How to Install Dopamine Jailbreak iPA – iOS 15.0-16.6.1

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Step-by-step guidelines on how to install the Dopamine Jailbreak tool online, Cydia installation, all the possible jailbreak tools, and all the things you need to know about How to Jailbreak iOS 15 – iOS 16.6.1.

Dopamine Jailbreak iOS Tool Review: Lars Froder has announced that Fugu15 Max will now be known as Dopamine, and that this newly developed jailbreak is intended to enable iOS 15 tweak injection (ElleKit) features on A12+ devices.

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Updates – Dopa Team Just released the Dopamine Jailbreak(DOPA app) for installing the dopamine tool without a PC.

Download the Dopa Store Now


v2.1.4 Released:

- Only automatically fix up permissions of relevant directories inside /var/jb/var/mobile, rather than the entirety of it
- Skip permission fix up if either /var/jb/var or /var/jb/var/mobile is a symbolic link, previously there was a bootloop risk when either of them point to the real /var or /var/mobile
- Sandbox: Allow writing to /var/jb/var/mobile system wide

Download Dopamine Latest Update

*Note - The official Dopamine Jailbreak tool does not work well on iOS 16.7 and the newest iOS 17 versions, therefore if you are running higher versions, you could try the Domapmine Store (Support iOS 11 - iOS 17.4.1 Beta).

You could also install the Dopamine Jailbreak applications without a PC via the Dopamine Store (for iOS 15 - 16.6.1.

Download Domapine Store

How To Install Dopamine Jailbreak?

Dopamine is a semi-untethered Jailbreak Tool. It supported all the A13 devices and iOS 15 to iOS 16.6.1. For download the Dopermine jailbreak tool online you can use the below buttons.

Rootless arm64e jailbreak for iOS 15.0 - 16.5.1 (arm64e) and iOS 15.0 - 16.6.1 (arm64).
Dopamine jailbreak Online install, TrollStore iOS 16, iOS 17 Jailbreak tool
Domaine online

Updates: DOPA APP is a newly released iOS application that allows users to install the Dopamine Jailbreak tool online. Tap on the below button to install the dopamine jailbreak for free Online

Download Dopamine Jailbreak IPA

Dopamine Jailbreak is available as an IPA file that can be installed using the TrollStore, Sideloadly, or Esign Patch, like IPA Installers, on any iPhone device. You can now download this jailbreak IPA file from the opa334/Dopamine official GitHub or Zeejb iPA library.

Dopamine Jailbreak (online) Installation

What is Dopamine Jailbreak?

Dopamine Jailbreak, previously known as Fugu15 Max, allows users to Jailbreak all new iOS devices running iOS 15 to iOS 16.6.1, including A12+ models. Lars Froder, the jailbreak’s creator, has improved upon Linus Henze’s initial Fugu15 proof-of-concept. It uses Sileo as its default package manager and ElleKit as its default tweak injection library.

Dopaminejb is a continuation of the Fugu15 project to bring a traditional end-user jailbreak environment to it, including:

  • Automatic trust cache handling
  • Tweak injection (via ElleKit)
  • libkrw (including the ability to write to PPL-protected memory and kcalling primitives)

The wifi and deep sleep bugs mentioned below have already been fixed in upstream commits. However, the solution for the deep sleep bug is to simply kill oobPCI after we’ve spawned it and handed off the primitives to it, and the solution for the wifi bug still requires disabling wifi during the jailbreak (which can be reenabled afterward).

Dopamine Jailbreak Trollstore Guide

TrollStore is a permasigned jailed installer that can help us to install any IPA file on your iPhone for FREE. now you can get installed the dopamine jailbreak through Trollstore without any issues.

Step 1 – Download the TrollStore to your device. if you don’t know how to get a troll store, please click the button below and download it.

Step 2 – Download the dopamine tool iPA file.

Step 3 – Open TrollStore and install the iPA file from your file.

Step 4 – When the pop-up comes up, press “Install.”

Step 5 – After the installation is complete, tap on the TrollStore icon to launch the jailbreak tool.

Step 6 – Launch the jailbreak tool and select the jailbreak option.


Step-by-step guide for Dopamine jailbreak No computer

here is how to jailbreak online with the dopamine jb tool.

you can get this jailbreak online by using the below tools.

Install Dopamine Jailbreak from the Esign app

Esign is the most popular iPA signing application. esign allows you to sign any iPA file to download your favorite apps that are not available in the Apple App Store to your device. here is how to download dopamine jailbreak thogh the Esign tool.

Step 1 – Download the esign patch and get the Esign app using the below button.

Step2 – Open the esign app and go to the download app section.

Step 3- Type the iPA library URL –

Step 4 – Download the dopamine jailbreak latest IPA file to your device.

