SpooferX for iOS: The Ultimate Spoofer Pro for Pokemon GO

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SpooferX for iOS: The Ultimate Spoofer Pro for Pokemon GO. Enhance your Pokemon GO gameplay with SpooferX for iOS. Learn how to install SpooferX, bypass jailbreak detection, and explore its powerful features. Stay updated with the latest changes and take your Pokemon GO experience to the next level. ( No jailbreak required.) Is spoofer x safe? 2024

Introduction and SpooferX IPA Download:

Discover the power of SpooferX for iOS, the ultimate tool that enhances your Pokemon GO gaming experience. With SpooferX, you can effortlessly catch rare Pokemon and explore different locations using its advanced features. In this article, we will guide you through the installation process, provide information on bypassing jailbreak detection, highlight the new updates, and explore the impressive features offered by SpooferX.

SpooferX for iOS: Spoofer Pro for Pokemon GO

SpooferX for iOS: Spoofer Pro for Pokemon GO

What is SpooferX?

SpooferX is a feature-packed iOS app designed to provide a competitive edge in the popular mobile game Pokemon GO. Compatible with iOS 13 – iOS 16, including jailbroken devices, SpooferX offers a range of hacks and features, including GPS spoofing, teleportation, and advanced controls.
you can download Spoofer X iPA from the famous iPA library in the wolrd.

Check out more about iPA libraries:

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Xina iPA libraryNinja iPA library
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How to Get SpooferX Online?

Now you can get SpooferX online without jailbreaking a device.

1.Esign app

Esign app is iPA signer and you can sign SpooferX through the Esign app.

Step 1 – Get the Esign app from the Esign patch app using the below button.

Step 2- Open Esign app and download the SpooferX iPA file.

Step 3- Add to Signature and sign the iPA with certificates.

Step 4 – Enjoy the SpooferX app.

2. dark bro web

SpooferX for iOS: Spoofer Pro for Pokemon GO
SpooferX for iOS

Now you can experience the incredible benefits of SpooferX without any cost by taking advantage of the Darkbro website. Through their SpooferX offers you can unlock even more exciting features and enhancements for your Pokemon experience.

Tap the button below to embark on your SpooferX adventure with Darkbro. Take advantage of this amazing opportunity Don’t miss out – get it soon.

3. Appdb Pro

With the Appdb Pro app, you can now easily obtain the SpooferX app on your device. Appdb Pro is fully compatible with all iOS versions and device models, ensuring a seamless experience for all users. Simply tap the button below to access the necessary tweaks.

Follow these simple steps to get started:

Step 1: Tap the button below and download the Appdb Pro app.

Step 2: Open Appdb Pro and navigate to the Cydia tweak section.

Step 3: Locate the SpooferX app and tap on its icon.

Step 4: Press the install button followed by the OK button to initiate the installation process.

Step 5: Once the tweak is successfully installed, you can now enjoy the incredible features of the SpooferX on your device.

4.SpooferX with Gbox

GBox is a free no jailbreak required re-sign tool for iOS, also a third-party app store.Gbox is a user-friendly tool through which you can easily Sign and Resign iPA files without using a PC. now you can get SpooferX from Gbox using the below button.

How to Install SpooferX on iOS?

Installing SpooferX on your iOS device is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to get started:

  • Download SpooferX IPA: Visit the official website and download the SpooferX IPA file. also, you can get an IPA file from the world’s popular iPA libraries.
Zee iPA libraryKekuk iPA library
iOS ninjaCeylix iPA library
  • Sideload with on-device IPA installers: Use popular on-device IPA installers like TrollStore, Esign, or Bullfrog Assistant to sideload SpooferX without the need for jailbreaking.
  • Trust the App: After installation, go to Settings > General > VPN & Device Management and trust the developer app to run SpooferX.


For users with jailbroken devices, bypassing jailbreak detection is essential to use SpooferX. Follow these steps:

Add Repository: Open the Cydia app and add the following repository URL: https://repo.spooferpro.com/.
Install SpooferPro Tweak: Search for SpooferPro in the repository and install the tweak.
Restart your device: Restart the Springboard to apply the changes.

What’s New

Stay updated with the latest enhancements and features of SpooferX:

  • Updated Spoofer Pro to version 0.275.0, tweak: 0.173.
  • Added support for the latest version of Pokemon GO.
  • Introduced jailbreak tweak for enhanced performance.
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes.
  • Reintroduced VGP as a Pro feature.
  • Partially fixed Camera Glitch.
  • Added Tap to Teleport.
  • Improved Auto Hatcher and Auto Buddy feature.
  • Added support for Elite Raids, Auto Photobomb, and Trainer Pro Battles.

