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T2 – Checkra1n Jailbreak

(Last Updated On: 8th October 2021)

In this detailed T2 Jailbreak guide we are covering all details about how to jailbreak Apple T2 security chip with the checkra1n jailbreak tool.

What is Jailbreaking a Mac Anyway? This is a question we get a lot. What does it mean to “jailbreak” a Mac, since you can already run any code you want (if you bypass code-signing, SIP, SecureBoot and Gate Keeper anyway).  When we say “jailbreak a Mac” what we mean is jailbreaking the AppleSilicon T2 processor.  This core runs a iOS derivative called bridgeOS.  Until now Apple has not allowed or supported any non-Apple code executing on this core.  Since this core comes up and aids in the operation of the Intel processor, it allows for a bunch of possibilities not possible before, such as completely replacing the Mac’s EFI. An overview of the process is:

t8012 Development Team recently twitted their success of Apple T2 security chip jailbreak state.

How to Jailbreak T2 with Checkra1n

An overview of the T2 jailbreak process is:

  • Get a copy of checkra1n and libimobiledevice
  • Place the Mac into DFU mode using the Apple support guide
  • Connect to the technician workstation (yes you need a second computer)
  • Run checkra1n
  • Connect to SSH
  • Step #1: Get Checkra1n Jailbreak

The latest version of the checkra1n Jailbreak tool released with adding supports to Jailbreak T2 and bridgeOS compatible.

  • Step #2: Access SSH 

After get a copy of checkra1n jailbreak tool you need to install libimobiledevice packdge for access SSH.

libimobiledevice tool is A cross-platform FOSS library written in C to communicate with iOS devices natively.(A cross-platform protocol library to communicate with iOS devices)

If you’re on a Mac OS you can install this from home-brew with

 brew install libimobiledevice

And you can install on Linux by installing the matching package for your distribution.

  • Step #3: Place T2 into DFU Mode
Apple T2 Device jailbreak with checkra1n

For place T2 based Mac in to DFU mode follow this official instruction guide of apple’s Revive the firmware on the Apple T2 Security Chip

*USB-C to USB-C or USB-C to USB-A cable is required

  • Step #4: Connect computer (Which in DFU Mode) to checkra1n installed computer using related cable.
  • Step #5: Once that’s done, verify it by running below commands.

On Linux :


On Mac:

ioreg -p IOUSB
T2 DFU MODE for jailbreak Mac ioreg -p IOUSB command
  • Step #6: Run Checkra1n

Currently checkra1n tool can only be run CLI mode. Enter following commands

Apple T2 security chip Jailbreak with checkra1n CLI COMMAND GUIDE.png
From Mac    : sudo ./ --cli
From Linux  : sudo ./checkra1n --cli
  • Step #7: Connecting SSH
$ iproxy 2202 44 &
$ ssh -p 2202 root@localhost

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