Jailbreak iOS 14.5: Ultimate Guide 2024

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Here is How to jailbreak iOS 14.5, online and checkra1n jailbreak tools, unc0ver, chimera, odyssey updates, iOS 14.5 jailbreak solutions, Install Cydia, and Step-By-Step Guide to 100% Complete jailbreak updated methods.

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Apple released the new 2nd beta version of iOS 14.5, watchOS 7.4, to developers. AirPlay 2 for Fitness+, Dual-SIM 5G Support, Apple Watch iPhone Unlocking, and much more. Fugu14 is now available for iOS 14.5. See more>>>

How to jailbreak iOS 14.5?

Great news to the jailbreak community. just released iOS 14.5 jailbreak – unc0ver.so now, you can jailbreak iOS 11 to iOS 14.8 running devices online by using the unc0ver jailbreak tool. Unc0ver is an online jailbreak tool. it means you can jailbreak iOS 14.8 online way. you can get it free from U04S Store.

Also, Checkra1n jailbreak for iOS 14.5 was released. The developer and the team of Checkra1n Jailbreak have confirmed that their tool is supported to apple’s latest released iOS 14.8, iOS 14.5 (new version 0.12.03). But tools are not yet supported for iOS 14.5. Jailbreak tools like Unc0ver, chimera, odyssey, rootless, blizzard for iOS 14.5 are not yet supported.

However, you can get Jailbreak solutions to feel the jailbreak experience.

iOS 14.5 jailbreak online/PC checkra1n, unc0ver, taurine, unc0ver latest updates. install cydia

Updates- iOS 15.1 released to public. See more>>>

Checkra1n jailbreak for iOS 14.5/ iOS 14.6

Checkra1n is hardware, chekm8 exploit-based jailbreak tool for A5-A11 iPhone, iPad, and iPods. It is now compatible with iOS 14.5. So you can jailbreak iOS 14.5 and higher with the checkra1n tool. If you have a MAC, Linux, or Windows computer, you can jailbreak devices running iOS 11 to iOS 14.7 with the checkra1n tool.

iOS 14.5 jailbreak online/PC checkra1n, unc0ver, taurine, unc0ver latest updates. install cydia

You can use the checkra1n tool easily with 3U Tool.

Step1- Download and install 3utool.

Step2- Open 3uTool and go to the Flash & Jailbreak section.

Step3- Tap on: ” Make Checkra1n Jailbreak USB Flash drive”

Step4- Plug in your USB device to PC (computer)

Step5- Select the relevant USB device form, choose the device section.

Step6- Press the Start making button(It will clear all data on your USB and install checkra1n windows setup files).

check out the Full 3Utool guide>>>

How to use checkra1n?

Step#1- Go to Zeejb jb Checka1n page and install the latest version of checkra1n to your PC.

Step#2- Find the DMG file you downloaded and drag it to the application folder of your PC.

Step#3- If you encounter an error during installation and receive an error message, please follow step # 3. Otherwise, skip step 3.

  • Go to the System Preferences app and select the Security and Privacy option.
  • Select “Open anyway” and “Open” and enter your admin password.
  • Now run the checkra1n tool.

Step#4- Go to the Checkra1n options and check the “Allow untested iOS / tvOS /iPadOS /versions” option. Select Back. (This will gain you to jailbreak iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5.)

Step#5- Now connect your device to your PC using an original lightning cable. Then tap the Start button and select OK. Please make sure that the Checkra1n app continues to run.

Step#6- Press “Next”, then follow the screen instructions.

Step#7- Your iPhone/ iPad automatically reboot few times. After completing the process, remove your device from your PC by unplugging the device.

Step#8- checkra1n on your device, get the Cydia to your device.

Jailbreak solutions for iOS 14.5

Apple device users can only use the Apple Store to access the apps, games, and other apps provided by Apple. you can not install favorite apps on iPhone and iPad that are not in the Apple Store. So you need to jailbreak your device. But for now, not all jailbreak tools still support iOS 14.5.

So you need to use Jailbreak solutions to sign your favorite apps, games, tweaks, etc.

Pizko jailbreak

Pikzo is the best jailbreak repo extractor for iOS 14 to higher versions including iOS 14.5. Now it is compatible with iOS 14.5. You can install iOS apps, hacked games, awesome tweaks, themes, wallpapers, and much more. You can directly install a Pikzo repo extractor to your iOS 14 + running iPhone through the Safari browser.

