The HomePod mini is available in bold new colours & updates

(Last Updated On: 29th January 2024)

The HomePod mini delivers impressive sound, works seamlessly with the iPhone, is Siri-savvy, and is the basis of any smart home.

Apple has announced that the HomePod mini will now be available in yellow, orange and blue, giving users more ways to express their personality and style in any space. These new colors, along with white and space gray, include color-matched touch surfaces, mesh fabric, volume icons, and color-matching details, including woven power cable.

While it may not have the amazing sound quality of the original HomePod, the HomePod mini is a good smart speaker and in other ways better than the original.

At just 3.3 inches tall, the HomePod mini is packed with innovations to give an unexpectedly loud sound to its oversized speaker.

Sound quality

Compared to the original HomePod, it is inevitable that the HomePod mini will not sound so good. Two homepod minis in a stereo pair are much better than a single homepod mini, but I still think a single large homepod is better, especially when playing music again with low-end sound. Compared to two full-size homepods in a stereo pair, it is not even in the same ballpark, especially with lower frequencies.

With multiple homepage mini speakers, users can play the same music throughout the house, a different song in each room, or create a pair of stereos for an even more immersive experience.

The HomePod mini is designed to work with Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, thousands of radio stations, Pandora, Deezer, and other popular music services, and to entertain everyone.

Apple TV companion

The HomePod pair of small speakers make it the perfect Apple TV 4K companion. In fact, like its older siblings, the HomePod mini Smart Speakers stereo pair can be used as the default sound output for the Apple TV.

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