Step5: Launch the Esign app and import the iPA file.

Step6: Unzip the file.

Step7: Select the dopamine iPA file and select the “Import App Library” option.

Step8: Select the dopamine tool icon and then choose the signature.

Step9: When the procedure is complete, hit the install button.

Step10: Navigate to the device settings and confirm that you trust the jailbreak app.

Step11: Launch the dopamine jailbreak app and do the jailbreak.

Step12: Give just a few minutes to complete the procedure.

Step 13: After completing the process, the Sileo package manager will be installed on your device automatically.

Dopamine jailbreak app (DOPA) – online

The newest Dopa App Store helps to install Dopamine Jailbreak on your device without a computer. (revoke fixed for Dopamine Jailbreak ) .many apps, themes, settings, 1000+ Jailbreak Tweaks, Cydia-apps, Hacked Games, and many more here… tap the below button and enjoy the Dopa jailbreak app store.

DOPA app for dopamine

Step 1 – tap on the below button and install the Dopamine jb tool.

Step 2 – go to the device setting and trust the jailbreak tool. (go to device setting>general>vpn & profile management)

Step 3 – Open Dopamine jailbreak and tap the jailbreak button.

Please note – if you need you can enable the teak injection, download, and verbose logs using the setting tab.

Step 4 – allow a few mins to complete the jailbreak process.

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Dopamine Jailbreak Compatible iOS/iPad versions:

  • A jailbreak for arm64e (A12 – A15) and M1
  • Supported on devices on iOS 15.0 through 16.6.1
  • A rootless jailbreak

compatible iOS device models

  • iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Mini, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max
  • iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Ma
  • iPhone 12 Pro / iPhone 12 Pro Max / iPhone 12 Mini / iPhone 12 iPhone SE (2020)
  • iPhone11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iPhone X, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR

Dopamine Jailbreak supports all A12–A15 system-on-a-chip (SoC) devices. The genuine list of compatible Dopamine iPhones is provided below. It is anticipated that future enhancements will also support iPads. Stay tuned for additional details regarding the compatibility of these devices.

  • iPhone Xs Max: iOS 15.4.1
  • iPhone 11 (SRD): iOS 15.4.1
  • iPhone 12 (SRD): iOS 15.4.1
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max: iOS 15.4.1
  • iPhone 13: iOS 15.1 (offline edition – see bugs below [WiFi bug])
  • iPhone 14 all device models

Other devices are probably supported as well.

Compatible iOS versions

iOS 15 / iOS 15.1 / iOS 15.1.1 / iOS 15.2/ iOS 15.2.1/ iOS 15.3/iOS 15.3.1/iOS 15.4/iOS 15.4.1

16.6.1, 16.6, 16.5.1, 16.5.1, 16.5.1, 16.5.1, 16.5.1, 16.5, 16.4.1, 16.4, 16.3.1, 16.3, 16.2, 16.1.2, 16.1.1, 16.1, 16.0.3, 16.0.2, 16.0.1

Note: dopamine is not supported yet for the iOS 16.7 – iOS 17 version, please download the iOS 17 jailbreak tools and solutions from the below link.

16.7.7, 16.7.6, 16.7.5, 16.7.4, 16.7.3, 16.7.2, 16.7.1, 16.7

17.4.1, 17.4, 17.3.1, 17.3, 17.2.1, 17.2, 17.1.2, 17.1.1, 17.1, 17.0.3, 17.0.2, 17.0.2, 17.0.1

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Dopamine Jailbreak: – Reddit/Github Updates

[Free Release] Jailbreak tool for iOS 15.0 – 16.6.1, A12, and up.

NOTE TO EXISTING FUGU15 MAX USERS: When first jailbreaking, this will wipe the entire existing bootstrap including tweak preferences and stuff, so back up anything you need.
Official website: 

Thank you opa, we all appreciate your hard work so much. :)
Check out more about jailbreak tools:


Video Guide

video guide dopamine jailbreak

The Jailbreak Tool Updates

What’s the latest?

  • Dopamine Jailbreak has been updated to version 1.0.
  • Option added to hide/uninstall jailbreak.
  • Fixing setuid correctly also resolves NewTerm.
  • Transition to Sileo 2.4 stable.
  • Fix the freezing of the system when jailbreakd crashes or resumes.
  • Make systemwide hook more leightweight.
  • Resolve bootstrapping error when /var/jb is a dead symlink.
  • iOS 15.4.1 fixes the Wi-Fi panic issue found in iOS 15.
  • Add the ability to grant privileges to processes.
  • Usability enhancements, transfer from jailbroken.
  • Update KernelPatchFinder.
  • Enable the unrestrict-cs command.

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Supported tweaks

Here are some available dopamine jailbreak tweaks. However, numerous tweaks are compatible with this jailbreak tool. We will publish them as soon as it is feasible.

