Jailbreak iOS 15.2 – 15.2.1 (2024 Update): Tools, Methods

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Apple surprised everyone with the release of iOS and iPadOS 15.2. This ultimate guide covers the most important jailbreak updates, how to jailbreak iOS 15.2, iOS 15.2.1, and Cydia download methods.

In this article, you can find everything about iOS 15, iOS 15.1, iOS 15.2, & iOS 15.2.1, and its beta versions, all possible jailbreak methods and updates, and everything you need to know. The famous jailbreak developer @coolstar tweeted that he was going to release a new jailbreak called Odyssey15 for iOS 15.2. Hopefully, this will come soon (jailbreak iOS 15.2).

Dopamine jailbreak for iOS 15.2

Great news – Dopamine jailbreak just released for iOS 15.2. now you can jailbreak iOS 15 t iOS 15.4.1 incluidng iOS 15.2 using the dopamine jailbreak. tap the below button and get the dopamine jailbreak online. (get it soon- Happy jailbreak)

How to jailbreak iOS 15.2/iOS 15.2.1?

In the present situation, you cannot completely jailbreak your iOS 15.2 devices. Checkra1n Jailbreak is not compatible with iOS / iPadOS 15.2  yet. Also, unc0ver and taurine jailbreak are not supported yet.

(Unc0ver, chimera, Taurine, and rootless tools are not supported). However, you can use the iOS 15.2 Jailbreak solutions to feel the jailbreak experience.

Are you willing to taste new iOS features? You can install a new iOS 16 & iOS 15.4 beta from your device. By, Settings > General > Software update. Then you can use Jailbreak Solutions for iOS 15.4 – iOS 16.

Unc0ver jailbreak: – Unc0ver jailbreak tool does not work with iOS 15.2 or all other iOS 15 versions from iOS 14.8.1.

Checra1n jailbreak: As the only and only semi-tether jailbreak, most iOS users will find Checkra1n Jailbreak compatible with every upcoming version. But it has not been updated to iOS 15.2 or any iOS 15 version yet.

Lates Jailbreak Update:

Recently, iOS tweak developer OPA334 tweeted that the sandbox escape technique he discovered was working in version 15.4.

This indicates that the technique works on versions 15.0 to 15.3.1 (it also works on iOS 8 to 14, although it's not practical there).

iOS 15.2 Jailbreak solutions – Trusted tools

ios 15.2 jailbreak
ios 15.2 jailbreak

Here are the most popular jailbreak solutions for iOS 15.2. On the Internet, we can find a lot of fake tools that claim that they can jailbreak. So don’t waste your money, and be safe from scammers. 

Here we listed 100% trusted jailbreak solution tools and alternatives according to the user rating. 

Pikzo jailbreak for iOS 15.2 – iOS 15.4

Pikzo is the most popular jailbreak repo extractor, earlier repo tool works on iOS 11 – iOS 16 devices, But now the PikZo jb team released a new version of the repo tool with adding support to iOS 15.0.2, iOS 15.2, iOS 15.2.1, and beta versions. It is compatible with all iPhones/ iPads including A12, A13 & A14 chips. You can get a thousand + apps, hacked games, themes, applications, other jailbreak solutions, and many more. 

How to install Pikzo jailbreak

Step 01 – Download the Pikzo from the below button to your iOS 15.2 device.

Step 02 – Then Pikzo profile will download to the device settings. 

Step 03 – Go to your iOS 15.2 device  Settings > Profile download > Enter the Device passcode.

Step 04 – installation Process will complete within a few seconds. Finally,  you can see the Pizko jailbreak on your iOS 15.2 iPhone/iPad springboard.

How to Extract iOS 15.2 compatible repos from Pikzo jailbreak tool?

Pikzo themes name –

  • Miracle popular themes
  • Miracle 3D themes
  • Dark thems
  • latest miracle themes

Cripzi jailbreak for iOS 15.2

Cripzi is an iOS 15 Jailbreak repo extractor. You can install jailbreak tweaks and themes using cripzi repo signer. Now Cripzi is compatible with iOS 15.2.

Device compatibility – There is no device limitation. All the iOS 15.2 and iPadOS 15.2 running devices include the latest iPhone XS models, iPhone 11 models & iPhone 12 models. 

