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Apple unveiled its new iPhone 14 lineup at its “Far Out” event on Wednesday, but the biggest changes were reserved for its iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max models. so let’s see How to jailbreak iPhone 14 pro online and PC methods.

How to jailbreak iPhone 14 device model?

how to jailbreak iphone 14
how to jailbreak iPhone 14

We already know the iPhone 14 device models are a massive success for Apple. So all we need to know is that there is a jailbreak available for these iPhone 14 device models. currently, there is no full-access jailbreak released for this version. but you can use particularly jailbreak apps for jailbreak iPhone 14 device models. iPhone 14 comes with iOS 16. So let’s see what are the most popular jailbreak tool for the iPhone 14.

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Cripzi jailbreak for iPhone 14.

Cripzi is the world’s number one jailbreak repo signer. Also, this allows you to jailbreak your iPhone 14 device models specifically. moreover, you can download the Cydia package manager and all other jailbreak apps, hexxa +, zeon, Esign apps, hacked apps, games, tweaks, etc.

How to download Cydia for iPhone 14 device models?

Step#1 – Download the cripzi jailbreak app using the below button.

Step#2 – go to device setting>general>profile and management and trust the profile.

Step#3 – Open the Cripzi app and tap the Cyida icon.

Step#4 – allow a few minutes to complete the jailbreak process.

Step#5- go to the device setting and trust Cydia.

Enjoy the jailbreak

iPhone 14 features.

iPhone 14 display: Goodbye notch, hello Dynamic Island

From the back, the iPhone 14 Pro doesn’t differ much from last year’s flagship iPhone 13 Pro. But on the front, the display cutout on the 14 Pro looks contemporary and fresh compared to the notch on the 13 Pro. The first thing I noticed when I picked up an iPhone 14 Pro was that the infamous notch was gone.

iPhone 14 camera

The tech giant announced a new 12-megapixel camera capable of capturing fast-moving subjects, with the company claiming a 49% improvement in low-light capture.

The front camera also included autofocus for the first time to help sharpen selfies. According to Apple, iPhone users have taken more than three trillion photos in the past 12 months.

iPhone 14 camera pro.

The biggest design difference between the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max is the top of the screen, which is now a petal-shaped cutout.

A feature called Dynamic Island has replaced the black notch that many iPhone users complain about — and can change its shape based on notifications.

The other big difference is that the mobile phone can always be on.

When the phone is not in use, the screen dims and the refresh rate decreases.

The handset comes in Deep Purple along with Black, Silver, and Gold.

Apple developed a new computer image processing method to take advantage of the new pixel pattern for better color accuracy and detail. It’s called the Photonic Engine, which doubles the iPhone Pro’s camera performance in low light compared to the iPhone 13 Pro. The 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max can “shoot” a photo using a 48-megapixel sensor, simulating a 2x zoom with 12-megapixels in the middle of the sensor.

after jailbreak, you can do more camera tweaks for this iPhone 14.

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iPhone 14 Pro vs iPhone 13 Pro

Along with the release of the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max, Apple has also discontinued the iPhone 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max. Apple didn’t sell Pro models last year, but that doesn’t mean it’s completely gone.

The iPhone 14 Pro seems to outperform the iPhone 13 Pro in every way in terms of features, hardware and lifespan. However, perhaps there is no drastic difference between the two phones. If you have an iPhone 13 Pro, it seems unnecessary to upgrade to iPhone 14 Pro. But if you have an older iPhone and are trying to choose between the two, I’d push you toward the new 14 Pro unless you can get an absolutely killer discount on the 13 Pro.

iPhone 14 Pro: Battery life

Apple said the iPhone 14 Pro has a longer battery life than previous models. It includes newly unveiled features from the base iPhone 14, such as Emergency SOS via satellite, a satellite-based system for communication in cellular and Wi-Fi dead zones, and Crash Detection, which lets the device know if you’re there. Has been in a car accident.

The upcoming iOS 16 will be the operating system that powers Apple’s iPhone 14 line out of the box.

After jailbreaking iPhone 14 devices you can download many battery tweaks and customize your device to your liking.

iphone 14 Reddit updates

question “
Pardon me if this sounds dumb as I’m new to jailbreak etc but how do I find the apnonce on my iPhone 14 Pro without jailbreak that’s to be used on the TSS Saver website?

I tried using BlobSaver but there’s no update for the selection of the iPhone 14 Pro atm.”

Answers :

If you want to save blob, you don’t have to specify apnonce, if I remember correctly on the tsssaver.

iPhone 14 pro tips and tricks

Make Your iPhone 14 Pro Always-On Display Better With This Simple Trick.

Apple has finally included AOD technology in the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max, although it isn’t as good as it might be. Here’s how you can improve it. According to Apple’s iOS 16 envisioning, the always-on display is essentially a dimmed version of your lock screen: The date and time are illuminated, but you can also still see notifications pile up at the bottom of the screen and your wallpaper a tiny bit.

How to make your iPhone’s always-on display darker on iOS 16?

To make your always-on display dim and distraction-free, we use Focus, which helps reduce distraction by silencing most of your iPhone’s notifications, such as Do Not Disturb, while allowing for separate profiles and customization.

Step 1- Go to your iPhone 14 device setting.

Step 2- go to Focus and then choose a profile: 

iphone 14 jailbreak
iphone 14 jailbreak

Do Not Disturb is the easiest option, but you may also select Personal, Sleep, or Work.

Step 3- Tap  Options and then toggle on Dim Lock Screen. Whenever this specific profile is enabled, your lock screen will be dimmed at a level that’s darker than usual.