  1. SnowBoard – SnowBoard is a lightweight spiritual successor to the legendary WinterBoard theming engine.
  2. PortraitXI – This hack allows users to shoot realistic portrait-mode images on iOS devices with a single camera.
  3. Aperturize – With the Aperturize tweak, you may change the depth of field (bokeh) in your photos and improve your portrait mode shooting experience. It’s particularly built for iOS devices with dual cameras.
  4. Exiwall – Exiwall is an innovative feature that generates depth effect wallpapers by replacing the topic in your wallpaper with a customized design shown above the date and time on your device lock screen.
  5. CopyLog – This is a clever clipboard history manager that makes tracking your device’s copied stuff easier.
How to uninstall Dopamine Jailbreak?

How to uninstall Jailbreak?

If you want to Remove/uninstall Dopamine Jailbreak, follow these simple steps:

  • Launch the Dopamine Jailbreak app on your device.
  • Tap on the Settings Button.
  • Scroll down and tap on the Remove Jailbreak option.
  • Confirm that you want to remove the jailbreak and restore your device to its original state.
  • Wait for the app to perform the uninstallation process and reboot your device.
  • After the reboot, you should see that the Dopamine Jailbreak app and all the jailbreak-related apps and tweaks are gone from your device.
  • You can also check the Settings app to see that your device is no longer jailbroken.
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v2.1.2 Released:

- Fix app switcher not displaying preview images of jailbreak apps in some cases [2.1 regression]
- Sandbox: Allow writing to /var/jb/var/mobile system wide

Download Dopamine Latest Update

v2.1.1 Released:

- Fix codesigning bypass failing on binaries/libraries that have an armv7s slice (Fixes Designer not working) [2.1 regression]
- Fix sharing files to jailbreak apps not working in some instances [2.1 regression]
- Fix string corruption in sandbox bypass, the fact I never noticed this before means it probably wasn't that bad of an issue (don't use strcat on uninitialized stack buffers!)

Download Dopamine Latest Update

v2.0.10 Released:

Notably all known arm64 specific issues should be fixed now, also jailbreaking should now work even with developer mode disabled.

=>> Fix jailbreaking not working when developer mode was disabled (Developer mode will now be enabled in a non persistent way for the current boot)
=>> Fix NECP connections failing after some time on arm64 (Apple Watch, VPN...)
=>> Fix terminusd crashes on arm64, reenable injection into it and nesessionmanager
=>> Automatically fix wrong permissions for /private and /private/preboot when jailbreaking
=>> Fix app icons disappearing or no longer opening on OTA updates (Will only be fixed for future updates, not for the one to 2.0.10, also requires TrollStore 2.0.13)

2.0.3 Released:
=>> Fix localization fallback not properly working (would show placeholder instead of english when no localization for the selected language was available)
=>> Don't attempt jbupdate if the phone is not already jailbroken
=>> Fix an issue where PAC primitives would get lost during a jbupdate, causing the launch of a sideloaded Dopamine app to trigger a kernel panic on <15.2


*Note - The official Dopamine Jailbreak tool does not work well on iOS 15.4.1 and the newest iOS 17 versions, therefore if you are running higher versions, you could try the Domapmine Store (Support iOS 11 - iOS 17 Beta).

You could also install the Dopamine Jailbreak applications without a PC via the Dopamine Store (for iOS 15 - 15.4.1).

Download Domapine Store

v 1.1.4 Released:

=>> Fix unreliability when jailbreaking on A14 (1.1.3 regression)

=>> Make forkfix only load when absolutely neccessary rather than inside every single process that is able to fork (This should decrease spinlock panic frequency back to how it was on pre-1.1, but tweaks with C function hooks will obviously still cause it, also the effectiveness of this change has not been confirmed yet, but at least it shouldn’t make anything worse)


v 1.1.2 Released: =>> Disable launchd crash reporter again, as this triggered a lot of jailbreak detections (No idea how they detect this or what specifically they check for :/)

=>> Disable jailbreak button when the device / version combination is unsupported


v 1.1.1 Released:

=>> Add crash reporter for launchd crash reports, when launchd crashes now you will receieve a detailed separate crash log, alongside the (incredibly cryptic) “initproc exited” panic

=>> Fix several wrong offsets related to the ptrace hook

=>> Fix bug in macho parser where it would fail when parsing the dependencies from certain libraries

=>> Improve wifi reenable reliability

=>> Update opainject to 1.0.6


v 1.5.0 Released

=>> Fix an issue with forkfix where it would break reinstalling dpkg
=>> Automatically fix the permissions of /private/preboot/ when jailbreaking in case they are wrong (Wrong permissions can cause SSH / NewTerm to not work)

Download/Install Now!!