  • Cripzi is the 1st iOS 15 Jailbreak repo signer. Now it is supported for iOS 15.2 iOS version.
  • It’s an Online method. You can very easily install Cripzi without using a computer.
  • Cripzi is compatible with all iOS 15.0.2 running iPhone and iPad models including iPhone XS, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, and iPhone 13 models.
  • This is also compatible for future iOS versions, Read more about iOS 15 – iOS 15.0.2 Jailbreak.
  • You can install the Cydia app with limited functions using Cripzi.

How to get Cripzi freely?

Step1 – Download Cripzi free application by using the below button.

Step2 – Go to the device setting and trust the Cripzi signer.

Step3 -Open the Cripzi app and tap the add signature button.

Step4- close the pop-up

Step5 – Tap the sign with the certificate button.

Step6 – After the process is completed, press the download button.

Step7- Enjoy the application.

E-sign patch app for iOS 15.2

ios 15.2 e-sign patch

E-sign patch is the most popular iOS app installer by using IPA files. Now it is compatible with the new iOS 15.2. You can download all the iOS apps, hacked apps, jailbreak solutions. Also, You can get Cydia and sign the jailbreak apps including unc0ver, Chimera, odyssey, snapchat++, watusi, Spotify ++, Jodel++Tiktok++, Hacked games, and lots more. 

  • E-sign patch is not a jailbreak tool, but it allows you to use every jailbreak feature.
  • No required PC, and connect directly through your iPhone or iPad (online installation)
  • Compatible with all latest iPhones and iPad models.
  • Can download any iOS hacked apps
  • Compatible with the latest iOS 15.2

E-sign latest IPA now supports iOS 16 lower versions.

Appdb pro Application for iOS 15.2

AppDB pro is an application database that allows you to install any iOS application online. Now it is compatible with iOS 15.2 There are 100000+ iOS applications, Cydia apps, hacked games, tweaks, utilities, e-book, social media hacked apps, old versions, jailbreak apps, and much more. You can download APPDB pro application freely from the below button.

U04S Store

U04S Store is the most popular jailbreak solution for iOS 15.2. you can install iOS applications, hacked games, e-books, utilities, social applications, themes, entertainment apps, Cydia apps, education applications, and much more. mainly U04S Store provides the ability to install the Unc0ver jailbreak tool online to your device( revoke fixed for uncover jailbreak ).

Currently, Unc0ver is not yet compatible with iOS 15.2. But you can use this store to install the iOS application as the best jailbreak solution.

Oddy Store

Oddy is an online jailbreak solution for iOS 15.2. It allows you to install the Taurine and odyssey jailbreak tool online to your device. Also, you can get iOS apps, hacked games, awesome themes, tweaks, and many more. Now it is compatible with iOS 15 to higher versions.

Zeejb app store

Zee free App Store allows you to install iOS applications freely to your device. Zee Store is a totally open app store, without any regional or country-specific restrictions. You don’t even need an Apple ID or iCloud account to access this 3rd party app store.

How to jailbreak iOS 15.2 with the computer?

There are many jailbreak tools. Checkra1n is the most popular computer method tool. Currently, it is compatible with IOS 12 to iOS 14.7. Fugu is another PC method tool but is still on the development level.

Youtube patch

YouTube patch lets you download tube hacked app freely. now it is compatible with iOS 15.2.

YouTube patch updates

  •  Added Sections to Downloads (All – Audios – Videos – Shorts).
     Select YT Video Quality for Cellular/WiFi.
  • Gestures Controls on Video (Swipe Left/Right to increase Volume).
  • Playback Speed Controls.
  • Tabs Configurations.

The best youtube tweaks in 2022: see more>>>

Hexxa plus for iOS 15.2

Hexxa plus is an iOS 15 supported jailbreak solution. it is a repo extractor. you can use this repo extractor for iOS 12 to iOS 15.2 iPhone/iPad. also, this allows you to download awesome themes, hacked games, wallpapers and much more. you can download hexxa plus easily from the zeejb AppStore.

Nine Installer

Nine Installer provides you with the opportunity to install a variety of freshly released iOS apps, games, and themes, as well as newly introduced package managers, IPA signers, tweaks, and much more. Primarily, the offerings encompass:

  1. Misaka Package Manager v2
  2. Cluckabunga 1.1 Online
  3. Dopamine Jailbreak v1.1.4 Online
  4. RootHide Master v3.6 Online
  5. Cario Repo Master v2.0,
  6. AirTroller v1.1 Online
  7. ShortCut Blaster v5.0
  8. Esign ipa signer

There has possible to update Checkra1n/unc0ver/taurine for iOS 15 – iOS 15.2

Jake James released his PoC based on Brightiup’s iOS bug. According to it, this will help the taurine/unc0ver Jailbreak Developers to update their tools.

