Jailbreak iOS versions 11 – iOS 15

Here are all the iOS version updates and all possible jailbreak methods that can help you to jailbreak your iOS device.

iOS 11 to iOS 11.4.1iOS 12 to iOS 12.4.8
iOS 13 to iOS 13.7 iOS 14 to iOS 14.8
iOS 15 iOS 15.4

iOS 15.4 jailbreak

ios 15.4 jailbreak tools online

iOS 15.4 was released by Apple.

iOS 15 jailbreak

iOS 15 is Apple’s latest operating system for iPhones. They introduced iOS 15 at the Apple event WWDC to developers. now it is released to the public.

iOS 14 jailbreak

iOS 14.7 jailbreak

iOS 14.7: Beta 2 has been released.

iOS 14.6 jailbreak

iOS & iPadOS 14.6 Beta 3 Released to public now.

iOS 14.5 jailbreak

IOS 14.5 released to developers. When it is released to the public can jailbreak with the checkra1n tool.

iOS 14.4 jailbreak

iOS 14.4 has now been released to the public. You can jailbreak this version with Checkra1n, but no online jailbreak yet.

iOS 14.3 jailbreak

Now you can jailbreak iOS 14.3 with checkra1n. No online crashes yet. But the Odyssey tool for this version will be coming soon.

iOS 14.2 jailbreak

There is no online jailbreak is released for iOS 14.2. But you can jailbreak iOS 14.2 with checkra1n tool.

iOS 14.1 jailbreak

Checkra1n is support this version. But you cannot jailbreak iOS 14.1 online.

iOS 14 jailbreak updates

you can jailbreak ios 14 with checkra1n. Odyssey, Unc0ver, and other online jailbreak tools not yet support this version.

iOS 13 jailbreak

iOS 13.7 jailbreak

Now you can jailbreak iOS 123.7 online using the odyssey tool. Checkra1n tool is also the support of this version.

iOS 13.6 jailbreak

Now you can jailbreak iOS 13.6 and all beta versions with the odyssey tool online.checkra1n is also compatible with this version.

iOS 13.5 jailbreak

Uncover jailbreak tool support for iOS 13.5. also, the checkra1n and odyssey tool added support for this version.

iOS 13.4 jailbreak

Unc0ver, odyssey, checkra1n tool is supported for iOS 13.4.

iOS 13.3 jailbreak

you can jailbreak iOS 13.3 with Unc0ver, odyssey, and checkra1n tools.

iOS 13.2 jailbreak

You can jailbreak this version online and with a computer method. Checkra1n, unc0ver, Odyssey now iOS 13.2.

iOS 13.1 jailbreak

Checkra1n, Odyssey, Unc0ver tools added support for iOS 13.1 all versions.

iOS 13 jailbreak updates

Now you can jailbreak iOS 13 with the odyssey, unc0ver, and checkra1n.

iOS 12 jailbreak

iOS 12.4.8

iOS 12.4

iOS 12.3 jailbreak

iOS 12.2

iOS 12 jailbreak

iOS 11 jailbreak

iOS 11.4.1

iOS 11.4

iOS 11

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