Jailbreak iOS 14.3

In this new tutorial, you’ll learn about How to jailbreak iOS 14.3, all possible jailbreak methods, Checkra1n, Unc0ver, Chimera, odyssey, Blizzard tools, iOS 14.3 jailbreak solutions, compatible devices, versions, and how to install Cydia, Selio guide.

How to jailbreak iOS 14.3?

checkra1n will be supported to jailbreak iOS 14.3 but the developers of checkra1n have not yet officially confirmed it. You can not jailbreak online as there is no online jailbreak for iOS 14.3 yet. uncover, chimera, odyssey tools are not compatible with iOS 14.3. but you can use iOS 14.3 jailbreak solutions.

Jailbreak solutions

Cripzy jb,Finix jb is the upcoming jailbreak solutions for iOS14.3.

PiKZO jailbreak- iOS 14.3

PikZ0 is the best repo extractor for iOS 14.3. you can install thousands of Jailbreak apps with Pikzo. now It is compatible with all new iPhone and iPad models. PikZo offering a bundle of jailbroken apps, tweaks, hacked games, and many more. You can download the latest  Pikso jailbreak by using the below button.

zeejb apps store

zeejb store is another jailbreak solution for iOS 14.3.it is a third-party app store that has been released to install iOS 14.3 jailbreak apps/games/tweaks/themes & many more. now It is compatible with all iOS14 versions including iOS14.1, iOS14.2, iOS 14.3.

Hexxa plus

hexxa puls is a repo extractor. you can install games, themes, repos, tweaks from hexxa puls. now it is compatible with iOS 14.3. you can get hexxa from zeejb app store.

Uo4S store

U04S store allows you to install uncover jailbreak tool online. uncover is not yet support for iOS14.3.but you can use this store to install apps, hacked games, e-books, awesome themes, tweaks, and many more.

zeon app

zeonapp is a new jailbreak solution for iOS 14.3.you can install many themes,games,repos from it.now you can get zeon application from zeejb app store.

Cripzy jailbreak

Cripzy is an upcoming jailbreak solution. but the Cripzy team not yet released to the public. when iOS14.3 released they will release Crpzy to the public.

Finix application

Finix is ​​a new jailbreak solution. You can get apps, tweaks, games, Cydia apps, etc.
You can freely download the Finix app when iOS 14.3 version comes out.

Checkra1n jailbreak iOS 14.3

checkrain is the world-famous computer method jailbreak tool. the checkra1n tool is based on the checkm8 exploit. you can use this tool with Mac or Linux PC to jailbreak iOS 14.3 running devices. Checkra1n jailbreak is compatible with iOS 12 up.Now Checkra1n 0.12.0 beta added iOS 14.1 & iOS 14.2 support and A10/A10X devices support for iOS 14.X.

how to jailbreak-iOS 14.3 checkra1n?

Step 1- install checkra1n jailbreak tool (follow the installation guide )

 Step2- Drag the downloaded Checkra1n file into the Applications.

Step 3 – Connect the Mac.next connect the device.  Open Mac’s application folder > checkra1n > Contents > MacOS > Checkra1n_gui Terminal file.  

Step 4 – press on the  Start now. after it will ask you to enter DFU Mode. Click on  Next and it will guide you to enter the DFU Mode.  

Step5 – Click the Start button. Press the side button and Volume down button and turn the device into DFU mode (follow the instructions on the screen.)

Step6 – Once entered DFU mode successfully, it will start the jailbreak process. after installation complete your iDevice will reboot with the checkra1n logo.

Step 7 – after reboot, Open the Checkra1n application on the device home screen. Click on Cydia > Install Cydia> Done. Cydia on your device now.  

Checkra1n jailbreak video guide>>>

Unc0ver jailbreak fro iOS 14.3

Uncover is an online jailbreak method. but it is not compatible with iOS 14.3. currently, Unc0ver is compatible with iOS 11 to iOS13.5.5 excluding iOS13.5.1. furthermore, unc0ver is not supported for iOS14 and higher devices. you can install uncover online also with a PC.

how to get uncover jailbreak online?

you can install Uncover easily from Uo4s Store.

Step 01- go to zeejb uncover page and install Uo4s application.

Step 02- after installation, go to device setting>genarl>profile management>Uo4s>install

Step 03- go to your device home screen open uo4s press and tap uncover install button.(v5.3.1)

Step 04- after install the uncover app, open it and press jailbreak button.

Step 05-After the jailbreak process, your device will reboot and Cydia will automatically install on your home screen.

Odyssey jailbreak for iOS 14.3

odyssey jailbreak

Odyssey(chimera) is a semi-untethered jailbreak.it is a new jailbreak tool designed for jailbreaking iOS 13.0 to iOS 13.7. but it is not yet supported iOS 14.2. also, it supports all iPad and iPhone models.

Oddy store.

Oddy store allows you to install odyssey jailbreak tool to your device online. also, you can get jailbreak apps, utilities, 1000+ Jailbreak tweaks, themes, settings, Cydia-apps, Hacked Games, and many more things.

Chimera jailbreak

Chimera jailbreak tool now supports iOS 12.1.3 – iOS 12.4 Jailbreak support on A8 to A11 devices.

More details- Chimera jailbreak>>>

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