The checra1n Jailbreak is based on checkm8 Jailbreak exploit. The well-known security research company – @ElcomSoft has gained full read-write access to Apple A11-A13 (iPhone 8/X/Xr/Xs/SE/11) running iOS 15 – iOS 15.2 versions using a checkm8 Jailbreak exploit.

ios 15.2 jailbreak
Image : ElcomSoft – Full System Acquisition iPhone 7 iOS 15.0.1

They have posted a tweet on 04-Feb-2022, mentioning “Full file system acquisition for Apple A11-A13 (iPhone 8/X/Xr/Xs/SE/11) running iOS 15 is coming #dfir #iosforensics

This means the Checkra1n Jailbreak team can be used this method to update its tool compatibility to iOS 15 support.

iOS 15.2 jailbreak with computer

Checkra1n Jailbreak is the world’s most popular computer Jailbreak method. You can jailbreak your iOS 12 to up-running devices with the Checkra1n tool. Fugu is another computer-based jailbreak tool. currently, it supports iOS 14.5.1 to lower versions.

Checkra1n jailbreak for iOS 15.2 – iOS 15.2.1

Checkra1n is a permanent jailbreak. But you need a computer to do this jailbreak process. Now, checkra1n jailbreak is compatible with iOS 14.7 to the lower version. Unluckily, you cannot jailbreak iOS 15.2 or iOS 15 with checkra1n. Please use the following guide for iOS 14.7 to lower versions.

Step1- Install the latest version of checkra1n to your PC.

Step2- Find the DMG file you download. Drag and drop it into your application folder.

Step3- While you doing the process if you get error massagers please follow Step 4. Otherwise, skip Step 4.


  • Go to the System Preferences app and select the Security and Privacy option.
  • Select “Open anyway” and “Open” and enter your admin password.
  • Then run the checkra1n tool.

Step5 –

Go to the Checkra1n options and check the “Allow untested iOS / tvOS /iPadOS /versions” option. Then select Back.

Step6 – Tap the back button.

Step7- Connect your device to a PC with an Original lightning cable.

Step8- press on Start button > select OK> next> follow the instructions on screen.

Step9- Remove your device from the PC after the reboot process is finished.

Step10- Go to the home screen and open the checkra1n app.

Step11- Tap the Cydia button and enjoy the jailbreak.

Checkra1n jailbreak Windows guide.

Currently, the Checkra1n windows guide is not working for iOS 15.2 or higher iOS versions. If you are using the lower version please get the Checkra1n windows to guide from the below button.

iOS 15.2 jailbreak without computer- online

Uncover jailbreakchimera jailbreak, Odyssey jailbreak, taurine jailbreak are the world-famous online jailbreak tools.

Unc0ver jailbreak

Unc0ver is the most popular semi-untethered online jailbreak tool.it allows you to jailbreak your device using a PC (computer). Unc0ver team released unc0ver v6.1.2 with support for iOS 13 versions. Unfortunately, it is not yet supported for iOS 15.2. Currently, it is compatible with iOS 11 to iOS 14.8.

How to get Unc0ver jailbreak

Step#1- install Uo4s Store from the below button.

Step#2- Go iPhone/iPad device setting>general>profile and management>Trust the Uo4s profile.

Step#3- Open U04s and press the “jailbreak online” button.

Step#4- after installing the Uncover profile, Go to the device setting and trust the profile.(general> profile management> install>trust)

Step#5- open unc0ver and press the jailbreak button.

Step#6- Now your device is rebooted and Cydia will automatically be installed on your device screen.

What’s New:

  • Add exploit guidance to improve reliability on A12-A13 iPhones running iOS 14.6

compatibility :

Unc0ver version 6.2.0 is successfully working on iOS 11 to iOS 14.3 running all devices iPhone 13 pro max.

Uncover version 7.0.0 added iOS 14.4-14.5.1 support for A12-A14 devices with Fugu14. so iOS 14.4 to iOS 14.5.1 running devices can jailbreak with the Unc0ver+fugu tool.

Unc0ver latest version 8.0.2 is working on iOS 14.3 to iOS 14.8 running all devices models excluding A14 devices (iPhone 13,13 pro, 13 pro max)

Currently, unc0ver is not yet added support for iOS 15.2.

