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Here is the most important thing to learn about RealityOS 2023. For years, we’ve been hearing and reading about a possible new Apple product for the augmented reality and virtual reality markets. We observed patents, rumors, and preliminary developments in the company’s software, but nothing tangible. The fact is that 2023 should be the year when Apple releases the Apple Glass, a speculated moniker. What is already known about the operating system?

What is realityOS?

Since 2017, we have been aware of the evolution of Apple glasses software. Marc Gurman refers to the operating system as realityOS or rOS on this day. A moniker that, based on later disclosures, would correspond to the hardware itself, which we think would be known as Reality One or Reality Pro, depending on the version.

Internally, realityOS is known as “Oak,” and references to it have been found in App Store filings and Apple’s source code, corroborating the moniker.

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What can we do with these glasses?

In addition to the conveniences and uses shown by the application, we can only hope that the App Store will considerably increase the possibilities of Reality One and Reality Pro.

Video streaming is one of the most intriguing sorts of applications. A video that we can now see in a virtual environment, such as imitating a giant screen in front of us, and that we can watch with friends and family at the same time. Productivity and collaborative software, with a specific mention for Freeform, also function well with this operating system and hardware.

Software Goals

Apple views the headset as a device for gaming, viewing streaming video content, video conferencing, and interacting with others, and it will concentrate its software development efforts on these features. The headset, according to Gurman, is a “comprehensive 3D environment” built for gaming, media consumption, and communication.


The Maps app will be accessible on the glasses, but there is no info on what it will be capable of.

It might include some of Apple’s “Look Around You” capabilities as well as a historical landmark, enabling users to visit cities all over the globe.


Games are an important element of the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, and the AR/VR headset is likely to enable a variety of games as well. Apple Arcade, for example, could be expanded to include AR/VR games accessible via the headset.


FaceTime will be a key communication app for rOS. It will use features like SharePlay and Memojis/Animojis that are already available. With SharePlay, headset users could watch TV shows and movies together and use Memoji and Animoji as their virtual selves. With all of the cameras that the headset is likely to have, it will probably be able to read facial expressions and work like Animoji and Memoji on the iPhone and iPad.


In addition to FaceTime, core programs like as the Messages app will be accessible on the AR/VR headset, albeit the exact functionality of the Messages app is unknown at this time.

According to rumors, Apple is working on a totally new version of Messages that will have chat groups, video clip support, a customizable display, and much more.

Streaming Video Content

Apple seems to be creating a video service for the headset that will contain 3D material playable in virtual reality. Apple may potentially collaborate with third-party services to develop VR-compatible content.

When will realityOS be released?

We have several scenarios based on the idea that the operating system will come before the hardware itself. We think Apple will make the announcement at a special event in January 2023. It could then release the operating system and hardware at the same time, as rumors suggest, or it could wait until WWDC in June to show it along with the other operating systems. The first hardware could also be released at the same time.

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