iOS 12.4 jailbreak

(Last Updated On: 22nd December 2020)

iOS 12.4 Uncover Jailbreak Released

iOS 12.4 Jailbreak tool has been released by the Uncover jailbreak team. This Unc0ver tool only supports iOS 12.4 version at the moment. Now You can install an unc0ver jailbreak online without using a PC, through our ZeeJb AppStore. 

Everyone should downgrade to iOS 12.4 before it gets unsigned…

Wait, it is the latest firmware, it can’t get unsigned ;P.

Jokes aside, expect Apple to push a patch for the bug as soon as they can. So get to iOS 12.4 soon if you are not already jailbroken (Except A12-A12X).

— Pwn20wnd is forging pmap_cs blobs (@Pwn20wnd) August 18, 2019

Install unc0ver Online

Download unc0ver IPA file

Download unc0ver IPA

unc0ver jailbreak guide ->>


Hexxa is an Online jailbreak solution for all the iOS 12.4 device models.

Hexxa is an iOS 12.4 Jailbreak repo extractor. Many jailbreak apps including Cydia or Sileo can be installed on iOS 12.4 devices with Hexxa.

For the very first time, Hexxa released as the jailbreak solution for iOS 12.2 only. Then it expanded the compatibility for all iOS 12 & higher versions up to iOS 12.4 beta.

Method 1 – Online install

Online install Hexxa

Method 2 – Download Hexxa

How to install Hexxa

Step 01 – Download Hexxa to your iOS 12.4 device tapping the above download button. Make sure to use Safari Browser for the installation.

Step 02 – Go head by tapping the “Allow” button and “Download” button.

Step 03 – It may download the Hexxa link to your device profile. Open “Settings” –> “Profile Download” and tap the link.

Step 04 – Enter the device passcode to complete the installation process. 

Step 05 – You have completed the Hexxa installation process on your iOS 12.4 iPhone or iPad. Now you can install third-party apps to your device with Hexxa.

Step 01 – Open Hexxa. Then tap the “Get Repos” link to select any repo. 

Step 02 – Select a repo from the list. Tap the copy button of it.

Step 03 – Go to Hexxa again. Tap the Extract button, after paste the copied URL.

Step 04 – Let it extract the repo. Then you can install the extracted jailbreak app to your iOS 12.4 device. Repeat these steps to install any number of Hexxa jailbreak apps.

How to install Cydia and Sileo from Hexxa?

It is available two Hexxa repos for Cydia and Sileo.

Cydia repo –

Sileo repo –

Use above same Hexxa app installation method to install Cydia and Sileo to iOS 12.4 devices. Just copy and paste the Cydia or Sileo repo URL into the Hexxa and extract it. However, Hexxa Cydia and Sileo are not system functional. Some important functions may not work with this Cydia or Sileo. 

More about Hexxa iOS 12.4 jailbreak repo extractor

Hexxa is not an Untethered or semi-untethered Jailbreak method. It a jailbreak solution for iOS 12.4 to iOS 12 devices. 

Hexxa is not a system functional. Therefore it is 100% safe to jailbreak iOS 12.4. A12 devices are compatible with Hexxa.  A12 devices are compatible with Hexxa. Hexxa is an Online jailbreak solution and does not need to use Computer for the jailbreak process. Make sure to use Safari Browser for the Hexxa installation. 

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iOS 12.4 Status:

Proteas, Security Researcher at Qihoo 360 Nirvan team has achieved root access on iOS 12.4.

— Proteas (@ProteasWang) July 23, 2019

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