Third-party apps limited to the 60Hz animation on the iPhone 13 Pro [Update]

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Update: Apple has officially responded that some of the behaviours described below are the result of an operating system error. Full support for 120Hz for third-party applications is coming soon. The original story is below.

One of the biggest new features this year, limited to the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max, is the inclusion of high refresh rate displays, or Apple’s so-called “Promotion”.

This means that the new OLED displays in the iPhone 13 Pro mode can refresh their screen content up to 120 times per second or up to 120Hz. However, the developers who get their phones today have found that, in most cases, their animations can only be activated at 60Hz – just like the cheaper iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini as well as the previous iPhone generation.

Since it comes with iOS 15.0, promotions of third-party applications are enabled when scrolling or full-screen transitions. This means, for example, that you will still have a very fluid and responsive experience when scrolling through your Twitter schedule.

However, almost all other animations are limited to 60Hz in third-party applications. This includes special effects and animations for custom components. Smooth scrolling to the same third-party application may be a feature, but then a less smooth interaction experience elsewhere. Christian Selig, the developer of the Apollo Reddit client, has reported complaints from its customers.

Solutions that delimit applications for Synkit and Sprite kit-based applications have discovered a secret hidden key, and PCLC developer James Thompson’s Dice is now testing whether it can pass the application review.

It seems that Apple has made these restrictions, especially for the new iPhone models. One source suggested that this was due to battery life. However, we are not sure if that is the case. Perhaps the most conspiratorial testing of iOS 15 code suggests that it is limited to third-party apps. The code in the operating system is free from first-party Apple applications and can always be run at 120Hz full animation speed.

15.0 All of this may be just an error in execution, but with the evidence, it seems impossible. We have contacted Apple to clarify this situation and will update you if we receive a reply.

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