TrollRecorder: Advanced audio recorder with TrollStore

TrollRecorder is a ultimate call recording app for your iPhone. With our state-of-the-art technology, you can easily record all your important calls. Our intuitive user interface and advanced features make it the perfect choice for all your call recording needs.

TrollRecorder is the greatest audio recording solution for TrollStore. Originally planned as an open-source project, its core functionalities are still freely available to all users. A premium license is available for purchase by individuals desiring greater functionality. These licenses provide lifetime access to advanced features and can be used on up to ten devices. TrollRecorder is compatible with iOS versions 15.0 to 17.0.

Here is how to get How to Get TrollRecorder – iOS Call Recorder Using TrollStore (No Jailbreak).


Version 1.8.6 is out with bug fixes and a new features.

  • 💬 “Play recording prompt” now supports manual triggering. Long press the pause button in the lower left corner of the floating panel to call out this function menu.
  • ⚽️ “Suspended Ball+” now supports custom avoidance areas and supports upper and lower edge adsorption (folding is not supported).
  • 🔔 For users who have not purchased or opened it, they are prompted to purchase or open “WeChat Call Assistant”.
  • 🩹 Fixed the issue where WeChat incoming and outgoing call directions could not be obtained in some scenarios.
  • 🩹 Fixed the problem that the “Allow automatic recording” switch in the previous version of the application did not work.
  • 🩹 Fixed the problem that the avoidance area was lost when switching between horizontal and vertical screens when customizing the avoidance area in the previous version.
  • 🔗 When the Troll Shop “URL Scheme” is not open, it no longer jumps to the magnifying glass but jumps to Safari to download the installation package.

Download the latest Tollrecorder iPA freely.

How to download TrollRecorder iPA?

TrollRecorder is the most advanced audio recorder with TrollStore.


Troll Recorder was made available as a TIPA package that can be downloaded and put into TrollStore 2. You can also use the direct Install option to have TrollStore download the app for you. For this function to work, you need to turn on the URL Scheme in the TrollStore Settings. There is also a paid version of TrollRecorder that you can get from the Havoc Store.

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Introduction to TrollRecorder

TrollRecorder is a TrollStore-installable programme that allows you to record incoming and outgoing phone calls, with or without jailbreaking. Because it requires TrollStore, it only works on particular firmware, but it is described as compatible with iOS versions 15 through 17.

If you’ve ever wanted a call recorder app on your iPhone, you’ll love TrollRecorder. The elegant user interface looks and feels like it was created by Apple, allowing you to not only examine and listen to prior audio recordings, but also control how and when they are recorded.

To get better quality with TrollRecorder, you can choose from different recording settings like Low, Regular, and Best to suit your needs. Our advanced system integration ensures smooth operation Across Reboots, so you can keep recording even after the device restarts. (The app makes it easy to handle setup.)

The application provides a nice and organized display of all your recordings, and you can even switch to a Calendar view to see the available recordings on a specific date.

Because this software is loaded through TrollStore, even if you reboot your smartphone, you can continue to use it without having to activate a jailbreak or sideload the program.

Applications installed using TrollStore do not expire and do not require re-signing every 7 days.

TrollRecorder includes a HUD management function that allows you to easily manage your recordings with a floating ball on your screen, ensuring convenient management when it matters most. Additionally, use our Advanced Search tool to quickly discover the relevant call by utilising comprehensive search options and simple date filters.

TrollRecorder also has Biometric Security, which allows you to protect your recordings with cutting-edge Face ID and Touch ID technologies, providing further peace of mind. Location Metadata allows you to easily track your whereabouts, as each recording is tagged with location information, ensuring you never lose track of where critical calls took place.

Furthermore, System Audio Integration enables seamless recording by leveraging Apple’s Core Audio technology for smooth operation. Furthermore, take advantage of Precise Time Coding, which gives exact time stamps for each audio channel via our unique time coding technology.

