WatchOS 6 new features

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Apple Watch offers more powerful hardware and tweaks to the design. But the most significant upgrades to the feature set come via watchOS software updates, which are free – you just have to install them on your device.

watchOS 6 Release Date

watchOS 6 will be announced and demonstrated at WWDC 2019 in June. A few days later a pre-release beta testing version will be made available for developers only (there has never been a public watchOS beta), and this will evolve through subsequent point updates leading up to the final public release in the autumn – probably September 2019.

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watchOS 6 Compatibility

The Series 3 and Series 4 are both safe and will be able to update to watchOS 6. And the Series 5, which we expect to launch at the same time, will have it preinstalled.

apple watchOS 6 Features

  • App Store access on-device means you’ll be able to update and install new apps without using the Watch companion app on the iPhone.
  • Transplanted apps from iOS include Voice Memos, Apple Books (for audiobooks), and the Calculator app.
  • New apps including Dose for pill reminders and Cycles for tracking menstrual cycles will be introduced.
  • New Complications (including ones for showing the battery life of hearing aids, rainfall data, and external noise) and new watch faces (including one with extra-large numbers) will arrive.
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What’s New in watchOS 6

There’s a Noise app designed to measure the noise level in your environment, and it’s capable of sending a notification if it’s too loud to damage your hearing. Notifications are sent when the decibel level exceeds 90 decibels or when you can protect your ears.

Apple has also added a Cycle Tracking app on the Apple Watch (and, on the iPhone, the Health app) that allows women to log information related to their menstrual cycle for menstrual cycle and fertility tracking purposes.

In the Activity app on iPhone, there’s a Trends tab that provides a long-term view of your activity so you can get a better overview of your progress. The Trends feature shows whether trends are up or down for active calories, exercise minutes, walking pace and more, including training to help you reach your fitness goals.

Several iOS apps have been ported to the Apple Watch for the first time, including Audiobooks, Calculator, and Voice Memos. The Calculator app has built-in tools for calculating tips and splitting checks, and Voice Memos lets you record quick voice-based reminders.

There are several new complications you can add to your Apple Watch faces, including decibel level, cellular strength, and rain probability. A Voice Memos complication lets you record a voice memo from your wrist without opening an app, and an Audiobooks complication lets you quickly play your audiobooks.

A Taptic Engine feature allows the Apple Watch to tap the hour on your wrist, and you can set a ringtone to ring in the new hour. If you hold two fingers on the watch face, it will tell you the time out loud.

When you search for something using Siri on Apple Watch, Siri can now display information on your wrist and retrieve full web page results. Siri can search for song lyrics using Shazam without your iPhone nearby.

In the Messages app, you can access your own Memojis and Animoji and Memoji stickers to send to people based on favorite Animoji characters.