How to get Pikzo for iOS 14.5?

Step1- Download Pikzo from the above button.

Step2- Go to device setting>general>profile and management> trust the PiKzo profile.

Step3- Open PikZo and extract the iOS 14.5 compatible repos.

Cripzi repo signer

Cripzi is a new jailbreak tool that allows you to extract repos. Now it is compatible with iOS 14.5 new version. In specially, you can jailbreak your device partially and install the Cydia lite version to your device by using Cripzi. Also, you can install many hacked games, sign IPA files and get Cydia tweaks, and much more.

zeejb IPA library

Zee IPA library provides the ability to install and sign any IPA file to your device. You can install also, new iOS 14.5 supported IPA files, sign tools, games, tweaks, and more. You can use this IPA library to download the IPA to E-sign and magic sign IPA signing tools.

Zeejp app store

The zee app store is a third-party application store. This Store provides you with the installation of jailbreak tools, iOS apps, games, themes, utilities, wallpapers, education apps, and much more. Now it is compatible with iOS14.5.

Uc04S Store

Uc04s Store (U04s) is a world-renowned iOS app that lets you install trends and popular jailbreak tweaks, repos, games, and apps. Especially you can get the Unc0ver jailbreak tool online by using this store. Currently, Unc0ver jailbreak is compatible with iOS 11 to iOS 14.3.

But you can use U04S Store for iOS 14.4, iOS 14.5, and higher versions to install other Jailbreak apps, e-books, games, utilities, etc.

E-sign patch

E-sign is an IPA sign tool that allows you to install any iOS application to your device online. Also, you can get all jailbreak apps including unc0ver, Chimera, odyssey, Hacked games, and lots more. E-sign is support for iOS 14.5 and all higher version including iOS 15)

Now you can get this tool online by using the E-sign patch.

Oddy Store

You can install the Odyssey tool online from oddy store. Also, they offer bundle of iOS apps, games, hacked applications, social media+ applications, entertainment apps, and many more. Now it is compatible with iOS 14.5 and higher versions.

Jailbreak cert provider

You can not sign an application without a certificate on your device. You may not be able to sign and install your favorite app, game, tweaks, or theme from Cydia or Selio. Because Apple quickly revoked the developer certification. As a solution, you can easily get a certificate or free certificate from UDID MASTER’s certifiers to sign up for your favorite iOS 14.5 compatible iOS apps and games.

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You cannot jailbreak iOS 14.5 online way. Unc0ver, chimera, Odyssey, Taurine tools are not yet supported in this version.

Unc0ver jailbreak for iOS 14.5

Unc0ver is the most popular online jailbreak tool. It is a semi-untethered jailbreak. Great news to the jailbreak community. just released iOS 14.5 jailbreak Currently, Uncover is compatible with iOS 11 to iOS14.8 version including iOS 14.5. You can get Uncover online as well as AltStore computer methods. Also, You can use the Uo4s Store to get the Unc0ver jailbreak tool online.

How to install unc0ver Online?

Step#1- install Uo4s Store from the following button.

Step#2- Go iPhone/iPad device setting>general>profile and management>Trust the Uo4s profile.

Step#3- Open U04s and press the “jailbreak online” button.

Step#4- after installing the Uncover profile, Go to the device setting and trust the profile.(general> profile management> install>trust)

Step#5- open unc0ver and press the jailbreak button.

Step#6- Now your device is rebooted and Cydia will automatically be installed on your device screen.

Odyssey jailbreak

The Odyssey is another online jailbreak tool for iOS 13 to iOS 13.7.it is not yet compatible with iOS 14.5. You can install the odyssey tool from the Oddy store. You can use the odyssey tool to install Selio and Cydia.

Taurine jailbreak

Taurine is an online jailbreak tool released by the cool star for iOS 14 to iOS 14.3. It is not yet compatible with iOS 14.5 and higher versions. Taurine is a semi-untethered JailbreakYou can get taurine jailbreak from Oddy Store.

Fugu jailbreak

The new iOS 14 untethered jailbreaks, Fugu14 jailbreak is released to the public. Now it is supported for iOS 14 to iOS 14.5.1. If you have a Mac laptop, you can use this jailbreak tool to jailbreak your device.