In the world of call recording software, TrollRecorder stands out as a robust tool with a slew of capabilities to improve your recording experience. While its essential functions are free (CLI Only), customers can access a plethora of additional premium functionalities.

best TrollRecorder features

Basic Features Are Free & Recorder Core Open Sourced

Unparalleled Call Recording

Record all your important calls with ease:

  • Automatic Call Recording: Capture every moment of your incoming and outgoing calls without lifting a finger.
  • Selective Recording: Record calls manually with our HUD interface.
  • Enhanced Quality: Select from multiple audio quality options—Low, Regular, and Best—to suit your needs.
  • Work Across Reboots: Keep recording even after a reboot with our advanced system integration. (Requires setup in app.)

Intuitive User Experience

Designed for simplicity and efficiency:

  • HUD Control: Manage your recordings with a floating ball on your screen, giving you control when it matters.
  • Advanced Search: Quickly find the call you’re looking for with our in-depth search function along with date filters.

Cutting-edge Technology

Stay ahead with the latest in-app innovations:

  • Biometric Security: Protect your recordings with the latest Face ID and Touch ID technologies.
  • Location Metadata: Keep track of where you were with location tags for each recording.
  • System Audio Integration: Experience seamless recording with Apple’s Core Audio technology.
  • Precise Time Coding: Get accurate time stamps for every audio channel with our advanced time coding system.

Transparent Policies

Your trust, our commitment:

  • Local Storage: All your recordings are stored on your device, ensuring your privacy.
  • Limited Network Access: We only use network access for the purpose of checking paid licenses and updates.
  • Support at Hand: Reach out to us via Discord, Email, or QQ for any assistance.

Dwonload TrollRecorder IPA using trollstore

TrollRecorder may only be installed on your device via the TrollStore or TrollStore 2 IPA installer. When utilizing other tools such as Sideloadly, AltStore, and Esign, you will not be able to utilize all of the app’s functionality. The core functions are free, but you can access more, such as Removed Watermark, Auto Startup, and Enhanced Recording, with our premium license for $4.99.

Step 1: Install TrollRecorder on iOS by following the TrollStore 2 installation tutorial.

Step 2: Download TrollRecorder TIPA from the link at the top of this page.

Step 3: Open TrollStore 2 from your Home Screen.

Step 4: Import TrollRecorder TIPA to TrollStore 2.

Step 5: Proceed with the installation procedure.

Step 6: Open the Settings app and go to Privacy & Security.

Step 7. In the Security section, select Developer Mode.

Step 8: Enable Developer Mode and restart your device.

Step 9: Connect your iPhone to a PC or Mac and enable developer mode.

Step 10: Open TrollRecorder from the Home Screen.

TrollRecorder: Ultimate Phone Call Recorder
TrollRecorder: Ultimate Phone Call Recorder

TrollRecorder CLI

The TrollRecorder CLI is a free and open-source project hosted on GitHub. It is a command-line tool. It incorporates all of the app’s key functions, including the real call recorder.

The CLI version of TrollRecorder allows you to record, play, and modify various Mixer parameters.

Troll Recorder App (Havoc Repo)

TrollRecorder App on the Havoc Repo has more sophisticated capabilities and requires a premium subscription.

According to developer Lakr233, purchased licenses are good for a lifetime and up to five devices. The program is priced for EUR 4.99 on Havoc Repo.

Paid features include:

  • Auto Startup: The TrollRecorder service will start automatically after a reboot.
  • Removed Watermark: Remove the TrollRecorder watermark from your videos.
  • Enhanced Privacy Protection: Enable biometric verification upon app launch.
  • Enhanced Recording Metadata: Use location data to do sophisticated searches.
  • Enhanced Post Process: Choose the audio quality and format for your recordings.

What’s New

Version History

Version 1.4.0

Recent Updates

  • Fixed “Select All” may not work as intended.
  • Optimized HUD resource usage
  • Improved the handling logic for escape paths when encountering issues with audio compression
  • Optimized the display and logic of the HUD on the lock screen interface
  • Enhanced the detection logic for call status (If recording is not functioning correctly, try restarting the device and refreshing the registration cache)
  • Improved the device status monitoring logic
  • Added a beta version of transcription (paid feature)

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