Features of SpooferPro

Explore the powerful features offered by SpooferPro to enhance your Pokemon GO gameplay:

  • Fake Location & Teleport: Teleport to any location worldwide using the built-in hotspots and map.
  • IV Previews: Evaluate a Pokemon’s strength before capturing it using the IV previews feature.
  • Joystick with Hide/Unhide Feature: Change your movement speed conveniently with the built-in joystick.
  • Inbuilt Map with Search: Discover Pokestops, Gyms, Raids, and more using the comprehensive in-app map.
  • Speed Settings: Adjust your walking speed according to your preference.
  • Enhanced Throw: Improve your throwing accuracy with enhanced throw options.
  • Teleport To Real Location: Return to your current device location with ease.
  • Auto Catch & Spin: Automatically catch Pokemon and spin Pokestops to collect items without manual interaction.
  • Auto Hatcher & Buddy: Hatch eggs and earn buddy candies automatically while you focus on other activities.
  • Enhanced Sniping: Snipe rare Pokemon with improved accuracy using the enhanced sniping feature.
  • Enhanced Gym Experience: Battle gyms with increased efficiency and success rates using the advanced gym features.
  • Pokemon IV Scanner: Scan nearby Pokemon to quickly evaluate their individual values (IVs) and determine their potential.
  • Enhanced Gym Raiding: Join raids quickly and defeat raid bosses with ease using the enhanced raiding capabilities.
  • Auto Walking Routes: Define custom walking routes for automated movement within the game.
  • Advanced Settings: Customize various aspects of the app, such as location accuracy, language, and more.
  • Regular Updates: SpooferPro regularly updates its features to stay compatible with the latest versions of Pokemon GO and to add new functionalities.

Stay Ahead with SpooferX

With SpooferX for iOS, you can gain a competitive advantage in Pokemon GO, capturing rare Pokemon, participating in raids, and exploring different locations from the comfort of your home. Keep an eye on the official website and social media channels for the latest updates and feature releases. Upgrade to SpooferX Pro for access to even more powerful features and exclusive benefits.

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According to user rankings, the most popular 2023 Jailbreak solutions are the Pikzo jailbreak and E-sign patch (jailbreak installer) application.


SpooferX for iOS is the ultimate Spoofer Pro for Pokemon GO players. With its advanced features like GPS spoofing, teleportation, auto-catching, and enhanced gym experiences, you can take your gameplay to new heights. By following the installation steps and bypassing jailbreak detection, you can start using SpooferX on your iOS device. Stay updated with the latest changes and upgrades to ensure you have the best Pokemon GO experience possible. Upgrade to SpooferX Pro for additional features and advantages. Get ready to catch ’em all with SpooferX!


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SpooferX Credit

SpooferX is an iOS app tweak for iOS developed by a talented team of developers. We would like to acknowledge their hard work and dedication in creating this powerful tool for iOS users. If you encounter any issues or have a request for post-removal related to theSpotilife, please contact us at [info.zeejb@gmail.com]. We are committed to resolving any concerns promptly and maintaining a positive user experience. Thank you for your understanding and support.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is SpooferX?

SpooferX is an iOS app that allows you to cheat in the popular mobile game Pokemon GO. It offers features like GPS spoofing, teleportation, and enhanced gameplay options.

How do I install SpooferX on iOS?

To install SpooferX on iOS, you can sideload the app using tools like Sideloadly. Follow the step-by-step instructions mentioned in the article to successfully install the app on your device.

Can I use SpooferX without jailbreaking my iOS device?

Yes, SpooferX does not require a jailbroken device. It can be installed on non-jailbroken devices as well.

Is using SpooferX against the terms of service of Pokemon GO?

Yes, using cheating tools like SpooferX is not condoned by the developer of Pokemon GO. While these apps offer tempting shortcuts, it’s important to consider the consequences, as using them may risk getting banned from the game.

Are there any alternative options to SpooferX for cheating in Pokemon GO?

Yes, there are alternative options like iPogo available for cheating in Pokemon GO. However, SpooferX and Spoofer Pro offer similar features and can be great alternatives, especially for iOS users.

What features does SpooferX Pro offer?

SpooferX Pro offers additional features like blocking non-shiny and non-100% Pokemon, fast catch mode, freeze Pokemon in place, custom pokeball settings, and more. It is available through a subscription model.

How often is SpooferX updated?

The developers of SpooferX regularly update the app to support the latest releases of Pokemon GO. It’s recommended to use the actual version of the app and update it whenever a new version is released.

Is SpooferX available for free?

SpooferX offers a free version with useful features for cheating in Pokemon GO. However, there is also a paid SpooferX Pro version that provides additional functionalities.

What are the risks of using SpooferX?

It’s important to note that using cheating tools like SpooferX comes with risks. There is a chance of getting banned from Pokemon GO if caught using such apps. Users should consider the consequences and use the app at their own risk.

Can I use SpooferX on my jailbroken device?

Yes, SpooferX is compatible with jailbroken devices as well. The article provides instructions on how to bypass jailbreak detection and use SpooferX on jailbroken iOS devices.

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