New features iOS 14.5

Unlock iPhone with Apple Watch

Apple added a new feature for iOS 14.5 version. Now you can unlock your iPhone with an Apple Watch. When half of your face is covered, the Face ID does not work properly. As an option to activate your iPhone just like your Mac, and you can unlock it automatically when you are wearing an Apple Watch.

5G dual-sim support

In iOS 14.5, 5G now supports data connection when you use a dual SIM model.

Siri – updated

A new Siri capability allows you to request Siri call emergency services. You will get a count of three seconds on the screen to cancel the request. ” Hey Siri, Call Emergency”.

Sorting and printing Reminders

Reminder lists can be sorted at the end with different criteria: manual, due date, creation date, priority, or title. You can now print reminder lists.

Updated game controller support

You can sync your Xbox Series X / S or PlayStation 5 game controller with your iPhone or iPad.

iOS 14.5 Cydia Tweaks

You cannot get Cydia tweaks for iOS 14.5 online because you have no way to jailbreak your device and there is no online jailbreak tool released in this version. Here we have listed the top 10 trending Cydia tweaks.

  • Home Gesture
  • fiveddock13 
  • Vesta
  • volumepercent
  • rounded modules
  • SnowBoard 
  • Springtomize 
  • AlarmVolume
  • CC support

You can get the latest trending Cydia tweaks from the Zeejb Cydia tweaks page.

Jailbreak updates

iOS 14.5.1-14.0 UNTETHERED JAILBREAK Achieved

iOS 14.5.1-14.0, Massive Jailbreak Archived – By LinusHenze, 9 years later, UNTETHERED Jailbreak is back on the ground.

iOS 14.5.1 Kernel POC Exploit Released!!

XNU network stack kernel heap overflow due to out-of-bounds memmove in 6lowpan.

iOS 14.5 jailbreak updates
  • In iOS 14.5 version, Apple fixes an issue with App Tracking Transparency.

iOS# /iPadOS 14.5 Beta 5 (18E5186a) has been released. Checkra1n DON’T work on iPad mini 4 – iOS/iPadOS 14.5 Beta 5.

Normally checkra1n is worked easily for iOS 11 to iOS 14.7. But some devices that occurred some issues while jailbreaking ios 14.5 version. So if your device is iOS 14.5 or a lower version then please stay tuned for the current version. Do not update your device to the latest iOS 14.6, and higher versions.

iOS 14.5 beta1 jailbreak by @XsF1re with checkra1n.

iOS 14.5 Beta 4 is out

March 15, 2021 – Apple releases iOS 14.5 beta 4 to developers and public beta users. Apple fixed the issue: MagSafe charging animation.

  • Apple released iOS 14.5 2nd beta version to developer.
  • Uncover jailbreak for iOS 14 now out.
  • Odyssey for iOS 14.3 now out.
  • Unc0ver v6.1.2 out.

iOS 14.5 Reddit updates:

Can we jailbreak iOS 14.5?
Zeejb's confirmed Answer:
Yes checkra1n jailbreak v 0.12.0 is now supports with iOS 14.5 and its beta.

Posted by u/ruchir031 – Reddit

Zeejb ‘s Note:

Checkra1n Jailbreak version 0.12.3 supports iOS 14.5 and M1 Mac.

The latest update of checkra1n jailbreak comes with official support for up to iOS & iPadOS 14.5 and preliminary support for Apple’s latest M1-equipped Macs.

The checkra1n team announced that the latest version of the checkra1n tool via Twitter

The checkra1n Jailbreak new version now supports for iOS 14.5 and M1 mac.
Checkra1n Team confirmed that via Twirtter

change log for checkra1n version 0.12.3

Highlighted Changes

– Support for iOS & iPadOS 14.5

– Preliminary support for all M1-equipped Macs

– New –force-revert command to allow rootfs restore even when the user doesn’t have access to the Loader app

– The included binpack has been updated and thinned

Bug Fixes

– An issue that caused the loader app to crash on tvOS 12

– Fixes checkra1n crashing on macOS if using a recent MobileDevice framework

– An issue that could cause the Terminal UI to crash on Linux

–Fixes an issue where the Terminal UI could leave the Terminal in an unusable state on exit

– The devhelper process on Linux is now properly cleaned up on exit

Download Checkra1n Jailbreak

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