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IPA Ranger is a GUI for the ipatool utility that lets you download iOS iPA files from the App Store. This is the first and most powerful mobile application for jailbroken devices based on iPA downloader – IPATool.

Here is how to use IPA Ranger to download iPA files directly from the App Store.

introduction to IPA Ranger

iPA Ranger iOS
iOS iPA Ranger

IPA Ranger is now free and open source! Release. IPA Ranger allows you to enter into the app Store and download IPA files straight from Apple servers, even if the app is not compatible with the current iOS version. This allows you to easily access your purchased programs without worrying about compatibility difficulties.

IPA Ranger is the graphical user interface (GUI) of the ipatool utility that uses macOS’ Terminal application to download .ipa files directly from the App Store using your Apple ID.

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With IPA Ranger, you’ll be able to search and download the .ipa file of any app you own from the App Store, whether it’s free or paid, so you can install it on other devices, including unsupported devices. decoding.

Not only can you decode those apps to run on Macs, often with Apple silicon, but with utilities like Sideloadly you can inject your own custom tweaks into those apps before sideloading them onto your iPhone or iPad.0xkuj has made IPA Ranger, an easy-to-use app that works with IPATool for iOS, to speed up the process. IPA Ranger makes the process even easier by letting you view, download, and install IPA files on your jailbroken device without having to use the command line. You can quickly and easily get to your bought apps with this tool.

When you acquire IPA Ranger for the first time, you will be able to:

  • Sign into any Apple ID you own
  • Choose the country for which you want to search for and download apps
  • Tap on any search result to copy that app’s bundle ID
  • Download any .ipa file for any owned app
  • Manage downloaded apps: install, rename, share, and delete them.


  • Install dependencies (gawk, unzip, appsync unified) as these are required to run some commands / install the IPAs you download
  • Install the deb file containing the package either from packages directory or from havoc repository.

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iPA Ranger iPA free Download

Download any IPA from the appstore (encrypted) using your apple ID account!

  • Fixed country not changing for rootful first time users (regression in the post-inst script)
  • Removed appsync unified dependency for rootful version as this is not needed
  • Added roothide jailbreak support

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Here are the world-famous iPA libraries. you can get iPA files from these iPA libraries.

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Add Repository :iPA Ranger

  1. To install IPA Ranger with Sileo, follow these steps:
  2. Launch the Sileo app from the home screen.
  3. Tap on the Sources tab, then click the Edit button.
  4. Add this repository URL: https://0xkuj.yourepo.com.
  5. Locate the IPA Ranger and tap to install the package.
  6. Sileo will prompt you to respring the device to complete the installation.
  7. Open the IPA Ranger app from your home screen.


Jailbroken devices running iOS 13.4 – iOS 16 (?) (without Xina15 jailbreak included)

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Downloading app .ipa files with IPA Ranger

To use IPA Ranger on your Jail Broken iPhone or iPad, follow the steps given below:

1) Launch Silio on your home screen:

IPA Ranger
IPA Ranger
Note: You can also use a different package manager, but the steps for installing may be a little different.

2) Tap on the Search tab.

3) Enter IPA Ranger in the search bar.

4) Tap on 0xkuj’s IPA Ranger result from the Havoc repository.

5) Tap the Get button.

6) Tap the Queue button.

7) Tap the Confirm button.

8) Tap the Done button.

9) Go back to the home screen and launch IPA Ranger.

10) Enter your Apple ID email address and password, then tap the Login button:

Note: Your Apple ID is solely used to log in to the program Store and confirm that you possess the program you want to download. If you’re not comfortable typing your Apple ID into a third-party app, which is understandable, create a burner Apple ID and use it instead of your primary one.

11) Once signed in, tap the Search button.

12) Enter the name of the program you want the.ipa file for, and then hit the Search button.

13) When your search results appear, tap on the desired app result.

14) In the pop-up that displays, touch the Copy Bundle button.

15) Once copied, select the Download tab.

16) Tap the Downloads button in the app’s upper right corner.

17) Paste the bundle ID you copied before into the search bar and press the Search button:

18) When finished, the software will display in your Download list.

19) IPA Ranger’s sharing choices allow you to choose what to do next with the.ipa file, such as AirDropping it to your Mac or something else.

Congratulations on successfully downloading the raw.ipa file of an app from the App Store using your Apple ID.


  1. This app basically comprises of four screens. Login – Here you will enter your Apple ID and password:
  2. Search Screen – Where you will define the country you wish to search for apps in the Appstore.
  3. Download Screen – Here you can remove, rename, share, and install your downloaded IPAs.
  4. Account Screen – Where you may see facts such as the last login date, your name, and the email address of the account connected to the app.

What’s new: IPA Ranger for iOS 13-16.

  • updated IPA Ranger to version 1.9.
  • The AppSync Unified dependency has been removed.
  • Fixed the bold font-related crash.
  • Fixed search commands that were failing on rootless jailbreaks.
  • We resolved all App Store login issues.
  • Rootless jailbreaks are now supported.
  • Support for iOS 16 has been added.
  • Released as a free bundle.
  • Fixed the issue when installing apps on iPads.
  • Special character passwords are now supported.
  • Added the ability to reveal password while entering.
  • Fixed log-in difficulties.

Thanks to @majd’s ipatool


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