Taurine jailbreak for iOS 15.2

Taurine is an online jailbreak tool released by the cool star for iOS 14 to iOS 14.3. It is not yet compatible with iOS 14.5 and higher versions. Taurine is a semi-untethered Jailbreak. You can get Taurine jailbreak from Oddy Store.

iOS 15.2 jailbreak latest status>>>

Unc0ver jailbreak Unsupported for iOS 15.2 READ MORE
Checkra1n jailbreak Unsupported READ MORE
Taurine jailbreak Unsupported READ MORE
FUGU jailbreak Unsupported READ MORE
Odyssey jailbreak Unsupported READ MORE
Pikzo jailbreak Supported for iOS 15.2GET NOW
Cripzi jailbreak Supported + Cydia GET NOW
U04S Store Supported +Unc0ver online GET NOW
Oddy store Supported +Taurine online GET NOW
Jailbreak solutions Supported Download now

iOS 15.2 jailbreak Cydia installation.

Cydia is one of the most popular iOS package managers in the world. This allows you to install many modifications (tweaks) and hacks that contain apps not found in the App Store.

An alternative solution for Cydia is Selio and Zebra. These Package manages are work on jailbroken devices. Currently, jailbreaks are available for iOS 14.8.1.

So you can use this for iOS 15 to higher versions. but you can get Cydia lite versions to iOS 15 to iOS 15.2 running device by using the Cripzi jailbreak tool. How to GET Cydia for iOS 15?>>>

How to install Cydia to iOS 15.2?

You cannot get Cydia Full version online way for iOS 15.2. But you can get the Cydia lite version with the Cripzi application.

Step 1- Download the Cripzi application

Download Cripzi

Step2- Go to the device setting and trust the new Cripzi profile.

Step3- Find the Cripzi apps on your device’s home screen. Open it.

Step4- Tap the Cydia lite button.

Step5- press on “Signature”

Step6- allow a few minutes to extract the repos.

Step7- Cydia will be automatically installed on your device.

related jailbreak sites

How to get Unc0ver jailbreak

Here’s how to use the new communication security feature for kids in iOS 15.2?

You’ll need to be using Apple’s Screen Time feature on an adult’s device to set up the kids’ iPhone Messages safety feature (requires Family Sharing).

  • Make sure both your child and your iPhones/iPads are updated to iOS 15.2 (or macOS 12.1)
  • On an adult’s iPhone or iPad, open the Settings app
  • Choose Screen Time
  • Swipe down and choose the child you’d like to set up iPhone Messages safety for
  • Choose Communication Safety
  • Tap the toggle at the top next to Check for Sensitive Photos

iOS 15.2 Updates/Changes:

iOS 15.2 Kernel Exploit..!

A poor success rate makes this exploit difficult to exploit. This isn’t a powerful exploit for the iOS 15.2 Jailbreak. wait for the next write-up.

Check iOS 15.3 Jailbreak Status: iOS 15.3 Jailbreak

By – @jsherma100

iOS 15.2 Beta 4 / iPadOS 15.2 Beta 4 released

IOS 15.2 Beta 4 and iPadOS 15.2 Beta 4 are released today early in the morning of UK time.


  • Notification summary design changed
  • New function introduction screen in a fitness app
  • Automatic brightness adjustment works correctly
  • Minor bug fixes

What about the jailbreak?

There are no iOS 15 jailbreak tools available. A11 to A13 chips have available vulnerabilities, so it is recommended to wait on iOS 15.0.1 or lower.

iOS 15.2 public beta 2 released.

iOS 15.2 public beta 2 released. Also, you cant jailbreak iOS 15.2 beta 2 yet.

jailbreak solutions

Apple updates for iOS 15.2

iMessage Update Is A Problem For WhatsApp

Apple’s latest iOS 15.2 beta threatens to change everything. Apple’s iMessage update requires an adult in a family group to enable it for children in the same group. Apple says its update will not break the iMessage end-to-end encryption. You can get more information from Apple official website.

iOS 15.3 jailbreak Status>>>

Cripzi is the most popular repo signer for iOS 15.2. Get now>>>

Pikzo is another repo extractor for iOS 12 to iOS 15.2 you can extract repos and customize your iPhone / iPad as you wish. Get now>>>

E-sign is an IPA Signing application. Now it is compatible with IOS 15 running devices, including iOS 15.0.2 beta versions. Get now>>>

Appdbpro is a most awesome application database for the latest iOS 15.0.2. You can download all the hacked apps not provided by the apps store. Get now>>>