Step 4- To turn on your Focus profile, swipe down from the top-right of your screen to bring down the Control Center.

Step 5- Tap on Do Not Disturb (if you used that profile) or hold your finger down on Do Not Disturb to bring up your other Focus profiles. 

After selecting the proper focus profile, your iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max’s always-on display should now be completely black, showing you only the date, time, and Do Not Disturb icon.

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Top 15 jailbreak tools and solutions for iOS 16

  1. Pikzo jailbreak
  2. Cripzi jailbreak
  3. E-sign Signer – jailbreak Cydia installer
  4. U04S Store – Unc0ver jailbreak online installer
  5. Oddy Store – taurine jailbreak online installer
  6. Appdb pro – tweaks apps + new iOS apps installer (online)
  7. Zeejb app store
  8. Whatsapp patch app – whats app hacked app
  9. Youtube patch app – youtube hacked app
  10. lightning sign app – IPA signer
  11. Zeon
  12. Hexxa plus
  13. Checkra1n for iOS 15 / FUGU
  14. Unc0ver jailbreak
  15. Taurine / odyssey

According to user rankings, the most popular 2022 Jailbreak solutions are the Pikzo jailbreak and E-sign patch (jailbreak installer) application.

Is There an iPhone 14 Jailbreak or iOS 16 3uTools?

Neither an iPhone 14 nor an iPhone 14 Pro Full jailbreak is available yet. but you can use palera1n virtual or cripzi jailbreak for particularly jailbreak your device (iPhone 14) Apple released both of them with iOS 16, which doesn’t have a CFW available via 3uTools.

3U tool guide

For users who want to jailbreak their iPhone or iPad devices, you can use 3uTools’ “Jailbreak” function to jailbreak your iDevices quickly and easily.

BlizzardBoard for iPhone 14 pro

BlizzardBoard is an app that can change all icons on the home screen with one finger tap. Unlike the shortcut method, it works automatically for all installed apps. BlizzardBoard developer, Benjamin Hornbeck has not included a built-in feature to install new icon themes for Springboard. To install a theme you need to download an icon pack from filza or BlizzardBoard App.

New blizzardboard updates include:

  • Fixed possible boot loop issues.
  • Fixed sharing bug where nothing happens.
  • Added error messages to installed themes.
  • Initial release.
  • Added Hide App Labels

How to get blizzard for new iPhone 14 series:

you can get blizzardboard for the new iPhone series including iPhone 14 pro max from online and with Pc methods. Sideloadly, TrollStore , Esign app, and blizzard apps are some of them. you can get more information and how-to Guide from Zeejb blizzardboard page. tap on the below button and discover more about this fantastic application.

iOS 16.2 features for iPhone 14 pro


  • Battery life is currently stable.
  • Wi-Fi connectivity is fast and reliable.
  • Bluetooth is working normally.
  • GPS and cellular data are both stable.

How to master the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max camera?

Both the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max have a trio of cameras to work on the back. The primary camera is a 48MP wide-angle lens, flanked by a 12MP ultra-wide lens and a 12MP telephoto lens.

Volume buttons
If we start with the controls of the camera app, sometimes tapping the screen is not appropriate. A simple tap can cause the phone to move, inadvertently blurring your photo in the process.

Apple has a solution to this by allowing the volume buttons to double as shutter buttons within easy reach.

Pressing the Volume Up or Volume Down button will, by default, capture a photo. Holding down either button will start recording a video. After you release the button, the video recording will stop.

If you go to Settings, you can change this behavior. By going to Settings > Camera, you can toggle on burst capture.

Apple QuickTake
QuickTake is easy to capture photos, videos, or burst photos instantly. Tapping the white shutter button will get you a picture, but a video will be recorded while you hold it. Without switching to video mode.

Zoom control
There are four optical quality zoom levels to choose from on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. There is the .5X which uses the ultra-wide lens, the 1X which relies on the prime wide lens, the 2X which uses the prime lens and the 3X which uses the telephoto lens.

The idea is that Apple can use the larger, 48MP sensor to use the central 12MP to achieve 2X zoom without any real loss in quality. If we’re being super-technical, when this happens Apple can’t use pixel binning so there’s some loss of quality, meaning now the smaller pixels get a little less light.

Bonus controls
Near the top of the phone, on either side of the Dynamic Island, are additional controls that change depending on your shooting situation. You may see a ProRes or RAW indicator, a flash icon, a night mode icon, or a Live Photo toggle.

Video recording on iPhone 14 Pro

Apple has provided users with four video modes on the iPhone 14 Pro. There’s timelapse, slo-mo, cinematic, and your standard video mode.

When you switch to video mode, the resolution and frame rate will be displayed in the upper left corner. Tap one of the numbers to change. Depending on your video mode, different recording resolutions and frame rates may be available, depending on what the phone can capture.

Editing a cinematic video

If you haven’t heard of Cinema Mode before, it mimics Portrait Mode, but for video. It brings your subject into focus while blurring the rest of the scene. Once you’re done shooting, you can focus as needed based on what you want to emphasize.

During the editing process, you control the subject and simulate aperture. By adjusting the aperture, you can change how blurred the background is, just like in portrait mode.

New for iPhone 14 Pro users is Action Mode. Action mode allows you to capture smooth videos while moving fast. Think of it as a very stable video that you would normally use your iPhone to capture with a gimbal.

To enable this mode, put your phone in video mode and you will see a new icon at the top. It looks like a man running and when enabled, you can move around and capture smooth videos.

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