Based on the iOS security research and the Latest Jailbreak tool analysis we did on this topic, as well as our previous experience, we came up with this Jailbreak tool list. Here are All your need about iOS jailbreaking and Cydia installation.

Easy Step By Step Guide will help you to Jailbreak your iPhone / iPad / iWatch & Apple TV:

What is Jailbreak?

Jailbreak is the method of remove apple restriction from the apple device. Normally, iOS users can deal with apple AppStore apps, and only they can install a limited number of apps on their iPhone/iPad or iDevice. Jailbroken devices allow users to install 3rd party apps, hacked games, themes, tweaks, and many more that are not offered by Apple.

Because of that Jailbreak is the only way to customize iPhone or iPad without security harm.

Jailbreak iPhone

The jailbreak tool and its process is vary form device to device and depend on iOS version. So you should use most compatible Jailbreak tool according to your iDevice.

Here we are listed related pages according to your iOS versions.

Jailbreak News

iOS 14 – iOS 14.3 Jailbreak soon…

Apple released their bug fixed iOS version of iOS 14.4, At the release notes they described three vulnerabilities that were actively exploited according to the editor, CVE-2021-1782 (Kernel), CVE-2021-1870, and CVE-2021-1870 (WebKit).

An anonymous researcher @ModernPwner(Twitter) released an exploit for iOS 14.3. With his tweet, he mentions this bug will work on A12 and A13 devices.

Read more about iOS 14 Jailbreak

What are the devices that support Jailbreak?

All iPhone/iPads/iPod Touches and Apple TVs are able to do Jailbreak.

iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, 12 mini Jailbreak

Apple’s latest released versions of the iPhone 12 series – iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 12 Pro Max, 12 mini came with iOS 14.1 version. So you need to refer iOS 14 Jailbreak Page for more details.

Jailbreak Dictionary – Complete Jailbreak Chart

JailbreakTypeSupported Versions
4039TetherediPod Touch V1
AppSnapp(Safari) UntetherediOS
AppTapp InstallerUntetherediOS
checkra1nSemi-TetherediOS/iPadOS tvOS
ElectraTVSemi-Untethered tvOS
etasonATV Untethered tvOS
etasonJB Untethered iOS
evasi0n UntetherediOS tvOS
evasi0n7 Untethered iOS
extra_recipe Semi-UntetherediOS