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In this article, we are covering what is a substitute, how to download it, what is the difference between Substrate & a substitute. Latest updates (on unc0ver and checkra1n ).

*Note - After updating to the new Substitute v2.2.3 some of the iOS apps are crashing like iCleaner Pro. because some jailbreak apps are not yet received the fixed update. 


  • Latest update.
  • What is Substitute?
  • How to Download Substitute.
  • Difference between Substrate & a substitute.
  • FAQ’s

Latest update – Substitute

Substitute v2.2.3 released.

Substitute, an upcoming infrastructure for jailbreak tweaks, is an alternative to Cydia Substrate, and reportedly being picked by iMods,
Substitute v2.2.3

Date: (11/16/2021)

Changes: Fix an apparently corellium-specific regression on iOS 12.

What is Substitute?

Substitute is developed by Comex, It is an alternative to Substrate. And it is made up of C language, Old substrate is built-in with C++. It supports Cross-platform.

Substitute is a tweak injection system that runs on already jailbroken devices.

Cydia Substrate 0.9.7105 uses slightly less memory (which is good) by also avoiding some key side effects with respect to library bundles (which is even better) but also attempts to prevent processes with memory limits from crashing due to Substrate extensions (as some processes fundamentally will have only just enough memory to run normally); it also fixes an issue on iOS 14 where Substrate failed to allow tvOS binaries to run on iOS (and vice versa).

Cydia Substrate

How to Download Substitute?

Substitute will install default with unc0ver v6.0.0, and also you can add the below cydia repo then you can search substitute on Cydia.

Difference between Substrate & a substitute.

Substrate vs Substitute

  • As opposed to Substrate, Substitute is free and open-source, so provided x86 compatibility, you could bundles packages on any platform.
  • Cross-platform support.
  • Substitute is more sophisticated. It can automatically generate disassemblers, which handle a large portion of the space possible PC-relative instructions that might be found in a patch target function.
  • Proper response codes to API calls
  • Substitute is built in C, not C++ like Substrate

Do you still have the latest version of Cydia Substrate installed on your Jailbreaked Device? Let us know how it happened to you in the comments section below.