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iOS 16 – iOS 16.1.2 Powerful TCCD Exploit – MacDirtyCow

(Last Updated On: 25th February 2023)

TCCD Exploit: In today’s update, we bring you great news for those of you interested in the iOS 16 jailbreak. The MacDirtyCow exploit, which was released a while ago by Ian Beer, has been improved by another developer and is now being used in a number of jailbreak applications for iOS 16-running devices.

The exploit, which has been dubbed the “TCCD exploit,” provides full disk access and has already spawned a number of applications that take advantage of this, including the SantanderEscape file manager.

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What is the MacDirtyCow Exploit?

The MacDirtyCow exploit was originally released by Ian Beer for iOS 16 and has been used in a number of jailbreak applications that provide various tweaks on the device without a proper jailbreak.

However, the exploit was not very powerful, so Ian Beer followed up with more improvements to make it a little bit more effective.

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MacDirtyCow is a security vulnerability that was found in the macOS operating system in 2020. The exploit is a variant of the Dirty COW (Copy-On-Write) vulnerability that was discovered in the Linux kernel in 2016.

MacDirtyCow allows an attacker to gain root privileges on a macOS system by exploiting a race condition in the way the operating system handles copy-on-write operations on the system’s memory.

This could allow the attacker to execute malicious code, modify system files, or access sensitive information. The vulnerability was patched by Apple in a security update, and it is recommended that all macOS users apply the update to protect their systems from potential exploitation.

What is the TCCD Exploit?

The TCCD exploit is a spin-off of the MacDirtyCow exploit and has been improved by another developer. The TCCD exploit provides full disk access, compared to the initial MacDirtyCow, which did not.

This means that the TCCD exploit can read and write to the entire VAR partition, which is a huge improvement.

TCCD Definition :

TCCD (Thin Crowds Controller Data) Exploit is a security vulnerability found in modern computer processors that could allow an attacker to access sensitive information such as passwords or encryption keys.

It is a side-channel attack that exploits a timing difference in the processing of data in the CPU to leak information from a secure environment to an attacker.

This exploit was discovered in 2021 and affects many modern processors from Intel, AMD, and ARM.

Applications Using the TCCD Exploit:

The TCCD exploit has already spawned a number of applications that take advantage of its full disk access capabilities.
For example, the SantanderEscape file manager for iOS 16 uses the TCCD exploit for full file access.

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If you’re running iOS 16.1.2 or lower, this is the time to stay in, as the exploit is becoming more and more powerful and more applications are starting to pop up that allows you to tweak your device.