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Kill All Apps Tweak: Streamlining App Management on iOS, With the KillYourApps jailbreak tweak, you can force-close certain apps after a timer, when locking your device, and with various other parameters.

Managing open apps on iOS traditionally involves the tedious process of activating the grid switcher and individually swiping up on each app window to close it. However, with the introduction of the Kill All Apps tweak, developed by cemck and offered as a free package for jailbroken devices, this task becomes remarkably more efficient.

iOS developer Snail is out with a new jailbreak tweak this week called KillYourApps that gives end users more control over their App Switcher and how it handles recently-used apps, and we really think you’re going to like it.

kill all apps tweak
kill all apps tweak

Kill All Apps revolutionises the app-closing experience by enabling users to terminate all background apps with just a single swipe motion in the app switcher. This powerful jailbreak tweak simplifies the process, eliminating the need for manual closure of each app one by one.

Beyond its intuitive functionality, Kill All Apps provides users with customizable options. Through integration with the iOS Settings app, the tweak introduces a new preference pane post-installation. This feature allows users to tailor the tweak’s behavior according to their specific preferences, providing a personalized and efficient solution to app management on jailbroken iOS devices.

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How to Add Kill All Apps to your package manager?


Step 1- Open your package manager on your jailbroken iOS device.

STep 2- Navigate to the “Sources” or “Repositories” section.

Step 3- Tap on “Edit” and then “Add.”

Step 4- Enter the following repository URL:

Step 5- Tap “Add Source” or a similar option to confirm and add the repository.

Step 6- Once the repository is successfully added, go to the search or tweaks section of your package manager.

Step 8- Search for “Kill All Apps.”

Step 9- Locate the Kill All Apps tweak and install it according to your package manager’s instructions.

By adding the provided repository to your package manager, you gain access to the Kill All Apps tweak, providing your iOS device with a convenient solution for closing multiple background apps with a single swipe.

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Customizing Your Experience with Kill All Apps Tweak

The Kill All Apps tweak provides a variety of customisation options to improve your experience. You may quickly enable or disable the tweak, choose a desired UI effect (fade or blur), and customise haptic feedback when shutting all programmes from the Settings app’s preference pane.

One of the most important features of Kill All Apps is its exception support. This feature allows you to exclude specified apps from being closed when using the swipe-down action. You can, for example, choose to keep navigation apps, presently playing media apps, or manually close programmes to allow them to operate in the background. With this level of management, you can optimise your device’s efficiency while still having access to the apps you need.

Kill All Apps has a wide range of compatibility, supporting all recent jailbreaks from iOS 12 to iOS 15. Aside from its core function, the tweak has the opportunity to include a clear button that is customised to your tastes. This feature allows you to end all background apps while keeping the current programme’s activity or to close all apps and restart the current app.

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iPad-Style App Switcher with Kill Apps

Kill All Apps unlocks an innovative feature for iPhone users by allowing the activation of the iPad app switcher style on any iPhone. This allows users to showcase up to four programmes in a row on their mobile device screen for a comprehensive view of open apps, making navigating between apps more natural and efficient.

Kill All programmes is one of the most useful iOS changes, providing not only the option to swiftly close all programmes, but also a stunning iPad-style grid switcher. However, it’s important to note that the tweak hasn’t been updated in a while and is thus incompatible with the XinaA15 rootless iOS 15 jailbreak.

Install the KillApps tweak if you use XinaA15 to operate the App Switcher effortlessly. KillApps has comparable capabilities and works flawlessly on the aforementioned jailbreak running iOS 15 – iOS 15.1.1.

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Fine-Tuned App Management with KillYourApps

The KillYourApps patch adds an excellent background app management system that aids in the removal of programmes that are no longer need to be suspended. It is compatible with:

  • Automatic app-killing processes that compel apps to terminate after a user-defined amount of time
  • Immediate app-killing methods so that apps are forced to close-close when you exit an app or lock your device
  • Keeping Now-Playing music and video apps from being forced closed while they are in use

While force-closing apps requires your iPhone or iPad to inefficiently re-load everything on the next app start rather than accessing suspended app resources, there are two instances in which users may still prefer to force-close apps:

  1. Some apps use harmful techniques to execute undesired tasks in the background, such as tracking app activity. These background actions will be prevented by force-killing these apps.
  2. Some apps include sensitive data, which you may not want suspended so that it is readily accessible when you wake your device from a sleep state. Force-closing these apps protects data leakage and other undesirable outcomes.

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KillYourApps extends the options app with a dedicated preference pane where you may modify a variety of various options to fit your needs:

kill all apps tweak
kill all apps tweak

You can do the following here:

  • KillYourApps can be toggled on and off at any time.
  • Apply force-close app settings based on a timer to all apps.
  • Set a time limit (in seconds) after which apps will be forced to terminate.
  • Choose which apps will be affected by timer-based force-closure.
  • All apps should have locked device-based or quick force-close app settings.
  • Choose which apps will be affected by force-closure when you close or lock your smartphone.
  • Restart your device to save any modifications you’ve made.

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Add Repository

The Add Repository Kill All Apps tweak is available as a free package from the private Haoict Repository. Add Kill All Apps to your preferred package manager to obtain control of the App Switcher on iOS 12 and later. Palera1n jailbreak is also available.

Follow these steps to install the Kill All Apps tweak on your iOS device using Cydia:

  1. From the Home Screen, launch the Cydia app.
  2. Select the Sources tab, then the Edit button.
  3. Include the repository URL: Look for and install the Kill All Apps package.
  4. Cydia will prompt you to restart the Springboard.
  5. When the tweak is installed, you may configure it via the Settings app.
  6. Please utilise the quick buttons at the top of this page to add the repository to your favourite package managers (Cydia, Sileo, Installer, Zebra) with a single click.

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Kill All Apps tweak updates

Updated: KillYourApps 1.0.1 [Tweaks] Kill Your Apps as you… Architecture: iphoneos-arm Repository: Havoc #jailbreak

  • Updated Kill All Apps tweak to version 3.2.0.
  • Added support for iOS 14.
  • Bug fix release with code improvements.

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