Source. Other great apps are  Muse Art (Free), Winterboard (Free), Five Icon Dock (Free), and MyOS (Paid).

Spentomize updates

Springtomize5 v5.2.1 is out with the following changes.

cydia tweaks

Jailbreak updates

iOS 14.7 successfully jailbreakon with checkra1n.

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