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AppsManager for iPhone: There are several app managers available on the iOS market, but most of them are not compatible with the latest iOS versions. The AppsManager for iPhone is one of the best iOS application data management tools in the industry. Unlike other app managers, it can be installed on an iPhone without using a PC, and it has more cool features than others.

The most recent version of the AppsManager utility allows you to install it without jailbreaking your iPhone or iPad. It also makes it simple to export AppData from one device to another. This powerful AppManager allows you to back up important data, remove unnecessary data from installed apps, and restore AppData.

AppSManager for iOS Downoad and install  2024

Download App Manager iPA/TiPA for iPhone/iPad

The AppManager IPA file can be downloaded and sideloaded using any sideloading application; however, using TrollStore or the EsignPatch app is the most stable and recommended method.

Alternative Download sites: (If the previously mentioned download sites are inactive, you can download the IPA file from these alternate sources.)

Kekuk ipa Library

Cobdy IPA Srote

Xina iPA Store

How to install Apps Manager on iOS 15 – iOS 17.4

As we previously indicated, there are a few other ways to install AppManager; however, in this post, we will cover the most widely used and straightforward approach.

The basic steps are: Install TrollStore on your iOS device, import AppManager TiPA using the button above, and open AppManager

The application was initially developed for jailbroken devices, however, the creator has now compiled the IPA file, allowing any iPhone or iPad user running iOS 15 or iOS 16 to install it via the TrollStore, Sideloadly, or EsignPatch apps.

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Install Via TrollStore

If your device is running iOS 15.0 to 15.4.1, you must install TrollStore using the TrollHelperOTA () method.

if it is running iOS 15.5 to 15.7.1, you must use TrollInstallerMDC; 

if it is running iOS 16.2 to 16.6.1, you must install TrollStore by following the TrollStar Guide.

Time needed: 5 minutes

How to Install AppManager iOS via TrollStore

  1. Download AppManager

    Please use the above buttons to Download the latest version of the AppManager IPA file How to install AppManger for iOS with TrollStore online without PC

  2. Install Via TrollStore

    Make sure to download and install TrollStore on your device and import the AppManager IPA file that was downloaded.
    Or you can use the above Install via TrollStore button to install the latest version of the App.

  3. Open App Manager

    Now you need to go back to the iPhone or iPad home screen and open the App Store app and you can manage AppData.

Add Repository

You may now add the Appsmanager Repository and download the program to your jailbroken iPhone or iPad.

To install the AppsManager app It is recommended that you use the Tigi Software Development branch or add the Official AppManager Repo to your Package Manager (Sileo, Cydia, Zebra)

To Install the AppsManager app using Sileo/Zebra follow the steps below.

Step 01: Open Sileo or Zebra Package manager

Step 02: Go to the Sources tab and tap on the edit button

Step 03 Add the following repo and Apply the Changes.


Step 04: Install the Apps Manager package and respire your device.

Step 05: Open the AppsManager app from the Home screen.

Apps Manager Old Versions:

Version 1.8.1 (Dec 22, 2022):

Supported user apps installed via TrollStore (only sandboxed app)

Version 1.7.0:

Supported iOS 15.x (install via TrollStore)