The developer uses iOS 16 exploit to change the system font (without jailbreak)

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Here is about the iOS 16 exploit to change the system font (without jailbreaking). We recently published the first jailbreak tool for iOS 16, which allows users to view and alter internal system files, opening up a whole new world of customization possibilities. However, a developer was able to leverage an exploit discovered in iOS 16 to modify the system’s default typeface without requiring a jailbreak.

Changing iOS fonts

Zhuowei Zhang tweeted about his creation, which he refers to as a “proof-of-concept app.”Zhang claims that the program he created leverages the CVE-2022-46689 attack to replace the default iOS font, allowing users to change the system’s look with a typeface other than the default.

Made an app that overwrites the iOS system font using CVE-2022-46689.… It works on iOS 16.1.2 and below on unjailbroken devices. Four fonts are included: DejaVu Sans Condensed, Serif, Mono, and Choco Cooky (because Samsung).
The developer uses iOS 16 exploit to change the system font (without jailbreak)

Because iOS has its own font format, the developer only used a few fonts, like DejaVu Sans Condensed, Serif, Mono, and Choco Cooky, for the experiment. And if you’re wondering, Choco Cooky is the strange font that used to come on Samsung phones by default. Now you can get it on your iPhone at last.

How to get the app and change the font that comes with iOS.

Even though Zhang’s app doesn’t need to be jailbroken, it may not be easy to put it on an iPhone or iPad. This is because you need to either compile the Xcode project yourself or manually sign the IPA file with a developer certificate in order to install it on your device.

Proof-of-concept app to overwrite fonts on iOS using CVE-2022-46689.

Works on iOS 16.1.2 and below (tested on iOS 16.1) on unjailbroken devices.

Fonts included:

  • DejaVu Sans Condensed
  • DejaVu Serif
  • DejaVu Sans Mono
  • Go Regular
  • Go Mono
  • Fira Sans
  • Segoe UI
  • Comic Sans MS
  • Choco Cooky

You can also import custom fonts that were ported for iOS.

The developer uses iOS 16 exploit to change the system font (without jailbreak)

IPA available in the Releases section.


  • Fixed a bug where files would be not selectable on some devices.
  • Reverted back to the old document picker implementation.
  • Fixed a bug where the document picker would be deallocated while using.

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