Barmoji tweak: Emoji Bar for keyboard

Barmoji is a cool and popular jailbreak tweak that you should think about if you want to improve the way you type emojis on your iOS device. This change makes great use of the extra space on the iPhone X keyboard by adding an Emoji Bar to the empty space. This makes it easy to get to your favorite emojis.

Barmoji tweak Repo

Barmoji tweak: Emoji Bar for keyboard on iOS 13 - iOS 15
Barmoji tweak: Emoji Bar for keyboard on iOS 13 – iOS 15

The tweak works with both the unc0ver and checkra1n jailbroken tools. It’s easy to add Barmoji Repository to your list of Cydia Sources. Here’s how to do it.

Step 1: open up the Cydia app on your phone or tablet.

Step 2: Go to Sources, change it, and then add the original Barmoji Repo.

Step 3: Go to the Search Tab and type “Barmoji tweak.”

Step 4: Press the “Install” button.

Step 5: You can change how the tweak works by going to Settings and then Barmoji.

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Add Repository

When it first came out, the Barmoji tweak was a free package that could be added on iOS 10 through iOS 13 by adding the official CPDigitalDarkroom Repo to your package manager. But a different package has been made available for people who want to use Barmoji on the newest jailbreaks, such as XinaA15 or Palera1n. Sileo or Filza can be used to quickly install this DEB file.

To use Sileo to run the Barmoji tweak, do the following:

  • From the Home Screen, open the Sileo app.
  • Click on the Sources tab and then on the Edit button.
  • Add the following URL to the repository:
  • Tap the Barmoji change to put the package in place.
  • To finish setting up Sileo, you will be asked to “respring” the gadget.
  • Turn on the Barmoji change in the Settings app.

To make things easier, the quick links at the top of this page make it easy to add the library to your favorite package managers, such as Cydia, Sileo, Installer, or Zebra. To download the Barmoji fix for iOS, all you have to do is add the repository with one click.

Introduction to Barmoji tweak

Barmoji is a free jailbreak Tweak that makes the stock keyboard more useful by letting you quickly access emojis from the prediction bar. This change, which was originally made for iOS 13, adds an emoji view that can be chosen between the globe and dictation buttons on the iPhone X’s search bar. You can also install Barmoji on the newest jailbreaks that don’t need root, like Fugu15 and Dopamine.

The Barmoji tweak adds a new option pane to the Settings app after it is installed. In this pane, you can not only turn on the tweak, but also change all of its settings to suit your tastes. This feature lets you change Barmoji to fit your needs. This makes it an even more useful keyboard add-on and lets you use more creative language in your messages.

Lessica just released a new version of Barmoji that works with iOS 15 and the Palera1n and XinaA15 jailbreaks. The new version isn’t yet in any repository, though, so you’ll have to download a DEB package to get it. Barmoji 2023.3 also has a feature that lets you choose your own emojis from the tweak’s settings window. With this choice, you can now add the emojis you’ve chosen to your keyboard so you can get to them quickly.

You can get Barmoji free from the public repo. It doesn’t have custom emojis or the full-width choice. You have to help the developer if you want to use these features. If you want to learn more about how the change works, you can find it on GitHub as an open-source project.

Barmoji adds a dedicated Emoji bar

You can set Barmoji to show either a list of your recently used Emojis or a unique list of your favorites. You can find these and other choices in the Barmoji preference pane that is added to the Settings app after installation:

Available Settings

Here, you can:

  • Toggle Barmoji on or off on demand
  • Choose between using Recent or Custom Emojis
  • Enable or disable displaying the Emoji bar at the bottom of the keyboard
  • Make the Emoji bar stretch the full width of your display
  • Enable or disable the native Predictive bar
  • Configure haptic feedback:
    • None
    • Extra light
    • Light
    • Medium
    • Strong
    • Strong 2
    • Strong 3
  • Configure a preferred scroll direction:
    • Horizontal
    • Vertical

Barmoji lets you change a lot of things about the tweak so that it fits your needs. You can quickly turn the change on or off, and you can also pick between using Recent Emojis or Custom Emojis. You can also change the font size, number of emojis per row, and whether the Emoji bar at the bottom of the keyboard shows up or not.

The tweak also lets you turn on or off the built-in Predictive bar, giving you more choice over how your keyboard is laid out. You can also set up haptic feedback the way you want it to be by choosing from choices like None, Extra light, Light, Medium, Strong, Strong 2, and Strong 3. And finally, you can choose which way you want to move. You can choose between horizontal and vertical scrolling.

The creator added a button called “Respring” to the preferences pane that lets you save any changes you make at any time. This button is a useful feature that saves you time because you don’t have to physically respring your device after making changes to the settings.

The original Barmoji change was made by CPDigitalDarkroom and made public as an open-source project on GitHub. MiRO92 later changed the tweak so that it would work with newer devices. Lessica, the creator of TrollSpeed, recently split off from the project to add support for iOS 15. This makes sure that Barmoji will still work with the newest jailbreaks.

The Barmoji tweak v2023.3 can also be downloaded from DaoDao’s personal store. This version works with rootless jailbreaks such as Dopamine and Fugu15 Max Beta 8. You’ll also need to get the Legacy arm64e support package from ElleKit.Space and install it before you can use the package.

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Version 2020.5

  • Changes by MiRO92
  • Add option to set emojis per row
  • Add option to adjust left and right offsets
  • Add option to set custom height for the bottom bar
  • Removed full-width option, just 0 left and right insets for full width
  • Add option to hide the globe button
  • Add option to hide the dictation button
  • Fix Barmoji being displayed during dictation
  • Fix Barmoji being displayed while in landscape bottom bar

What’s recent?

  • Barmoji tweak has been updated to version 2023.3.
  • It now works with iOS 15.
  • Allow setting symbols for each row.
  • Add a way to change the angles to the left and right.
  • Add the choice to make the bottom bar any height you want.
  • No longer has a full-width choice; there are now only 0 left and right insets for full-width.
  • Make it possible to hide the globe button.
  • Add a way to hide the button for speech.
  • Stop the barmoji from showing up while you’re dictating.
  • Fix the barmoji that was showing up when the bottom bar was in landscape mode.

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