Jailbreak iOS 11 – iOS 14 : AltStore

In this tutorial, we are covered complete instruction of how to install AltStore store on Windows, Mac, Linux OS, iOS 11 – iOS 14.3 Jailbreak Support.

What is AltStore?

AltStore is a third-party application installer for iPhone/iPads. AltStore for iOS brings to you a completely different kind of app store using which you can install third-party apps without getting revoked.

AltStore is one of the best ways to get famous jailbreaks apps on your iDevice. (unc0ver, chimera, blizzard, odyssey ,rootless).

AltStore is available for both Mac and Windows OS.

Download AltStore: (Mac / Windows / Linux / iPA)

Download AltStore for iOS and enjoy additional features for free. We have also provided a safe and easy way to install AltStore.

Updated download links: 2020 November

Import The Latest Jailbreak iPA files to AltStore:

iPA NameVersion Download Link
unc0ver Jailbreakv5.3.1GET
Rootless JailbreakRC.2.0Get
Odyssey Jailbreakv1.1.2Get
Chimera Jailbreakv1.4.0Get
Blizzard Jailbreakv0.0.1Soon..
iPA’s for AltStore

Download More iPA files from zeejb iPA Library

Get unc0ver Online. iOS 13.3 / 13.2 / 13.1 / 13 / iOS 14 – A12 / A13

Use the below link to install all-new versions of Uncover jailbreak for iOS 13.5, online installation.

How To Install AltStore on iOS Devices

AltStore for iOS offers an environment in the Apple system which will show the third-party apps as the user-developed apps. 

Also, we can use AltStore as a Cydia impactor alternative – windows and mac PC. AltStore is an excellent and easy method to install unc0ver jailbreak without revoked. It is the only option to sign your applications.

AltStore: uncover jailbreak for windows AltStore iOS 13.3- A12, A13 Device jailbreak Video tutorial

AltStore Windows guide

First of all, You need to download 2 files, AltStore setup.exe, and iCloud for windows.

Ok now follow the step by step guide to unc0ver Jailbreak iOS 13 installation.

Part 1 – AltStore Installation.

Step 1 – After download files, place it on your desktop.

Step 2 – Extract the downloaded AltStore.zip file.

Step 3 – Run extracted Setup File.

Step 4 – Follow the on-screen instruction to install AltStore.

Part 2 – iCloud Installation

Step 1 –Open downloaded iCloudSetup.exe (Run As Administrator)

Step 2 –Restart your Pc/computer.

Step 3 –Make sure iCloud for Windows is open. If it doesn’t open automatically, go to Start Manu & open Apps or Programs, and open iCloud for Windows.exe

Step 4 – Connect your iPhone/iPad via USB cable.

Step 2 – Please Enter your Apple ID & Password to sign in to iCloud.

Part 3 – Install AltStore in to iPhone/iPad via USB or Lighting Cable

Step 1 – Don’t Remove Your iPhone/iPad from the PC.

Step 2 – After all installations are completed Please go to Notification Area.

Step 3 –Press Install AltStore and Select Your iPhone Or iPad.

Step 4 –Please Enter your Apple ID & Password to Install AltStore.

Step 4 – Now Please wait for installation, sometimes it will send a notification to your iPhone or iPad for verification. Do it.

Step 5 – Ok, You have Completely installed AltStore on your device.

Step 6 – When Pwn20wnd Released new unc0ver jailbreak for iOS 13 it will appear on AltStore.

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Alt Store Mac OS Guide

We provide the best secure and simple method to get your iPhone/iPad ready for Unc0ver iOS 13-13.3 jailbreak.

Pwn20wnd Says – AltStore is the Official Store you can install uncover tool when he is releasing his uncover jailbreak new version(iOS 13 – iOS 13.5).

AltStore important update-

iOS 13.3.1 / 13.3 / 13.0 New AltStore Released!

AltStore.io officially tweet about their upcoming update- 

AltStore 1.2 beta coming soon- This update addresses some sideloading changes introduced in iOS 13.3.1. And also significant performance improvements when refreshing apps. 

Are you still using the AltStore old version? Now the right time to update it.

The new update of AltSore significantly improves performance when refreshing apps and improve stability when refreshing apps over wifi.

Unc0ver jailbreak for iOS 13.5

The unc0ver team released their new unc0ver version 5.3.1 v for every iOS version up to iOS 13.5.5 beta for all devices including A12/A13 using 0day kernel vulnerability.

How to download iOS 13.5 jailbreak? >>>

Unc0ver JAILBREAK (A12 / A13): LATEST NEWS Unc0ver Beta Preview (13.3)

More information about the uncover jailbreak iOS 13.3, iOS 13.2.

iOS 13.3 which is no longer to sign, uncover jailbreak leading developer @Pwn20wnd posted a quote.

“You should install @altstoreio in order to prepare for the release of the #unc0ver jailbreak for A12-A13! “

This is according to @Pwn20wnd the official method of getting the uncover jailbreak beta for iOS 13.3. So Cydia Impactor is down, and other methods are not reliable, and he will run this method.

This new version of the Unc0ver Jailbreak Beta comes as an IPA file, unlike the Chekra1n Jailbreak that requires our device to be connected to a computer at all times to Jailbreak our devices.

How to fix Unc0ver jailbreak crash issue on iOS 13.3(v4.0.0)

Some newer devices are currently incompatible with tweaked apps and unc0ver jailbreak v4.0.0 Online installation. Therefore, some users cannot properly jailbreak their devices.

If you have an unc0ver jailbreak installation crash error, please watch this tutorial and find out the best solution.

Video link – unc0ver jailbreak app crash fix

ios 13.3 jailbreak solutions>>>

Unc0ver Support iOS versions

  • iOS 13.5.5 beta
  • iOS 13.5  / iOS 13.4.1 / iOS 13.4 
  • iOS 13.3.1 / iOS 13.3 / iOS 13.2.3 / iOS 13.2 / iOS 13.1.3 / iOS 13.1.2 / iOS 13.1.1 / iOS 13.1 / iOS 13
  • iOS12.4.1 / iOS 12.4 / iOS 12.3.1 / iOS 12.3 / iOS 12.2 / iOS 12.1.4 / iOS 12.1.3 / iOS 12.1.2 / iOS 12.1 / iOS 12.0.1 / iOS 12
  • iOS 11.4.1 / iOS 11.4 / iOS 11.3.1 / iOS 11.3 / iOS 11.2.6 / iOS 11.2.5 / iOS 11.2.2 / iOS 11.2.1 / iOS 11.2 / iOS 11.1.2 / iOS 11.1.1 / iOS 11.1 / iOS 11

Unc0ver Support Devices

  • iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max
  • iPhoneX, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR
  • iPhone8, iPhone 8 Plus
  • iPhone7, iPhone 7 Plus
  • iPhone6s, iPhone 6s Plus
  • iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone5s
  • iPad Mini (5th generation)
  • iPad-Air (2019, 3rd generation)
  • iPad mini 4, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 2
  • iPod touch 6G
  • 2nd-gen 12.9-inch iPad Pro, 12.9-inch iPad Pro, 1st-gen 10.5-inch iPad Pro
  • 9.7-inch iPad Pro
  • iPad Air 2, iPad Air

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