How do I fix the worst feature of iOS 15?

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If you hate the new Safari address bar, here’s how to switch it back. Please follow the below guide.

iOS 15 is officially here, and while it brings a lot of cool new features, there’s also a feature we really dislike: the new Safari search bar.

In iOS 15, Apple redesigned Safari to move the address bar from top to bottom of the screen. Theoretically, this would make Safari easier to use with one hand. Apple has improved the search bar, so it will no longer move around like in the early beta versions of iOS 15. However, if you do not like the search bar at the bottom, you can change the address bar. Back to top.

Open the Safari app on your phone after you update to iOS 15. In the lower-left corner, you should see the “aA” icon in the search bar. Tap it and then select the top address bar to show. And that’s it. Hush, it will come back up. If you like the search bar at the bottom, don’t worry. You can tap the “AA” icon again to redirect the search bar.

iOS 15's Worst Feature
iOS 15’s Worst Feature

You can change it by going to the Settings app. From there, scroll down to Safari and select the Single tab option. Doing this will allow you to control some new features in Safari. For example, you can toggle the landscape tab layout. If you disable it, the search bar will disappear when you view Safari landscape mode. There is also a tinting setting for websites that change the color scheme of the search bar to suit the website you are visiting.

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Apple first introduced the ability to revert to the original Safari design we all know and love with the sixth iOS 15 betas. The move followed some backlash from beta users regarding the ping-ponging search bar. (You can see it in action in our iOS 15 preview.)

focus futures
Focus futures

It was a rare step for the company and did not usually change when the executive plan was changed – although they were not hugely popular. See: The MacBook Butterfly transfers to a trash can, and at that point, Apple fitted the headphone jack. However, we are not prepared to complain about giving Apple users too much control over the customization of apps. Here, we hope Apple will continue to listen to feedback and give customers more options in the future.

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