U04S Store allows you to install the Unc0ver jailbreak tool to your device online. Also, you can download favorite applications from it. Get now>>>

Oddy store is an IOS 15.0.2 supported jailbreak solution. You get the odyssey jailbreak tool by using Oddy store. Get now>>>

Whatsapp++ patch application allows you to install WhatsApp hacked app freely. now it is compatible with iOS 15.0.2. Get now>>>

Youtube patch app lets you install youtube premium applications freely. now it is working for the latest iOS version. Get now>>>

iOS 15/ iOS 15.0.2 Reddit updates

 IOS 15.0.2 Released do not update! Applications may be able to execute arbitrary code with kernel privileges.

Security contents are out! 4 different kernel execution bugs. Hopefully, the exploits will be released.


What are the new features in iOS15.2?

  • App Privacy Report.
  • Improvements to Emergency SOS.
  • New communication safety features.
  • Dedicated Store tab in TV app.
  • Legacy Contacts.
  • Always-On Dark Mode for CarPlay Maps.
  • “Items That Can Track Me” in the Find My app.
  • Hide My Email in the Mail app.
  • Toggle for Macro Mode (iPhone 13 Pro/iPhone 13 Pro Max)
  • Search within a playlist for a song in Apple Music.
  • “‌iCloud‌ Private Relay” renamed to “Limit IP Address Tracking.”
  • Tag can be renamed/deleted in bulk in the Reminders app.
  • iOS no longer disables Face ID on the iPhone 13 series after a screen replacement.

What are the trading Cydia tweaks?

ShowBoard, Flow, FiveIconDock, Notchification , BatteryBuddy

Can we use checkra1n?

Checkra1n is not compatible withiOS 15.3 at the moment.

cydia is avalabe for ios 15.2?

Officially Cydia is not able for iOS 15.2. but you can get the Cydia lite version from the Cripzi jailbreak tool.

Can i downgrade iOS 15.2 to lower version?

You Can No Longer Downgrade to iOS 15.0. 2 or iPadOS 15.0. … If you’re currently testing out the latest iOS 15.2 or iPadOS 15.2 betas, then you can downgrade back to iOS 15.1 or iPadOS 15.1 only.if you save SHSH blobs you can downgeade this version.

What is Fugu?

Fugu is a new computer-based jailbreak tool. is the second jailbreak tool that is based on the checkm8 exploit. you can get many information about Fugu from the Zeejb fugu page. link>>>

how to install sideloaded app on iOS 15.2?

Download the AppDB pro app, you can install iPA files without a PC, or you can use the AltStore / Sideloadly tool with your PC.

Can pikzo install cydia applications?

Yes, It can install some of the cydia apps with a limitations. Pikzo owns a separated repos and packages.

what is the checkra1n jailbreak status for iOS 15.0.2?

Checkra1n is a hardware based jailbreak tool. latest version of checkrain V 0.12.4 suppport for iOS 14.8.1. it is not yet added support for iOS 15.2.

Can ios 15.2 be jailbreak

According to our research there is no complete Jailbreak tool for iOS 15 yet, you can use the above Jailbreak solutions.

What are most trending IOS 15.2 jailbreak solutions?

The most popular jailbreak solutions are, Pikzo jailbreak, Cripzy jailbreak, E-sign patch, Appdb pro, Zeejb app store, Zeon, U04S Store, Oddy store, Youtube patch, Wahts app patch.

what’s new ios 15.2?

iOS 15.2 brings ‘Items That Can Track Me’ option in Find My, parental controls in Messages, new way to make emergency calls, and Digital Legacy feature.

is there an untethered jailbreak for ios 15.2?

no. there is no untethered or tethered jailbreak released for this version. please follw the jailbreak alternatives.

Is E-sign patch is compatible with iOS 15?

yes, luckly e-sign patch is compatible with iOS 15 and higher versions inccluding iOS 15.0.2 beta.

Is iOS 15.2 out?

On that basis the iOS 15.2 update can be expected around the end of November 2021, although it could be toward the middle of December.

is Jailbreak safe?

The simple answer is Jailbreak is secure, see the FAQ section of the home page for more information.

is ios 15.2 jailbreakable?

No, you cannot jailbreak iOS 15.2 onine or PC yet. all the jailbreak tools are not yet added support for this version. please use iOS 15.2, iOS 15.3 beta jailbreak solutions. Like pikzo, cripzi, zeon.