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Here is how to get the ENA-tweak, Raddit updates, latest tweak versions, and installation guide. Ena tweak can extract almost anything from your photo. All you need to do is: Open Photos.app, open your photo, and long-press on the object you want 2024.

iOS 16 has redefined photo editing, introducing an innovative feature that empowers users to effortlessly separate the subject of a photo from its background. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, users can now easily isolate their desired subject and seamlessly copy or share it directly within the Photos app. This groundbreaking feature, known as ENA (Enhanced Neural Affinity), is compatible with all devices running iOS 14 to the latest iOS 16, revolutionizing the way users interact with and enhance their photos.

How to add ENA Repo to your package manager?

Here is the way Add ENA Repo to your package manager and install the tweak:

Link: https://havoc.app

Add the ENA Repo using Cydia.

Add ENA Repo using Selio.

Add ENA Repo using the installer.

Add ENA Repo using the Zibra.

Add Repository ENA tweak

Unlock Advanced Photo Editing with ENA: Hassle-Free Installation Guide

ENA, the feature-rich photo-editing tweak, is available as a premium package on the Havoc Store. To harness the power of ENA and elevate your photo editing experience on iOS 14 to iOS 16, seamlessly integrate the official ENA Repo into your package manager.

The latest release of ENA extends support to both non-rootless and rootless jailbreaks, including Palera1n, Dopamine, and XinaA15. Notably, ENA rootless is exclusively visible in rootless environments.

Follow these simple steps to install ENA on your jailbroken device:

  1. Open the Sileo app from your Home Screen.
  2. Navigate to the Sources tab and tap the Edit button.
  3. Add the official ENA Repository URL: https://havoc.app
  4. Search for and install the ENA tweak from the Havoc Repo.
  5. Respring your device to complete the installation process.

It’s important to note that ENA doesn’t provide any configuration options, ensuring a straightforward and hassle-free experience for users. Elevate your photo editing capabilities today by unlocking ENA’s powerful features on your iOS 14 to iOS 16 device.

Once installed, the tweak adds a dedicated preferences window to the Settings app, where users can enable or disable on-demand tweaks, but there are no other options to configure, which aren’t necessary:


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Cydia is the most popular package manager, developed by the famous developer Surik. Cydia is an alternative to Apple’s App Store for “jailbroken” devices, at this time including iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touches, specializing in the distribution of all that is not an “app”.

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What’s New in ENA-tweak

Version History

Version 1.0.2

October 9, 2023

  • Fixed a problem that may cause ENA not enabled after enabling in settings.

Reddit updates: ENA Tweak


ENA: Extract Nearly Anything; extract object in your photo.

ENA: Extract Nearly Anything

Available on Havoc.

ENA can extract nearly anything in your photo. You only need to:

  • Open Photos.app
  • Open your photo
  • Long-press on the object you want

ENA can extract salient objects at the given position instead of extracting the most salient object in the image. All the computational tasks are performed on device.

ENA has been tested with iOS 15.4 (Palera1).

Discover the Power of ENA Tweak in iOS 14 to iOS 16 Photo Editing

ENA stands out as a groundbreaking jailbreak tweak tailored for iOS 14 to iOS 16, introducing an exciting enhancement to the Photos app. This tweak empowers users to seamlessly extract various elements from their photos, providing an unparalleled photo editing experience. It is compatible with both non-rootless and rootless jailbreaks, including popular tools like Unc0ver, checkra1n, Dopamine, and Palera1n.

Notably, the capability to lift a subject from the photo background on an iPhone is conventionally limited to models ranging from the iPhone SE (2nd generation) through the iPhone 14. However, ENA tweak extends this functionality to all iOS 14 to iOS 16 devices for jailbroken users through its innovative Extract Object feature. Available as a paid tweak priced at $1.49, ENA unlocks new dimensions of photo editing potential.

ENA goes beyond the ordinary by offering a distinctive feature: the ability to extract salient objects at specific positions. This sets it apart from other tools, allowing users to exercise precise control over the extraction process. Unlike conventional methods that focus on the most prominent object in an entire image, ENA enables users to isolate specific objects of interest within their photos. Whether it’s intricate details or small items, ENA ensures a tailored and refined extraction experience. Elevate your photo editing with ENA and explore the possibilities it brings to iOS 14 and iOS 16 devices.

Privacy-Centric Extraction: ENA Tweak on iOS 14 to iOS 16

Unlocking Privacy and Efficiency with ENA Tweak on iOS 14 to iOS 16

One notable aspect of the ENA tweak is its commitment to user privacy and efficient processing. All computational tasks required for object extraction take place directly on the user’s device, eliminating the need for external servers and ensuring a secure, private, and swift processing experience.

Seamlessness in Integration

Upon successful installation, the ENA tweak seamlessly integrates into the familiar Photos app, elevating its functionality. Within the intuitive interface of the Photos app, users gain the ability to effortlessly isolate the subject of a photo from its background, introducing a realm of creative possibilities.

Easy Isolation Process

To initiate the isolation process, a simple touch and brief hold on the desired subject within the photo are all it takes. The highlighted object triggers a contextual menu, providing options to copy or save the isolated object. These straightforward steps empower users to efficiently transfer or utilize the extracted object across a spectrum of documents and applications.

Efficient Image Processing

It’s important to note that, due to its reliance on third-party libraries for image processing, the ENA tweak carries a file size of approximately 86 MB. These libraries play a crucial role in delivering the advanced capabilities and top-notch performance that ENA offers. Rigorously tested with iOS 15.4 (Palera1n), ENA stands as a reliable and cutting-edge solution for iOS 14 to iOS 16 photo editing enthusiasts.

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