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LocallAPStore tweak is a jailbreak tweak repo that allows users to access in-app purchases without completing actual transactions, allowing them to unlock additional functionality within a variety of App Store apps.

Have to pay in-app purchases for your games and apps to be able to get upgrades and extra items? Yes, we understand you but developers make money because they obviously don’t want to work for free. In any case, if you don’t want to pay more money, you should download LocaliAPStore, an app that can be better defined as Lucky Patcher for iOS.

How to get LocallAPStore tweak?

LocallAPStore tweak
LocallAPStore tweak

You can add LocallAPStore tweak using the below package managers.


How to add Repository ?

Here’s what you need to do to add the LocallAPStore fix to your iOS 15 device:

  1. From the home screen, open the Sileo app.
  2. Click on Edit after tapping on the Sources tab.
  3. Add the following URL to the repository:
  4. This link will take you to the URL: https://al3raqe.github.io
  5. Get the LocallAPStore package from the new source and install it.
  6. Inhaling your iPhone to make all the changes take effect.
  7. The LocallAPStore tweak can be turned on from the Settings app after it has been loaded.

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iPA libraries

Introduction to LocallAPStore tweak

Localiapstore is one of the best apps to skip payment page when you buy any app from app store. It’s a free Cydia tweak that actually requires you to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad. There is no doubt to say that Localiapstore is the best Cydia tweak to hack in-app purchases.

 lot of apps in the App Store may initially seem “free” but often demand in-app purchases just to access basic functionalities, a practice that doesn’t seem equitable. In such cases, the LocalIAPStore modification is very useful, expertly recreating a legitimate transaction within an official App Store app to assess the utility of those capabilities. LocalIAPStore now provides rootless support for Dopamine.

This tweak was made to work with iOS 15 that doesn’t need to be rooted, and it only works with mobile apps that use the Apple API. Please keep in mind that LocalIAPStore does not work with apps that use verification methods that use third-party sites. This iOS 15 tweak only works with in-app payments that are handled locally, without the developer servers having to verify the purchase.

Coming to the advantages of using Localiapstore, we have many. You can try out apps before spending money to buy them, which is a really good idea. Because if you don’t like the app you can’t get your money back. And in some cases, the price factor may rule even if you are ready to pay a few bucks to get the app or game.

Steps to Install Localiapstore on iOS 12/11 and iOS 10:

  1. Open Cydia on your iPhone or iPad and connect your iOS device to the internet by the way.
  2. Click on the “Sources” Tab on the bottom section of your iOS device.
  3. Click on “Edit” button to add Cydia Repository as the app we are going to install is not available by default on Cydia.
  4. Tap on “Add” button to add the Repository.
  5. Type “http://repo.biteyourapple.net” in the pop-up box and click on “Add Source“.
  6. The repository will load the apps and other files in few minutes.
  7. Click on “Return to Cydia” and click “Done“.
  8. Now you can use the search bar and type “Localiapstore” and hit enter. I am sure you will be able to see the app.
  9. Click on it to Install the app on your iPhone or iPad. It will take few minutes and then you can start using it.

Leveraging LocaliAPStore for iOS In-App Purchase Manipulation

LocallAPStore tweak repo
LocallAPStore tweak repo

LocaliAPStore tweak or other similar tools are used to manipulate the behavior of the application by changing the cancellation of the purchase to an accepted payment.

after the LocalIAPStore tweak is installed, a separate option pane is added to the Settings app without any problems. This panel gives you the power to turn on the tweak and the double coins feature. Please keep in mind that the “Enable Double Coins” function will only work on devices that have iOS 7 or higher.

LocalIAPStore is not the only alternative that iOS users have at their disposal to circumvent in-app purchases. Additionally, you may consider investigating Satella or IAPStore. It is important to mention, nevertheless, that the effectiveness of these modifications in bypassing purchase restrictions is restricted, as they can solely crack specific applications available on the App Store. Additionally, Satella can operate on jailbroken devices.

It is essential to remember that in order for the iAP purchase malware offered by IAPStore to function properly, the targeted application must contain vulnerabilities that enable local purchases. In this context, “iAP” represents a “in-app purchase,” which denotes the ability to obtain supplementary content or functionalities within an application subsequent to its initial installation.

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How to use the LocallAPStore tweak?

The tutorial is not yet over just with the installation. It is extremely common to bypass the payment page when purchasing apps through in-app purchases. Therefore, provided below is a guide on how to bypass the payment page when making a purchase.

Avoid modifying any settings.

LocaliAPStore is a straightforward application whose settings do not require modification. Therefore, proceed to the subsequent step without making any modifications to the settings.

Apps for one-time purchases only

This app is only compatible with one-time purchase applications; subscription-based apps or games are not supported. Additionally, subscriptions to streaming services and the like are not permitted.

Launch the app and leave it in this state:

This application operates in the background, requiring no user intervention. Simply launch the application and minimise it by navigating to In-App Purchases in the app store. With the exception of processing app and game purchases, the localiapstore will handle everything else.

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What has changed LocallAPStore tweak?

Version 1.87.1 of LocalIAPStore has been updated with enhancements and bug fixes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – LocalIAPStore and iOS In-App Purchases

What are local in-app purchases on iOS?

Local in-app purchases refer to transactions made within an app that do not involve actual monetary transactions. Instead, tools like LocaliAPStore tweak are used to manipulate the app’s behavior, altering purchase cancellation into accepted payment.

How does LocalIAPStore work?

LocalIAPStore tweak intercepts in-app purchase requests and modifies them to appear as accepted payments, bypassing the need for actual monetary transactions. Users can activate the tweak through the Settings app and utilize features like double coins option for enhanced functionality.

Is LocalIAPStore legal to use?

It’s important to note that using LocalIAPStore or similar tweaks to bypass in-app purchases may violate terms of service agreements with app developers and platform providers. While LocalIAPStore is provided for educational purposes, users are solely responsible for any legal consequences resulting from its use.

Are there alternatives to LocalIAPStore for bypassing in-app purchases on iOS?

Yes, alternatives such as Satella or IAPStore exist, but they may have limitations in their ability to bypass purchase restrictions. Additionally, these tweaks may only work with certain apps from the App Store and may require a jailbroken device for installation.

Can LocalIAPStore be used with any app from the App Store?

LocalIAPStore’s effectiveness depends on the vulnerabilities present in the targeted app that allow for local purchases. It may not work with every app, and compatibility can vary based on app updates and security measures implemented by developers.


The information provided in this article is intended for educational and informational purposes only. The content aims to provide knowledge and guidance related to the use of LocaliAPStore and similar tweaks for iOS in-app purchases. However, please be aware that any actions taken based on this information are done at your own risk. We do not endorse or promote any illegal activities. It is crucial to respect the terms and conditions set by app developers and platform providers and to use any tools or techniques responsibly.

We cannot be held responsible for any consequences that may arise from the misuse or misinterpretation of the provided information. If you have any concerns or questions, we recommend seeking professional advice or consulting the respective developers. Additionally, if you encounter any issues or have a request for post-removal related to the content discussed, please contact us at [your contact email]. We are committed to promptly resolving any concerns and maintaining a positive user experience. Thank you for your understanding and support.

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